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Read, Write & Speak All About It by Avra Robinson. Student Led Conferences: Sick and Tired of Blogs & Reflection? Our students just finished a second round of Student Led Conferences (SLC) this school year (one in Semester 1 and another in Semester 2).

Student Led Conferences: Sick and Tired of Blogs & Reflection?

CultureStreet - Activities - Picture Book Maker. 5 Online Tools for Creating Picture Books. My recent about Jellybean Writer, an online picture book maker, was one last week's most popular posts.

5 Online Tools for Creating Picture Books

If you missed it, I have a description of it below along with four other good tools for creating picture books. Using pictures as the basis for a story can be a good way to get students to write a story. The pictures can serve as prompts for writing the story. All five of the tools listed below have that capability. Year End Reflection HyperDoc. Corporate Responsibilty stories. Writing for Authentic Audiences. Jump to navigation Bookmark Related Top Picks Displaying 1 - 9 of 9.

Writing for Authentic Audiences

Top Tools for Dynamic Digital Storytelling. Writing for Authentic Audiences. Apps, Games, and Sites for Persuasive and Argumentative Writing. Jump to navigation.

Apps, Games, and Sites for Persuasive and Argumentative Writing

Great Tech for Online Writing and Blogging. Storychaser Student Clubs. Resources Use these resources to help your own students constructively share local news online, whether they a part of a formal “Storychasers Student Club” or not.

Storychaser Student Clubs

If you’re interested in possibly forming a Storychasers School Club, please join our mailing list. The 20 Biggest Benefits of Blogging. 20 years ago, blogs didn’t exist.

The 20 Biggest Benefits of Blogging

Today, there are over 150 million of them. Still, I get a lot of puzzled looks when I tell people that having a blog is the single most important thing a business, cause, or person can do to advance online. Grade 1 Memoir « SD71 Literacy Resources. Balanced Literacy in Blended and Online Classrooms. Some Rules We Need to Break In Our Reading Classrooms. We seem to be run by the rules of what came before us.

Some Rules We Need to Break In Our Reading Classrooms

We seem to be trying to uphold traditions that were started all in the spirit of becoming better reading teachers. September 2015: HOTS for Bloom’s, part 3. The two previous posts (1 & 2) in this three-part series provided some background in how to recognize and teach critical thinking skills and, using Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy as a guide, embed the higher-order thinking skills into teaching and learning.

September 2015: HOTS for Bloom’s, part 3

The two posts also highlighted some tech-enhanced activities. In this post, I will be providing literacy ideas, using iOS apps and tools, for targeting the higher-order thinking skills on Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy- applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. App Smashing and Literacy Activities. Great Picture Books to Use for Aha Moments. One of of the main texts we use to guide our reading instruction is the amazing Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading by Kylene Beers and Robert Probst.

Great Picture Books to Use for Aha Moments

This book provides us with the foundation for having deeper reading conversations and a common language as we develop our thoughts. Teach Writing with Digital Tools. Unite for Literacy library. Spruce Up Your Centers with Technology. Currently Seesaw is iPad only.

Spruce Up Your Centers with Technology

Three Ring is another digital portfolio choice and supports iOS, Android, Fire, desktops, and laptops. Digital Writing. “I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I’m afraid of. ” – Joss Whedon Writing is personal. Each time we write we share ourselves. Our writings expose our ideas, thought-process, arguments, logic, inspiration, and words. Tips. Creation Based Generators - The Digital Dog Pound.

July. Digital Storytelling on We Video We are in the middle of week three of our Chippewa River Writing Project’s Invitational Summer Institute, and I am sitting in the late afternoon calm of writing time. At this moment, eight of the seventeen of us are here composing various pieces, including our digital stories. The rest are scattered around our building, or around campus, doing the same. Teacher writers who have found some time, space, and stillness to do meaningful work, both personally and professionally. My Writing, My Peer, and Me. Before students dive into responding to the writing prompt, students will read the article on ThinkCERCA titled, "ACLU Wins Settlement in 6th Grader's Facebook Posting". As a quick formative assessment, you can have students complete the five questions to check for student understanding of the text. After reading the text, explain to students that they will be using this article to generate reasons for a text and supporting them with text.

Have a graphic organizer template to model. Here is one for Three Reasons and Two Facts. Make sure to model the following steps (as mentioned in the Learnzillion video): 1. 2. Inspiring Writers Through Photographs. Provide students the link to your Kidblog and have students login using a laptop or computer (see NOTE at the bottom of this section for more details about setting up student Kidblog accounts.)

While there is a Kidblog app available, the web version is easier to use for typing and adding media. Model for students how to create a new post, drawing attention to the various editing features of font color/size, spell check, etc. Show them how to add tags and categories. Using Technology to Effectively Plan Narratives. Check Me Out! To begin creating their story in tellagami, first students must save their pictures to the camera roll on the iPad. Then, the pictures can be uploaded as the background in tellagami.

Each background picture must be recorded and saved to the camera roll as a separate "gami. " Now students are ready to put it all together in iMovie. *Note* Using the iMovie app will save A LOT of time and effort, but it can be done with iMovie on the computer as well. Verbs and Their Moods. Students work in groups and use Toontastic or Tellagami to create mini-movies that illustrate different types of moods. The expectation is that the students create a script using Google Docs (and indicate type of mood for each sentence) and then create a Toon or Gami using the script. Each mood should be used at least four times. Inspiring Writers Through Photographs. Awesome Apps for the Six Traits of Writing. Ideas Story Wheel ($2.99) Story Wheel is a digital storytelling app for the iPad and iPhone.

The first student (or the whole class) chooses an image by spinning the story wheel, then responds to the image and records 30 seconds of narration. The next student then spins the wheel to see another image and continues the story. BALANCEDLITERACYDIET. The Melissa Institute Literacy Website The Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and Treatment is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and prevention of violence through education, community service, research support and consultation. Go to The Melissa Institute to learn more. Did you know that 85% of youth in trouble with the law have reading difficulties? The Institute’s mission is to prevent violence and promote safer communities through education and application of research-based knowledge. Classroom 2.0 LIVE! - Archive and Resources. Just Blog It! Blogging Tips & Ideas. Why Blog?

You don't start blogging for awards.