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How Content Promotion Works: 11 Strategies to Try. Did you know: Some bloggers recommend you spend as much time promoting your content as you do writing it.

How Content Promotion Works: 11 Strategies to Try

(Derek Halpern of Social Triggers has an 80/20 split: 80 percent promotion, 20 percent writing.) Wow, this is an area I fall well short on. I’m so impressed by those who hustle to get their content out there and in front of as many people as possible who can gain value from it. Over the past few months, I’ve learned a lot from content promotion experts and am starting (slowly) to work some of these practices into sharing the blog posts I write here at Buffer. I’d love to pass along a few of the strategies I’ve tried already and the ones I’m excited to experiment with.

Content Promotion Strategies for Blogs Big and Small 1. One of the best things you can do for your blog or brand is to build an email list. For an example of the power of email, we send each new Buffer blog post to 40,000 people (thanks, everyone, and if you want to sign up, you can do so here.) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 1. 2. How to Add Google Author Tags to Your Blog for Improved Search Results.

Does Google know you’re the author of the content you publish online?

How to Add Google Author Tags to Your Blog for Improved Search Results

If you answered “I don’t know,” chances are you haven’t heard of a very powerful piece of HTML markup code known as rel=”author”. When implemented correctly on websites or blogs with authored content, this small addition to your articles can have a dramatic impact on how your content appears in Google’s search results. This article will explain exactly what rel=”author” is, why you need to pay attention to it and most importantly, how to set it up on your website or blog. What is rel=”author”? Most of us are familiar with the HTML anchor tag as a way to link out to content as seen in this image: Standard anchor tag linking to Google+ account. In that traditional format, the “href” part of the markup is called an attribute of the anchor tag that references the location of the content being linked to.

Now, if we add the attribute rel=”author” to the anchor tag, the link looks like this: These Wordpress Plugins Are The Hidden Secret Behind Some Of The Best Bloggers Success Stories. Being a good blogger and producing high quality content is damn hard but luckily, there are some tools that can help make your job easier.

These Wordpress Plugins Are The Hidden Secret Behind Some Of The Best Bloggers Success Stories

Two weeks ago, Neil Patel published a list of 11 tools and services every blogger should use to make their journey “a bit easier and more successsful.” In his post, Neil shares tools that will help you with your writing, building links, and getting better understanding on what works for your blog. Today, I want to share with you 9 WordPress plugins and one tool that will help your blog posts, almost magically, get more clicks, more shares and higher conversion rates. Plugin #1: Headlines (by King Sumo) Kingsumo promotes their tool “Headlines” as the tool that helped grow Huffington Post and Buzzfeed by helping them create headlines people would want to click. 39 Blogging Tools to Help You Work Faster & Write Better. When you’re finding amazing content to share on social media—the kind of thing that grabs attention and gets people to click, share, and comment—one of the most valuable, most original places to turn is your own blog and the content you personally create.

39 Blogging Tools to Help You Work Faster & Write Better

So the questions become: How to create amazing content, how to put together blogposts strategically and efficiently, and how to get your content out to the masses. Writing tips are a good place to start. Blog - Updates, News, Insights and Gratitude. How To Get A High-Traffic Blog, Even If You're Blogging Solo - CoSchedule. I’ve been solo blogging for over 12 years.

How To Get A High-Traffic Blog, Even If You're Blogging Solo - CoSchedule

I have seen the enemy. It is us. Yeah, I have come face-to-face with a few challenges in that time. And yes, you are absolutely going to recognize these three core problems: Random and irregular publishing. You could say the same for team blogs, too, except with a team blog you have others to help publish, edit, design…blame. How Solo Bloggers Can Publish More Regularly Random and sporadic publishing results in much less traffic than you could have if you published more reliably (and more often). It’s not a huge difference, but it is a noticeable one. All the drafts, ideas, or SEO magic in the world won’t help you if you do not publish blog posts. No surprises here. An 84% increase in the social shares of his blog posts.A 119% increase in comments on his content.A steady bounce rate (meaning he didn’t trade low traffic for more visitors that left quickly)A 46% increase in traffic in general. Heck, publishing every day must be the solution!

Noooo. 11 Words that Enhance Trust in a Blog Post. 5 Top Tips For Blogging. Make Money From Your Blog - Make Money On Internet.