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Zerochan: HQ Anime Image Board

Zerochan: HQ Anime Image Board
/Matsui Yuusei/Assassination Classroom 889 Entry by SooL 43,430 - 1300x2300 - 2,359kB /Koei/Sengoku Musou 1,216 Entry by Renside 30 - 900x1241 - 472kB /Golden Time/Tada Banri 39 Entry by SubaruSumeragi 1,365,978 - 3029x4310 - 4,908kB 1 favorites /Pixiv Fantasia/Pixiv Fantasia: Fallen Kings 489 Entry by SooL 43,430 - 1250x676 - 524kB 7 favorites /Golden Time/Yanagisawa Mitsuo 19 Entry by SubaruSumeragi 1,365,978 - 2655x4234 - 2,723kB 1 favorites

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Flat Icon Sets With the interfaces of Android, Windows 8, iOS7 and lots of popular websites (like the many services of Google and Microsoft), flat design is everywhere. The simplicity it consists of matches very well with the content-focused web of today and many websites are launching their new versions in parallel to this trend. Icons are a big part of flat design and here is a massive collection of free flat icons to use in your next projects. Batch (PSD, SVG, PNG, Font) There are 300 icons in Batch and it uses PSD shape layers so they are scalable. Hiroki Takahashi Notable voice roles[edit] Anime[edit] Drama CD[edit] 1-en no Otoko (Keisuke)3 Shake (Sano)Aikagi (Satoshi Hizakura)Akuma no Himitsu (Raoul)Bad Medicine -Infectious Teachers- (Kaname Shido)Boku no Mono ni Narinasai series 3: Ikeru Tokomade Ikouyo (Shingo Tsukioka)Boku no Mono ni Narinasai series 4: Kitto Junai Toiunowa...

100 Pokemon Brought to Life through Creative Art 100 Realistic Pokemon Art If any of you were like me as a kid, you remember about twelve years ago (even earlier for those from Japan) when Pokemon first entered the lives of the public and changed the gaming industry forever. Quickly becoming the second highest grossing video game series only outdone by Nintendo’s own Super Mario. Many of you may have grown up playing the games, going from the simplistic Gameboy games, to the Trading Cards or maybe even just the TV Show and the Movies. Cute Lucky Cat - Maneki Neko Bring some luck to your day with this super cute Lucky Cat Widget on your home screen!! Maneki-Neko (招き猫) / Zhaocai Mao (招財貓), is a special Japanese cat that brings prosperity and happiness to its owner. Also known as Welcoming Cat, Money Cat, Fortune Cat and Lucky Cat. Maneki-Neko is one of Japan's best known and loved lucky charms.

Pinterest Piccsy :: kitty | We Heart It Piccsy :: Baubauhaus. You might like these too Log in and add tags to this image to see more things you might like! Книги по урокам рисования. Тег: *архитектура, *рисунок карандашом Название: Drawing and Perceiving: Life Drawing for Students of Architecture and Design, 3rd EditionАвтор(ы): Douglas CooperИздательство: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.Год: 2001ISBN: 9780471357148Страниц: 211Язык: EnglishФормат: PDFРазмер: 66 MB From Leonardo da Vinci to Louis Kahn, the world's great designers and architects have used the observation and drawing of real objects to inform and inspire visionary constructions. This book prepares students of architecture and design to carry on a similar dialogue between their perceptions of the physical world and their understanding of the elements of design. It instills an understanding of the basic principles of drawing that are universal to all designdisciplines-mass, volume, form, contour, texture, shadow, and more-as it explores the knowledge, rational thought, and analysis that design professionals rely on to create successful drawings.

AfterDusk Sims: Joao Chang: Mr. November Here's a new sim, he's Brazilian and Chinese and yeah Seasons (for some socks) Sliders Used CC Used (snakebite piercings are also included because the original creator, IN3S, is gone) Cardcaptor Sakura Screencaps - This here is a collection of Cardcaptor Sakura screencaps from the anime. There are a total of 78 folders with a lot of images in each for the 70 episodes, some openings, movies and others. Pass through the images like a flip book. The soucre I gathered this from is included inside. There are also other screencaps from various animes and other artwork posted. I will be adding some more screencaps from a couple of other animes for download later sometime.

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