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Speed Up Writing Blog Posts. For some reason people, and by people I mean those that don’t write on a regular basis, think writing a blog post will take a long time.

Speed Up Writing Blog Posts

This post is about how to speed up writing blog posts, so that you can do other things instead (as your business is being marketed) like go and watch the new Star Wars movie, or eat a box of Jaffa Cakes. Of course, there are some posts that do take a long time with research and quotes from experts and then the actual writing stage itself, then choosing an image, sleeping on it, editing and then publishing. Just listing it out like that makes it sound like a lot of work, but there are things you can do to speed up writing your blog posts The more you write, the quicker you’ll grow at writing effective, punchy blog posts.

Yes, writing more means you’ll get better at it. Every writer out there has spent time increasing their vocabulary, researching and perfecting their craft. Eliminate distractions. Keep it short. Write about what you know. 12. How to Choose the Right Images for your Content. As marketing your blog has become more visual, an image can make or break your content (or so it would seem).

How to Choose the Right Images for your Content

The right image will generate links and traffic back to your post. The wrong image makes you just the same as any other blogger out there. Using Keywords. Free keyword checklist at the end of the post One thing among my blogging clients, more than any other thing will set off a huge discussion – is talking about SEO.

Using Keywords

About 12 years ago, before WordPress was invented, it was tougher to do SEO with very little technical knowledge. Today, it’s not so tough and it really isn’t that hard unless you are in a room of SEO companies, and they’re making you feel the pain to buy their services… This is because the very best SEO is content marketing, which is what you’re doing right now! There are two types of SEO a blogger needs to be concerned about – On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. But before anything can be done you need to get inside the mind of your ideal client and work out what Keywords they will use to find you.

What do I blog about? When it comes to blogging and the 30 day blogging challenge, I get asked a lot of things and the two most common things are: 1.

What do I blog about?

Phrases that get attention. Come creare un blog da zero: 3 passi per aprire un blog. Quando si parla di creare un piano editoriale per il blog, molti aspiranti blogger iniziano a preoccuparsi, perché come concetto, credo, non è così immediato.

Come creare un blog da zero: 3 passi per aprire un blog

Per rendere più semplice questo concetto, possiamo scomporlo nelle 2 parole “piano” e “editoriale”. Quando si fa un piano, si sta studiando una situazione. Abbiamo visto tutti dei film in cui una banda di ladri faceva un piano per svaligiare una banca. How to Start a Blog - The Free Guide (+ PDF & Audiobook) Chapter 1 Welcome to The Blogger World Summary: This section provides background information to help you understand the basics of blogging and shows you where to find sources of valuable reference material.

How to Start a Blog - The Free Guide (+ PDF & Audiobook)

We also describe a number of different blog types, how to choose your niche, and list some of the many reasons people like to blog. What is a "blog" and "blogging"? Darren Rowse, one of the earliest and best-known bloggers, defines it like this: A blog is a type of website that is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent 'post' (or entry) at the top of the main page to the older entries towards the bottom. How to do Keyword Research in 90 Minutes. Everyone's been in the position where there's a million and one things going on, but a client (or you) still requires top-notch keyword research.

How to do Keyword Research in 90 Minutes

So something needs to get done in a pinch. Searching around the internet and learning more about the trendiest aspects of keyword research (because let's face it, either it's been a while since you last did it or it's your first time doing it) can take a ton of time. There are literally millions of things you could be reading about it; actually 15.4 million if we want to be precise. Unfortunately, no one has time to sift through 15,400,000 results and identify which ones are timely, relevant, or even correct. That's why I set restrictions so I could stick to a regimented, specific and effective schedule for identifying and presenting the most effective keywords for organic search, no matter who the client is. We begin this case study with a fictitious client, Joey Antipodean, who lives in Manhattan and really loves kangaroos.

Come Strutturare gli URL di un Sito Web. How to Repurpose Your Blog Posts as Videos. Writing blog posts can be hard work.

How to Repurpose Your Blog Posts as Videos

And sometimes it’s a good idea to put that work to extra use – a kind of two-for-one deal that you can get by reusing the research and effort you’ve put into your blog. The image here shows idea for re-using that content – starting with blog information you can end up with slides for a presentation which in turn become video… which in turn, I suppose can become another blog post, as well as a YouTube entry etc.

I’m going to look at some of the gotchas and tips for doing this kind of conversion. Your Website Is Way Too Confusing: Simplify Your Website With The KISS Rule. It’s easy to make a confusing website.

Your Website Is Way Too Confusing: Simplify Your Website With The KISS Rule

It’s hard to make a simple website. The things that we create — websites, user interfaces, business plans, articles — are the product of our minds. 8 Effective Ways to End a Blog Post - ProBlogger. 100 errori che stai commettendo nel blog. Non esiste il blog perfetto.

100 errori che stai commettendo nel blog

Tutti quelli che dispensano consigli su come creare e gestire un blog – me compreso – commettono errori nel proprio e continuano a commetterli in modo consapevole. Disturbo della personalità? No, semplicemente imperfezione della specie umana. E altre scuse da accampare al momento opportuno. Riconoscere i propri errori – o quelli che altri ci spiattellano davanti – e tentare di migliorarsi è un grande passo avanti.

My Recipe for Success: How to Launch a Successful Blog. The author's posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. Five months ago, I decided (at long last) that I was going to start up my own food blog ( Pescetarian Kitchen). Both my partner, Laura, and I had wanted to do this for some time, as we're real foodies, so we started to do a little research into the practicalities of it. One of the other motivations for starting our blog, outside of our love for food, was the fact that we're both pescetarians (i.e. we follow a vegetarian diet, plus eat seafood).