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Janis Joplin - Kozmic Blues A.bsolument - Vintage Radios The Top 100 Seventies Singles presents ere's the inside story -- along with links to midis, lyrics and videos -- on the Top 100 singles of the Seventies. Songs we listened to on AM radios at home... in cars... at the beach. P.S. - After perusing this list, don't forget to check out our 100 Additional Seventies Singles section for more reviews of great Seventies singles! PLEASE NOTE: All songs presented in "The Top 100 Seventies Singles" are available for purchase on compact disc or digital download.

MusicBrainz - The Open Music Encyclopedia NOISEY Hamilton Leithauser Ventures New with 'Black Hours' The Walkmen frontman carries his past with him on his solo project. DJ Technics and DJ Ayres Discuss the Past and Future of Baltimore Club Bmore's dance legacy, discussed. Get Your Sticks Out and Check Out The Percussive New Video by Man Forever Man Forever - The Clear Realization from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo. You may know Kid Millions as the percussionist behind experimental mainstays Oneida, but his solo project Man Forever Coachella 2014 The Hottest Alt-Bros at Coachella "Wait, is your cum gluten-free?" Interviews An Elaquent Interview With The Guelph Producer The Guelph beat musician discussed Soundcloud as the modern equivalent of crate digging, and predicting the next big thing by looking backwards. Premieres Premiere: Ukrainian Rapper Avatar Darko's New Video Admits "IDK" The Ukraine born, Seattle bred rapper delivers a hip-hop version of Eastern Promises.

Synthwave, un genre musical oublié et pourtant intemporel ! Durée de la lecture estimée à 10 minutes Synthwave. Si ce terme ne vous dit absolument rien, c’est peut-être parce vous n’êtes jamais monté dans une DeLorean DMC-12 avec votre vieux synthétiseur dans le coffre en faisant des allers-retours entre les années 80 et aujourd’hui. Bon, à vrai dire, personne ne l’a jamais fait mis à part le Docteur Emmett Brown et Marty McFly, même si certains partisans de la théorie du complot s’accorderont à dire que personne ne l’a jamais fait et qu’il ne s’agit là que d’une simple histoire fictionnelle. Enfin, ces personnes paraîtront juste ridicules le 21 octobre 2015, date à laquelle notre bon vieux Marty revient à la maison, ses Nike à lacets automatiques aux pieds, n’est-ce pas ? Mais là, vous vous dites sûrement : « Mais bon sang, voilà qu’il me parle de Retour vers le Futur et sa théorie du complot au lieu de m’expliquer ce qu’est la Synthwave ! Les origines de la Synthwave Daft Punk, la révolution James Kent, aka Perturbator La Synthwave et ses dérivés

Top 10 Songs You Can Listen To On Repeat We’ll preface this by saying that if not biased, this is a very personalized list. Even if you don’t agree with the choices, odds are you have certain songs you can listen to over and over. If you don’t like the ones here, please feel free to leave your favorite tune you never tire of in the comments below. Here are our top ten songs we never get tired of: 10. Phil Collins – “In the Air Tonight” Before it was ever a joke in The Hangover, this unforgettable song was Phil Collins’ first solo single, and the topic of a musical urban legend that made its way into an Eminem song. 9. There are a number of Led Zeppelin songs that could go on this list. ”Ramble On” could be here just as easily. 8. A true classic, “Ain’t No Sunshine” was written by Bill Withers in response to the film Days of Wine and Roses, starring Jack Lemmon. 7. 6. 5. One of the newer songs on our list, it seems like the world just can’t get enough of this song, or Adele’s amazing voice. 4. 3. 2. 1.

Alan Stivell forum officiel Jukesy - music player powered by youtube and Site de ressources en français sur Mike Oldfield make music together let's get started making music... 1draw on the grid with your mouse to make a beatshow me2 save your track and share it with friends. show me3 out of ideas? roll the dice and start remixing. show me4 explore the beatlab community show me For more tips, tutorials vidoes, and FAQs, check out our community wiki. You can use the following keyboard shortcuts while composing a track. spacebar Press to start or stop playback. commandcontrol key Hold down the commandcontrol key while drawing notes to create "loud" notes. optionalt key Hold down the optionalt key while drawing notes to create "soft" notes. shift Hold down the shift key to select a region of notes. Playback starting point By default, playback always starts from the beginning of a track. You can change where playback begins by setting the playback start marker. Clicking on the arrow icon again will remove it. show me Column volume There is a speaker icon to the left of each row on the grid.

Musique Celtique : ma Passion Otomata 16 Jul 2011 Click on the grid below to add cells, click on cells to change their direction, and press play to listen to your music. Update: Click here to get Otomata for your iPhone / iPod / iPad! Official facebook page: Also this reddit page has many examples: And there is a subreddit for Otomata: Otomata is a generative sequencer. Each alive cell has 4 states: Up, right, down, left. at each cycle, the cells move themselves in the direction of their internal states. This set of rules produces chaotic results in some settings, therefore you can end up with never repeating, gradually evolving sequences. If you encounter something you like, just press “Copy Piece Link” and save it somewhere, or better, share it! Here is something from me to start with: And here is an action video: Here are replies to some common questions: Q: MIDI Output?

PONO Progress continues to move the PonoMusic store to a new content partner. We are in the midst of doing all of the needed engineering work to enable that. Once completed, you'll have the ability to purchase our music in the US and Canada again and we will have the ability to begin expansion to other countries. This remains the top priority for the PonoMusic team, and we appreciate your continued support during this transition. We have updated our FAQs in an effort to answer some of the questions that you may have about this transition. In the meantime, the PonoMusic Community remains active, so please join in the conversations. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and support.The Ponomusic Team. We're letting music change you. Stay Connected

lancé sur la toile en 2011 en partenariat avec VICE, Intel et Dell. Le partage et la découverte de musiques sont le moteur même de l'initiative qui vise à valoriser l'expérience live et la vidéo dans un environnement interactif et par ailleurs dédié à la "scène indépendante". Présentation d'un site qui propose une nouvelle façon de consommer du live sur le net. by durasbib May 15