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How to Be a Successful Blogger: Follow These Two Major Tips. The 51 Best Writing Articles I’ve Ever Read. You want to be the world’s best online writer, a David Ogilvy of the blogs, a Shakespeare of the social media.

The 51 Best Writing Articles I’ve Ever Read

Or maybe you just want to be good enough to get by on freelance writing. Where do you get your education? How do you improve? I’ve faced these same questions, and I still face these questions as I aim to keep improving as an online writer. I majored in journalism in college. The 15 Best Blogging Platforms on the Web Today. Want the latest recommendations?

The 15 Best Blogging Platforms on the Web Today

Read our 2015 guide to The 18 best blogging and publishing platforms on the internet today. Updated June 2014 Reading the signs a couple of years ago it was easy to assume that the art of blogging was set to die a painful death at the hands of social networks like Facebook and Twitter and others. 5 Tips for Great Content Curation. Steven Rosenbaum is the CEO of, a real-time video curation engine for publishers, brands, and websites.

5 Tips for Great Content Curation

He's also the author of Curation Nation. You've heard the buzz word — curation — being thrown around like it's a gadget we all know how to work. In reality, good content curation isn't as simple as pushing a share button. It's actually a combination of finding great content and following some simple best practices on how to successfully share that content. How to Write Great Blog Content. How to Start a Writer Blog: 8 Helpful Tips. It just occurred to me that I’ve been writing blogs for over three years now.

How to Start a Writer Blog: 8 Helpful Tips

So what have I learned in all this time? I’ve actually written a short book about it, but thought I’d collect a few quick thoughts here first. Hope it helps. 1. Headlines Matter Most. Is Blogging Really A Way For Women To Earn A Living? Start a Blog with BlueHost. Build Your Own Blog - How to Start a Blog Today!

Building your own blog doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Build Your Own Blog - How to Start a Blog Today!

You can get started today by following my simple, easy-to-follow steps here at Build Your Own Blog. In just a few hours, you can start using a functional, quality blog that gets results for your business or whatever your blogging goals may be. Build Your Own Blog is here for new bloggers as well as experienced blog owners who want to learn more about effective, results driven blogging. 6 Stunning Visuals That Will Make Your Content Memorable, Sharable, and Beautiful. With so much content competing for attention on the Internet, do you ever wonder if your content stands a chance?

6 Stunning Visuals That Will Make Your Content Memorable, Sharable, and Beautiful

According to the journal Science, we have to process five times more information today than in 1986. Our readers are overwhelmed. You probably are too. So how can you make your next blog post stand out among the masses? Is the attempt even worth the effort? Need Traffic? Here’s a Simple Strategy to Woo Bloggers and Win Their Readers Over. 18 Resources to Help you Write Better Blog Titles.

Great Questions. Great Questions These questions are merely suggestions for getting a good conversation going.

Great Questions

We encourage you to use the ones you like and to come up with your own. This list is in no particular order. The Secret to Headlines That Attract Readers & Shares Every Time [Research] Not all headlines are created equal.

The Secret to Headlines That Attract Readers & Shares Every Time [Research]

The headline challenge is getting your message to stand out and make people care about it amidst the explosion of channels and volumes of content competing for people’s attention. Upworthy’s Peter Koechley says “The headline is our little newsboy crying out in a crowded Facebook feed.” Therefore the time spent improving your title’s ability to attract more readers and shares is well worth the investment. Everything You Need to Know to Get More Traffic from Google Authorship - Boost Blog Traffic. You’re ready to take Google Authorship seriously.

Everything You Need to Know to Get More Traffic from Google Authorship - Boost Blog Traffic

In fact, you can’t wait to get started. Great! 13 Authority Hacks That Give You Instant Expert Status Online. He falls to one knee, gripping his chest.

13 Authority Hacks That Give You Instant Expert Status Online

Like a brush fire, the news spreads through the crowd, causing confusion and fear. Then three words are spoken – and panic is replaced by calm. 9 Irresistible Incentives That'll Grow Your Email List Like Crazy. Subscriber numbers. Frustrating, aren’t they? Everyone tells you how important building a list is, but yours is so tiny it would fit on the back of your hand. And on the other side of the fence, popular bloggers can’t wait to brag about how many people are on their email lists. “Join over 5,000 readers by subscribing today.” “Join more than 10,000 people who’ve already signed up.” The Busy Person's Guide to Content Curation: A 3-Step Process. 841 Flares 841 Flares × Museums curate works of art. We digital marketers curate blog posts. Though our link shares may not be artistic contributions, the idea of curation is at least the same at museums and online: We’re all seeking only the best material to pass along to our patrons, customers, fans, or followers.

Finding and sharing exquisite content has never had more value than it does today. People love being told what’s good to read or essential to see. 63 Blogging Tools That Will Make You Insanely Productive. Let me guess. You read the headline on this post and thought, “Cool!” Then a little voice in your head whispered something like, “Why do I need another post on all the cool tools I don’t have time to use?” How Researching Competitors Can Improve Your Blog Content. Do you need ideas for blog topics? Do you know what content performs best for your competitors? When you know what content works for your competitors, you can use those topics to brainstorm ideas for your own blog articles. In this article I’ll share five ways to research your competitors’ content and tools to help you do that. #1: Identify the Most Shared Content You and your competitors are trying to attract the same audience. A Simple Blog Strategy Outline For Non-Strategists.

We love to talk about How to get more blog visitorsHow to entice readers to commentTips and tricks to increase conversions and build a listHow to turn readers into profitable customers These are great topics. These tactics are important to a successful blog but we are missing one critical piece…the blog strategy. Starting A Blog Right At 500% Success Rate.