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हिंदुत्व के परोधा हमारे माननीय अशोक सिंहल जी १ अक्तूबर भारत के लिए एक ऐतिहासिक दिन है , अगर ऐसा कहा जाए तो अनुशयोक्ति नहीं होगी।

हिंदुत्व के परोधा हमारे माननीय अशोक सिंहल जी

एक महान दिन था भारत के इतिहास में सं १९२६, १ अक्तूबर जब धरती पर उस बालक का जिसे आज हम सब माननीय अशोक सिंहल जी के नाम से जानते हैं। ये एक सौभाग्य था माननीय अशोक सिंहल के साक्षात दर्शन का इस १ अक्तूबर को, उनके नब्बवें जन्मदिवस पर। जैसा की हम सब जानते हैं माननीय अशोक सिंहल जी भारतीय विश्व के संगरक्ष हैं। वह देश, समाज, धर्म और संस्कृति के द्योतक, सुधारक, और रक्षक के रूप में जाने जाते हैं। छात्र अवस्था से ही उनका इन सबके प्रति रुझान और नेतृत्व देखने को मिला। Deteriorating #Journalism in #India - Pebble In The Still Waters. Do we all agree that journalism is deteriorating?

Deteriorating #Journalism in #India - Pebble In The Still Waters

Is the shrinking spectrum of people culprit? Is the run for revenue churning out of news channels (print, TV and digital media) responsible? Besides the spicy stuff flowing in plenty in TV serials and reality shows. I Need Some Angel Transferkars To Help Me Break Disruptions #TATASkyTransfer. Do you use your mobile for your media entertainment?

I Need Some Angel Transferkars To Help Me Break Disruptions #TATASkyTransfer

I do, but it is not my media. The media streaming is from someone else. For entertainment? ,definitely yes. I do use quite data intensive streaming programs on my mobile that are more of realtime in nature. But who said I am not fan of the idiot box and sports. Another big issue is the priority of channels. Are You Ready To Support Breast Cancer #GlamuletPinkOctober @Glamulet. Beauty is synonym with any woman.

Are You Ready To Support Breast Cancer #GlamuletPinkOctober @Glamulet

It is not only the physical beauty that matters but the inner beauty that comes with clean thoughts, supporting noble causes, pain for others and above all love for yourself first so that you are able to love the whole world around you. What if you have to support a noble cause without any extra efforts or spending? @TheDanceBibleCO A Unique Online Platform For All Dance Lovers #TheDanceBible. Come and dance in your style, freely and fearlessly.

@TheDanceBibleCO A Unique Online Platform For All Dance Lovers #TheDanceBible

The #DanceBible is all about providing you (and in fact for all dance lovers) a unique platform where connect fluently through the perfect art of Dance. This innovative website not only aspires to provide untouched content about different (and almost all kind of) dance forms but also ensures that the aspirations of the dance enthusiasts go beyond the satisfaction level.

You not only get to know here all about the histories and biographies linked to a particular dance style but also get educated on the health and nutrition facts about it. The website also keeps you engaged day in and day out by providing you all relevant upcoming events in your city. Not only this, the events are well covered with audios, videos and interviews so a to stay you informed in the best possible manner. There are many unique features that you will find here on the portal. A #SachchiAdvice That Changed My Life Forever. A childhood incident, very small though, changes my life forever by planting a great lesson in my mind that not only transformed me forever but helped me a lot in building my character during my professional journey.

A #SachchiAdvice That Changed My Life Forever

I was in seventh standard and was quite pampered by my mother being the only son in my family. On the other hand, my father, having an army background used to be quite disciplined and was always eager to inculcate moral values in all the three siblings, me and my two sisters. My father was practicing Homoeopathy and hence mostly we had all the important medicines at home in my father’s room. It was only on rare occasions that we would take allopathic medicine, only when the things are not getting under control with the homoeopathic medicine. Food and Restaurant Review: Essence #parkplazazirakpur @ParkPlazaHotels #parkplaza. Food and Drinks: Nice place to chill out the Delhi heat with #Beer @thebeercafe_TBC. #PizzaiolosFavourites @PizzaExpressIn #50thAnniversaryCelebration. Bon Voyage!

#PizzaiolosFavourites @PizzaExpressIn #50thAnniversaryCelebration

This is for the journey of delicious and yummy pizzas. Who would deny an invite to the Exclusive Chef's Table at PizzaExpress to celebrate some precious moments for a great milestone, the 50th anniversary of PizzaExpress? At least I couldn't. There was a mix of feelings - a curiosity on one side, a pride on another. After all, a few select foodies were invited and the surprise of the event was yet to be discovered. PizzaExpress (officially, a single word, with no space between Pizza and Express), the birthday celebrity of the day, turned 50 on 28th August 2015, was established in 1965 in London.

The popular and unique but secret dough recipe and a selective ratio of quality ingredients, that was introduced by Peter and is still the mark of uniqueness of taste in the pizzas crafted at PizzaExpress. The new pastas range include Penne con Peppadew, Linguine Ai Gambero a Pesto Rosso, Pollo Arrabbiata and the Pollo Pesto Baked. When #StandUpComedyinStyle Then It Makes Your Day @Live_InStyle. Stand-up Comedy is probably one of the most courageous and top creative tasks in the world.

When #StandUpComedyinStyle Then It Makes Your Day @Live_InStyle

Mastering this art requires not only requires mastering communication skills but also demands a complete sync in your body, eyes and words. When you are performing, especially as a stand-up comedian, you definitely have to practice a lot beforehand. It is the perfection in sync of your body movements, face expressions and what you speak that is observed very minutely by your audience. Your confidence needs to be at peak while you are performing on the stage.

Basically, it is only possible once you have practiced a lot and have convinced yourself time and again that you only can do it perfectly. Obviously there has to be some force behind any stand-up comedy to come in style. Stand-up comedy is about a different kind of bravery where you have a big heart and large amount of courage to laugh at yourself, where you take the center stage of a live joke hitting straight at you. Restaurant Review: Mamma Mia. Restaurant Review: Mamma Mia Experienced Via @Zomato and @TinyOwl_App. First of all the restaurant is not closed for online ordering as it shows on Zomato (but next time it showed I can order).

Restaurant Review: Mamma Mia Experienced Via @Zomato and @TinyOwl_App

Look at the two screenshots of Zomato taken at the same time on two different tabs for the same restaurant that shows - open for online order in one tab and closed for online order on the other tab.Zomato's credibility is in question...Recently I ordered online on a new food portal for the same restaurant Mamma Mia. Noticeable point is that the minimum order value on Zomato is exorbitant (Rs. 350) whereas it is just Rs. 150 on the other portal I am talking about.

If Zomato is not updated regularly in this regard, soon someone else is going to take the lead... As far as food stuff from Mamma Mia is concerned, the recipes are good and so is the taste but not the packaging and finishing. That is the area where they need to improve upon. The Full Monty With Del Monte #ItalianEscapades. Pasta is already quite famous in India and I think even before the world got to know about it and some other country taking the pride of inventing it.

The Full Monty With Del Monte #ItalianEscapades

It might be the food of Italy that has widely been accepted across the globe but we Indians are known to be carrying quite old heritage and cultural background. Years back Bollywood praised a lot about Pasta पास्ता पास्ता देखो आँख मेरी लड़ी है आँख जिससे लड़ी है वो पास मेरे खड़ी है or. Let Us WASH And Clean India With Some Noble Initiatives. India is a country of varied seasons, cultures and languages.

Each state has its own unique way of living, so has each of the communities living in India. The geographic locations contain varied and extreme of the conditions. Kashmir, on the top of North, has an extreme cold during the year. As we start rolling down the map, the chilling weather duration starts decreasing while reaching to Delhi. Stir Your Souls: #HIQTravellerMeetup Moved The Howrah Bridge To Delhi! What? The Return Of HolidayIQ's #HIQTravellerMeetup. When?

Friday, 24 July. Where? The Lalit, New Delhi. An Inspiring Session For Soon-To-Be-Parents. It was a fabulous get-together for all the soon-to-be-parents who attended this celebration at the Indian International Center. The event was hosted by Lifecell in collaboration with Virtue baby. It was a seminar held in the morning where the ways of development of child’s virtues were taught while the child is still in his/her mother’s womb.

The event was organized on 20th May 2015 and the most inspiring factor was the presence of Sister Shivani. Presbyopia: Using Readers Make You Appear Ten Years Older. Most of us face this eye condition known as Presbyopia that occurs around the age of forty. This happens as a normal phenomenon of the eyes losing gradual ability to focus precisely on objects closer to eyes like mobile phone screen, computer screen, books, writing notes, restaurant menus etc. You might have noticed or experienced adjusting these closer objects so as to able to read clearly and at times with the increase in age it becomes a time taking effort, sometimes with no hundred percent success.

We Need @CoorsLight In India For Refreshing Yamuna And Other Rivers. For past six decaded our rivers have lost their freshness beyond a certain point. The moment these rivers touch cities, it starts impacting their health. The quality, freshness and safety of water deteriorates drastically and hence beome a health hazard. Industrialization can't be held responsible for this. We Need @CoorsLight In India For Refreshing Yamuna And Other Rivers. Blogging - jaideepkhanduja. Happy @WorldBakingDay And Do Some Baking Today.

Today is World Baking Day. It is a day to pledge to bake. To bake for the loved ones, for your friends, for the family. If you have not taken a pledge yet, you can do it World Baking Day. This is a day to celebrate by baking brownies, cookies, cupcakes, tortes, bread or anything else of your choice, for your loved ones and enjoy with them. Baking is an art, and we all know that we all have a soft sweet corner for one of most of the items mentioned above. The purpose of the World Baking Day is to spread the joy of baking. In Addition to Valastro, Turner and Ron; there will be Roland Mesnier, the French-American pastry chef and culinary writer. The estimated reading time for this post is 2 minutes. Blogging - jaideepkhanduja. Chinaplas 2015: Biggest Fair For All Plastics And Rubber Industry.

Stir Your Souls: All About #EkNayiLeague... There is something in the air with various proximities of guesswork doing the rounds. Churning Pearls In The Era Of Creative Business - @PearlAcademyInd. When we talk of fashion in India or rather of the best schools to learn about every aspect of fashion for building a successful career, the first name that pops up in mind is Pearl. Myriad Intellections: #EkNayiLeague And Kapil Dev. When the masters of the trade decide to create something, it is obviously going to be a masterpiece. Who can forget the well-crafted batting by Kapil Dev in the semifinals of World Cup 1983? A New Study Report Claims Pets Play A Major Role in Building New Friendship. Blogging - jaideepkhanduja. Pets Play A Major Role in Building New Friendship. Blogging - jaideepkhanduja. Stir Your Souls: Onward To A Green Yatra...

We proclaim that we are constantly doing our 'bit', even I do at times, but the truth is that just like it is perpetually impossible for a child to repay the debts of his mother, so is it seemingly difficult for us as a human to repay the debts of Mother Earth, if I may write so. It is a matter of self-pride and a feel-good factor associated with the perspective of having done something for the world we inhabit. It is indeed blissful to experience that kind of a contentment. The joy of splashing feet in the puddles of rainwater, or plucking ripe fruit from the orchard's trees or even playing with the raw, earthen soil, to uncover it, dig deep, follow the snail's trail and plant a tiny seed to observe it sprout into a plant and flourish into a tree as a child, is ever empowering.

All About Edelweiss Tokio Life - MyLife+ Term Plan: So Powerful, So Flexible! Priorities in life change with time and age. When we are quite young, our parents take care of not only our necessities but try to build security for our future too. Gradually, on maturity, we start understanding the need of latter and that is why we go for various kind of insurance plans. Blogging - jaideepkhanduja. Sherri Lynn Pritchett: A Confessional Poet: @PoemTrees. #EarthIsCalling @Greenyatra Be The Change Bring The Change. I am very much concerned about the green cause. If I don’t care about it, I would not be able to inculcate the same in my professional teams and family.

When you decide to contribute to the green cause in your own way, you have to think about doing it in simple and small way in an innovative manner to build your own mechanism and system. To adhere to the cause, I defined my own rulesets in my life first as it is better to walk the talk rather than preaching. When I started following these simple rules created by me, others automatically have started following them without any extra efforts from my side. Blogging - jaideepkhanduja.

#CelebrateLife Life Is Reflection of You: What You Get Is What You Give #CelebrateLifeAtIvy. Blogging - jaideepkhanduja. #CrashThePepsiIPL Quantum Physics Is All There In #IPL #Cricket. @canderejewels : Stop Look And See Before You Buy. Blogging - jaideepkhanduja. #Fashion – Swedish Lady Designs All Human Hair Underwear. Blogging - jaideepkhanduja. #Fashion #Boho A Must Try For All #Gals : All about Boho and Online Stores.

Blogging - jaideepkhanduja. #fame Ms Malini's Tips To Become A Social Media Jedi #LakmeSchoolofStyle. Pearltrees. Exhaustive Analytics On Women Power Emergence. Pearltrees. #KoseMeet Bringing Spawake Range Of #Beauty Products In #India by Kose. Pearltrees. A Unique Boat School To Keep The Children Off The Streets Of Varanasi. WomenPower. Pearltrees. Women in Leadership: Without A Doubt #EveryWomanIsALeader. A Glob Of Blog In A Bog: It Is Not Just Blogging #IAmWashiqur.


Beauty: Some Insights On Eyelash Extensions. All About Kose: #KoseMeet India To Bring Excellent Range of Skin Care, Beauty And Cosmetics Products. Who Is To Be Blamed For Audrie’s Suicide – Boy’s Parents or Society: #Bullying #1000Speak. Explore The Nightlife In Mumbai. What To Order At Salad Bars In Delhi. Intel-lectually #DigitalIndia : Cocoon To Butterfly. Cyber Bullying Gone The Corporate World? #1000Speak. #WashBucketChallenge Is All About A Pledge To #SHARETHELOAD - Are You Ready? Dos And Don’ts With Your Memory Card. @27coupons : A Great Place To Get Heap Of Offers And Discounts From Over A Thousand Online Stores. Five Things That Make Me Say Everyday #IAmHappy. The Time When I Decided To #StartANewLife.

What Is Keeping Delhi Unsafe: Four Action Points To Move To Safe Zone. Five Point Something For Bloggers On Writing Their Posts. When She Used To Grip My Hand In Her Small Fists. Heavenly food delivered to your Doorstep in Jaipur. She Knows @Quikr #QuikrNXT Is Best For Any Deal. #BloggerDreamTeam : Technology Has Pulled The Game Of Cricket Across The Boundary. @VanHeusenInd : Just Go For MYFIT And Fall In Love With Yourself. Of That Lunchbox, Packed With Love. Real Life Experience Of Meeting A Blogger or Bloggers #IndiDiary. Three Things I Have Craved To Do For My Whole Life #SecondChance. #QuikrNXT : A Solid Chat Platform On Mobile With Lot Of Fluidity. #UseYourAnd And Show the World That You Are Second To None. I Have A Secret To Share, I Have A Girlfriend And A Wife #UseYourAnd. #GoodGirls : Are You Confident That My Definitions Will Not Bias Your Life. Rapes, Police, Himmat App, Woman Safety and Honorable Home Minister.

The Beauty In Red... #INDVSAUS : INDIA AUSTRALIA THIRD TEST DAY FOUR. #INDvsAUS : INDIA AUSTRALIA THIRD TEST DAY THREE. Border-Gavaskar Trophy: India Australia Third Test Day Two. A New Beginning: A Great Lesson Learnt From The Dying Year. The Truth Is As True As Its Revealer. Three Reasons Why Bigg Boss 8 Is Better Than Its Predecessors. Border-Gavaskar Trophy: India Australia Third Test Day One. Tunisia Presidential Elections: Essebsi Defeats Marzouki: Old Is Gold. My First Visit To @SmoothieFactory @SmoothieIndia And It Has Been Addictive.

Restaurant Review : Smoothie Factory... Promise Me To Carry A 2 Minute Silence Everyday For 132 Days. Yes, No, Maybe, Don't Know: What Is Your Call? Let You Not Wait Others To Follow First: Take Lead In Good Things. Writing Aggressive Blog Posts Help Only If Are Constructive And Non-Abusive.