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The Educator’s Guide to Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons. Lately, we’ve been hearing more and more about digital copyrights and fair use in the news and online – particularly with the whole SOPA/PIPA uproar that recently swept the web.

The Educator’s Guide to Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons

Also, we on the Edublogs support team have been getting more and more complaints and official requests to remove copyrighted content that users have placed on blogs. The legal jargon with respect to digital copyrights can be confusing – especially since different countries have their own laws and regulations. With this post, we hope to dispel a few myths and pull together a complete list of resources for teachers and students to use when blogging and working with content online. Rule #1: You Can’t Use Everything You Find On the Web Dexter the cat hates those that steal his photos… This may seem obvious, but judging by the notices we have received, many teachers (and especially students) are under the impression that if it is on the web, then it is up for grabs.

Rule #2: There Are Resources You CAN Use Images Videos. Three Ring. Top 10 Free Online Blogging Platforms. A blog is a great way to express your thoughts, create a web presence for your company and provide content to Internet users. If you’re planning to create a blog, but don’t wish to get into the hassles of hosting, developing and deploying it yourself, consider creating a blog at any of the free blogging platforms mentioned below. Such services offer a plethora of features and generally come with both free as well as paid plans. Let’s look at the top 10 most popular online blog-publishing services. 1. is perhaps the most feature-rich blogging service out there.

If you choose to use, you’ll be in good company, as many popular blogs — including CNN’s Political Ticker, People Magazine’s Style Watch and Flickr — are on this platform. If you need more than what the free version offers, you can opt for their premium features that include custom domains, upgraded web hosting resources and more. The Pros and Cons of Four Major Blogging Platforms. We’re all writers here, so it makes sense that we blog.

The Pros and Cons of Four Major Blogging Platforms

Should writers blog? I believe so. We derive passion from stringing words together, making stories and enlightening people to the human condition. But once you find your nook in the writing world, and decide to blog, how do you choose between the myriad of blogging platforms available? Start here. Wordpress. Creative online spaces for groups. Blogger. How To Sync Blogger Comments With Disqus 2012. While shifting over to Disqus 2012, many Blogger users had to face the situation where their previ... 12 Flares624----×12 Flares While shifting over to Disqus 2012, many Blogger users had to face the situation where their previous comments on Blogger platform didnt automatically showed up while they made this comment platform migration from Blogger to Disqus 2012.

How To Sync Blogger Comments With Disqus 2012

Welcome to Posterous Spaces. Tumblr. - Get a Free Blog Here. Safe and Effective Web Tools For the Classroom. QuadBlogging Connects Student Writers with Global Audiences. A blog without an audience is like...a library without books, a car without an engine, Beyonce without a ring.

QuadBlogging Connects Student Writers with Global Audiences

Those were some of the responses David Mitchell (@DeputyMitchell) got when he asked his Twitter followers to fill in the blank. "We all understand the importance of audience," says Mitchell, an educator from the United Kingdom and vocal proponent of using blogs to engage student writers. His latest strategy to connect students with readers around the world is the online phenomenon known as QuadBlogging. The idea is deceptively simple. Four teachers agree to have their students comment on each other's blogs in an organized fashion. Mitchell hatched the idea almost by chance with three other schools in the UK. Measurable Benefits Mitchell, deputy headmaster at Heathfield Community Primary School in Bolton, England, isn't exaggerating when he says blogging leads to better writing.

Along with measurable results, Mitchell has gathered plenty of anecdotal evidence. Global Replication. 10 free blogging tools for teachers. Well it's high time I got this blog moving again and I'm grateful to Karen Schweitzer education writer and author for sending in this guest post to get me started.

10 free blogging tools for teachers

Here she presents 10 great tools ranging from the basics for getting your blog started to some really interesting tools for getting your blog noticed. Thanks Karen. Teachers who are interested in starting their own blogs or creating and managing student blogs, can find a number of helpful tools online. 21Classes – Classroom and Education Blogs - Home. Classroom and Education Blogs - Classroom BlogPortal.

Classroom blogs.

Classroom and Education Blogs - Classroom BlogPortal

Markdown and Blogging and Dropbox, Oh My! « ben tsai. There are a bunch of new blogging services that have surfaced recently that share quite a few similarities: Use Markdown for the post medium Use Dropbox for syncing and delivery Boast simplicity and ease-of publishing Emphasize clean design I first heard of Calepin a few months ago.

Markdown and Blogging and Dropbox, Oh My! « ben tsai

I liked the experience of creating posts locally using Markdown, hitting the “Publish” button, and seeing it live with minimal hassle. I even looked into migrating my wordpress blog to use Calepin exclusively. There was one minor niggle1 I had with the service: there is no way to view all (or recent) posts on one page, nor previous/next links on posts. Then, in the past week or so, two new services cropped up: Skrivr and Scriptogram. Calepin First kid on the block Developer has a specific vision and good design sensibilities Premium plan in the works. Scriptogr. Regarding Calepin and its new Competitors - Iain B. Simpson. @calepinapp: You have one competitor starting now (@scriptogram), and more are bound to come.

Regarding Calepin and its new Competitors - Iain B. Simpson

After all, your idea is a very good one… I didn’t publish the tweet above because it deserves discussion. As is so often the case, Twitter is not the place for serious discourse. As of 5th January 2012, Calepin (a recently developed service from Jökull Sólberg for generating a static site from markdown files in your Dropbox) is no longer alone. Scriptogram has joined the fray. Skrivr - Write freely. Publish beautifully. The future of web typography today.