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5 Classic Cartoons They Don't Want You To See

5 Classic Cartoons They Don't Want You To See
Who doesn't love cartoons? The Man, that's who. They insist on editing away those wonderful animated moments of horrifying violence, profanity and outright bigotry that cartoons from all eras like to slip in from time to time. Typically they only get to slip it in once before parents and advertisers drop the hammer and get the episode pulled forever. Here are some of the moments they don't want you to see... though upon further review, we're thinking they may have been right. Donald Duck Gets in Der Fuhrer's Face The Cartoon: Donald Duck was basically the anti-Mickey Mouse. What many people don't know is that Donald Duck's rise to fame came in 1943 when Disney decided to him dress up like a goddamn Nazi and make fun of the Axis in the animated short "Der Fuhrer's Face": What The Fuck? Yes, this cartoon makes fun of Nazis, but it's still pretty fucking offensive. "Der Fuhrer's Face" was just one in a line of seven Pro-US and Pro-Army shorts done by Disney at the time". The Fallout: Holy shit.

Hendrix's Somewhere #1 with a bullet on Billboard singles chart - CometBird Los Angeles - It may seem ironic to some that Jimi Hendrix is still killing the charts but after one listens to his latest single Somewhere from the album People, Hell and Angels it is evident that his melodic genius is truly immortal. The new single debuted on Billboard's Hot singles chart 45 years following his untimely demise. The bluesy single also features megadrummer Buddy Miles and soul man Stephen Stills on bass and was recorded and produced by Electric Ladyland wunderkind Eddie Kramer. NPR is currently streaming the new long player People Hell and Angels which drops March 5/13. Read more... Rest In Peace Good Brother your music and inspiration still provides hope to everyone on this planet and those who may or may not visit us from others.

Barbara Walters' triumphant return to The View - CometBird New York - Barbara Walters, who has returned to the Alphabet Network's hit program The View after recovering for six weeks from a concussion and chicken pox, received a heartfelt welcome from her sister co-anchors along with Mayor Bloomberg and Regis Philbin. Ms. Walters has been in seclusion since a fainting spell caused her to lose her balance and fall during a visit to the British Embassy in Washington just before the inauguration of President Barack Obama causing a head concussion. Unbeknownst to the ground breaking ABC anchorwoman, producer and broadcaster she had contracted chicken pox a few days earlier. She was greeted with well wishes today from many of ABC stars and a few guest appearances notably Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a short musical salute from comedian Mario Cantone and the doo- wop group The Chicken Pox. Read more... The View is aired on the ABC network in the USA and CTV in Canada.

Spielberg revives Kubrick's Napoleon - CometBird Paris - Regarded by many critics and viewers alike as perhaps the foremost cinematic auteur of the 20th century, Stanley Kubrick's legendary and problematic version of the biography of Napoleon Bonaparte is being prepared as a TV mini-series by Steven Spielberg. During an interview with France's Canal Plus, Spielberg said he was "developing Stanley Kubrick's screenplay- for a mini series not a motion picture - about the life of Napoleon. Kubrick wrote the script in 1961." If Spielberg is greenlit for the project it would be a second time for him to finish an unrealized work of Kubrick. Following his SK' s death in 1999 Spielberg released "A. Read more... Kubrick could not convince either United Artists or MGM to finance the biopic, and settled for making Barry Lyndon instead in 1975.

NBC prepares to dump Leno from The Tonight Show - CometBird Los Angeles - The only game which is more sneaky, dirty and conniving than the record business is the television business and by proxy the movie business. Jay Leno has survived a long time as the host of The Tonight Show, but is he prepared for the ax? Remarkably the above vid is three years old but is as fresh today as it was three years ago, in other words the "problem" that is named Jay Leno will not go away. Two very high level sources have told The Hollywood Reporter that NBC is readying to make a deal with Leno to ankle the coveted Tonight Show franchise in favor of shiny new puppy Jimmy Fallon. Leno is still a ratings blockbuster but the elephant in the room is ABC's Jimmy Kimmel who is a consistent ratings winner with the younger demographic so valued by advertising sponsors. Read more... NBC recently slashed and burned salaries of Tonight Show staff and many staffers were laid off.

Columbia students rip off Nutella - CometBird New York - The popular hazelnut food spread from Belgium is being consumed at up to 100 pounds a day at a Columbia University dining hall, but some university officials suspect that the students may be stealing it. Pilfering nut spreads may seem to be a trite complaint but it has been costing the prestigious ivy league university up to $5,000 weekly. "People take silverware, cups and plates... Read more... Goldfish beware! targets Kraft Foods on food dyes Yellow 5 and 6 - CometBird Charlotte - Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is a low-budget staple used by folks on the go and the budget conscious as a quick and easy breakfast, lunch, and dinner item. But is petitioning them to remove food dyes Yellow 5 & 6. Kraft Foods is being challenged on the issue by Vani Hari and Lisa Leake two food writers who feel that have started a petition on change. org to have the petroleum-based additives removed from the food product in Canada and the US.

Queen returns to work next week to celebrate Commonwealth Day - CometBird London - Following an overnight stay at King Edward Vll hospital after a bout of gastroenteritis and some time off of the throne to recover, the beloved monarch returns to her regular duties next week. The 86-year-old head of the House of Windsor was briefly hospitalized for the first time in a decade last Sunday. Buckingham Palace has released a statement that she will return to her regular duties next week. Read more...

Joy Behar drops out of The View - CometBird New York - The View's vivaciously liberal and often controversial redhead Joy Behar has decided to move on from The View after a 15 year residency which has pushed her to the forefront of the American zeitgeist. Ironically the attractive and intelligent comedian had begun her entertainment career as a receptionist for the Alphabet Network during the early 70's and began her stand-up career as a young mother, after working as a teacher in New York City school system. It was exactly this type of day to day commonsense life experience of the everywoman that made her opinions and topics along with a sharp rapier wit that created and contributed to The View's blockbuster ratings as appointment television for millions of men and women alike in North America. Read more... "I have a lot of friends there.. ( at The View)

Teen genius's app for cancer detection brings diagnosis on line - CometBird Sarasota - Britney Wegner snared the Google 2012 Science Fair's top prize by creating an app called Could4cancer that has a 99.1 accuracy for predicting malignant tumors in the human breast which may help millions of men and women defeat this dangerous disease. Wegner who is a student at the Out- Of -Door high school in Sarasota triumphed over 5000 contestants from over 100 nations around the globe to win the prestigious honor. The app which is available here works with FNA known as Fine Needle Aspirates to compute whether the tumor is malignant or benign. It also utilizes an artificial brain technique know as an artificial neuron network which improves it's performance with every test. Read more...

President Paul Ryan? 2016 White House bid now 'realistic' he says - CometBird 2012 Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan said Sunday that while he has no future plans to run for House speaker, running for president in 2016 has become “more realistic” due to his experience last fall. “Actually, I enjoyed the experience,” the House Budget Committee chairman said on “Fox News Sunday” about his failed 2012 run with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, The Hill reports. “It’s something that I much better understand, and [my wife] Jan and I were talking about it just the other day — we look at it as a very positive experience," he continued. "We actually enjoyed it.” Ryan also told Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace why he had no intention of replacing John Boehner (R-Ohio) as House speaker. Read more... "If I wanted to be in elected leadership like speaker,” he said.