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How to develop (and capture) ideas for your blog. Chefs around the world know that cooking dinner is the easy step.

How to develop (and capture) ideas for your blog

The hard job? Figuring out what to cook. The same principle applies to blog writing: It’s not so hard to write a blog. The challenging part is determining the topic. If this difficulty plagues you, here are some suggestions. Blog Checklist: How to Optimize Your Content Before Publication Spin Sucks. How to Research and Plan Your Blog Content for a Year. Study: The perfect blog post length—and how long it should take to write.

67 helpful resources for content creators. 9 blog topic resources bursting with ideas. 8 blog topic treasure troves. How to land your guest post on 10 outstanding websites. Becoming a guest contributor on a popular website is a great way to build your personal brand.

How to land your guest post on 10 outstanding websites

Publications are always looking for new contributors. However, pitching guest-blogging proposals and becoming a guest contributor for popular websites can be time-consuming. Each site has particular requirements and instructions. Some require topic pitches, some want full articles, and some require abstracts. How Do You Compare to Serious Business Bloggers? [Infographic] How Blogging Affects Your Bottom Line. Don’t Know What to Blog About? Take a Look at This Huge List of Ideas. 2012 Nielsen Report: Blogs Still on the Rise. Susan Kuchinskas | March 12, 2012 | 0 Comments inShare140 Women and moms dominate the blogosphere, which now includes 181 million sites and pages globally.

2012 Nielsen Report: Blogs Still on the Rise

Everyday humans are churning out more content than ever, and blogging remains an important avenue for consumer expression, according to an NM Incite report published today. Consumer-generated blogs have continued a strong upward trend since the company began tracking them in 2006, according to the U.S. Digital Consumer Report State of The Media: Q3-Q4 2011.

Common writing mistakes bloggers make. An infographic from says 92 percent of companies that blog several times per day have acquired a customer from their blogs.

Common writing mistakes bloggers make

That's an encouraging statistic, but don't go content crazy just yet. When you churn out a lot of content quickly, it's easy to make mistakes. Writing mistakes, that is. The infographic lists 10 common writing mistakes to avoid when blogging. Blogging is core responsibility of a CEO - Be the Voice. Blogging should be a core responsibility of a CEO June 16th, 2009 Welcome to the Be the Voice blog and podcast. There are lots of great stories here. How to Motivate Employees to Blog. Ten reasons to blog even if nobody reads it. Building an engaged community through a business blog can be extremely difficult — sometimes impossible.

Ten reasons to blog even if nobody reads it

Look at companies like General Electric who do an amazing job with their blog and yet have almost no “community” or comments at all. There must be some good business reason they do it, right? There better be. HOW TO: Jump-Start Your Career by Becoming an Online Influencer. David Spark is a veteran tech journalist and the founder of the media production and consulting firm Spark Media Solutions.

HOW TO: Jump-Start Your Career by Becoming an Online Influencer

Spark blogs regularly at Spark Minute. Follow him on Twitter @dspark. For all the advice about how to approach and attract influencers, I haven't seen much written about how to actually become an influencer. It's important, because once you're seen as an influencer, you’re seen as an industry equal and a resource. You're no longer perceived as a nuisance constantly broadcasting your own agenda, hoping others will relay. State of the Blogosphere 2011: Introduction and Methodology - Technorati Blogging. Welcome to Technorati's State of the Blogosphere 2011 report.

State of the Blogosphere 2011: Introduction and Methodology - Technorati Blogging

Since 2004, our annual study has followed growth and trends in the blogosphere. This year's topics include: blogging and social media, bloggers and traditional media, traffic and analysis, brands and marketing in the blogosphere, bloggers' motivations and consequences, monetization, and changes within the blogosphere over 2011.

The Blogosphere is constantly changing and evolving. In 2011 we are seeing bloggers updating their blogs more frequently and spending more time blogging. The type of information influencing blogging has shifted from conversations with friends, which was the primary influence in 2010, to other blogs, which for 68% of bloggers are having more of an influence in 2011. Egyptian Activists Understood Key to Social Media - Advertising Age - Bob Garfield. Excellent blog themes. …well, that’s what you’d believe if you listened to the traditional marketers, online sceptics, and old-school business brains.

Excellent blog themes

But – actually – there is a grain of truth in the shocking statement. Nobody cares about your blog. Unless you give them one, two, or all of the following things: * Useful information, such as ‘How To’ guides * Proven case studies highlighting a return of some kind * Open, engaged topical discussion without a hard sell. 7 Creative Ways To Boost Website Traffic. How to Build a Blog Following. Two experts share how to turn your company's blog into a go-to resource for customers and prospects. February 13, 2012 Marcus Sheridan and Stan Smith know blogs. Both of them generate content on leading social media-centric sites that they’ve built up themselves. The Social Media Examiner recently named Sheridan’s Sales Lion and Smith’s among the top ones out there. Promote your blog with these 11 tools.

Effectively promoting content is often the most challenging part of content marketing.

Promote your blog with these 11 tools

Some estimates suggest people upload as many as 2 million blog posts every 24 hours. The good news—and underlying opportunity—is there are several websites that can help you promote your articles and cut through the increasing noise. 1. Examiner. Your 8-Step Zero-Advertising Marketing Strategy. We’re not a rare breed.

Your 8-Step Zero-Advertising Marketing Strategy

There are many businesses like mine, Spark Media Solutions, that, outside of printing business cards and launching a website, do no formal advertising. The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers. 8 More Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers. What Makes a Good Blog. This morning, I came across an article via Twitter about why bloggers quit blogging. Many of the former bloggers quit blogging because they found it demanding, and did not see any results of their efforts. According to the article, many bloggers have developed aspirations based on just a few success stories like the Julie/Julia Project (author and blogger Julie Powell to master Julia Child’s recipes from her book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking). I even have a very good friend who recently had her first book published after a publishing company in England came across her blog. As part of my job at Matrix Group, I ghostwrite for some client blogs. I also have a personal one, ironically called Sher in the City, where I tell tales of life in the nation’s capital.

Like other public relations tools, a blog requires work and patience. Write about what you love. Create Content When You Have no Content. 6 Ways to Write a Bad Business Blog. Want people to read your business blog? Better yet, want people to read your business blog, respond positively, and take action? Then don’t: Write in the dead zone. Commenting on breaking news is smart since timely relevance attracts interest. But there’s a definite timeliness window; fall outside it and you always lose. Either immediately post your thoughts on breaking news or wait months or years to let time and hindsight provide the spark for reimagining the topic.

Play the catchy headline game. 7 Reasons Your Blog Isn't Growing. Why No One Links to Your Best Posts (And What to Do About It) 5 Reasons You Won’t Read This Blog Post - Engage. 15_biz_blogging_mistakes_ebook. Promoting Your Blog - Blogger Help. Want To Promote Your Blog For Free? We Are Not Joking! 7 Strategies for Growing Community on Your Blog.

Trust in Thought Leaders - academic experts. The Clip Report: An eBook on the Future of Media In the early 1990s when I began my career in PR there were clip reports. These were physical books that contained press clips. It seems downright archaic now but that’s how I learned about the press - by cutting, pasting up and photocopying clippings. My fascination with the media never abated. Today my role is to form insights into how the entire overlapped media landscape - the pros, social channels, and corporate content - is rapidly evolving and to help Edelman clients turn these learnings into actionable strategies. WordPress Tutorials. Are these the 10 best corporate blogs in the world? My reaction to most company blogs: “Blah, blah and double blah!”

I recently taught a class on corporate blogging at the social media marketing graduate program at Rutgers University. In my research for the class, I pored through hundreds of websites looking for examples of the best company blogs in the world. The 25 Best Bloggers, 2013 Edition. For years now, pundits have been knowingly declaring that blogging is dead, rendered irrelevant by alternative means of personal publishing such as Facebook and Twitter. 40 of the best corporate blogs to inspire you. Business blogging is no easy task.

Blogging for a large brand or corporate is even harder in terms of striking the right tone and building an audience while keeping readers engaged. For all of those in this situation, here are 40 of the best blogs from around the world to provide some inspiration for your own corporate blog.