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Home - How to Successfully Bring Your Blog Back to Life after a Long Break. It's not unusual for bloggers to get distracted with something else and leave their blog unattended for a while.

How to Successfully Bring Your Blog Back to Life after a Long Break

And when they finally find the time or inspiration to continue with it, they encounter issues like outdated topics, fewer subscribers than before and someone else's blog stealing all their glory. Sound familiar? You may see these situations as the end of the world, but the truth is that things are not that drastic. How to Get Your Videos to Perform in Search : Social Media Examiner. Do you create YouTube videos?

How to Get Your Videos to Perform in Search : Social Media Examiner

Want to get them seen? Amy Schmittauer is here to help you discover how to get your videos to rank in search. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. In this episode, I interview Amy Schmittauer, a video marketing expert, public speaker, and host of the Savvy Sexy Social YouTube video series. You’ll discover what goes into creating the headline, description, tags, and thumbnail for your videos.

How To Turn A WordPress Site Into A Profitable Business. I’m going to be brutally honest here.

How To Turn A WordPress Site Into A Profitable Business

If you already have a website and you’re asking that question, you’re in trouble. Think about translating that to the real world. Would you lease a business space, spend the money to paint it and decorate it, advertise a grand opening and then, when people started to trickle in, ask “how am I going to make money here?” And yet, because the cost of entry is so low online, that’s exactly what a lot of solopreneurs do. Be a Better Blogger by Doing as Little as Possible. Making The Impossible Possible: How I Created A Full Time Blogging Income With No Qualifications. This is a guest contribution from freelance writer Stacey Corrin.

Making The Impossible Possible: How I Created A Full Time Blogging Income With No Qualifications

It was a dark day in November 2012 when I first began to blog. Rain lashed the windows of the home we’d just moved into. Removal boxes lay strewn across the floor and the cries of my newborn twins rang shrill in my ears. I felt trapped, with no escape plan. Why Your Blog Doesn't Stand a Chance in Hell of Succeeding (and What To Do About It) You dream of building an online empire.

Why Your Blog Doesn't Stand a Chance in Hell of Succeeding (and What To Do About It)

A popular blog with hordes of loyal readers who hang on your every word. You want to be as successful as your idols, changing the world and even getting paid to do so. But you know you haven’t got a chance in hell of seeing that kind of success unless you can truly engage your readers and keep them interested over the long haul. Of course, the big question is how? Engagement is an elusive creature. <data:blog.pageTitle/> But that’s probably not what you want as an author.


You want a personal, inviting place where people can visit and get to know you—a home rather than a storefront.I had to learn blogging by trial and error—lots of error. Tech people always assume everybody knows the basics, which is why the basics are the hardest part to figure out if you’re brand new to all this. If you don’t do it yet, spend a couple of weeks reading a bunch of writing and publishing blogs before you jump in and create your own. See what you like and don’t like. Blogs written by agents, authors and other industry professionals are great places to educate yourself. Also, many writer-bloggers have a “blogroll” in their sidebar with a list of other great writing blogs. 10 Time-Saving Blogging Tools You Need To Use. Well, you finally nailed it.

10 Time-Saving Blogging Tools You Need To Use

You’re updating your blog regularly. That’s awesome. Keep it up, and you’ll reap the rewards. Recent statistics show that once you accumulate 51 useful posts, blog traffic will increase by 53%. And traffic will go up 3 times once you hit 100 posts. How To Create an Irresistible eBook That Attracts Subscribers. Did you that consumers in the US spent more than 5 billion dollars in 2014 purchasing eBooks?

How To Create an Irresistible eBook That Attracts Subscribers

This number sounds insane, but according to Statista it is expected to swell up to 8 billion dollars by 2018. With the number of smartphone users on the rise, eBooks have become a convenient way for people to learn about new skills and stay updated on the topics of their interest. People are willingly consuming more content than ever before. The #1 Quickest Way to Make Money As a Blogger - Elna Cain. Blogging Like a Shark: 10 Secrets to Bootstrapping Your Blog into a Business. Productized Services – Are They The Right Choice For Your WordPress Business? Along with marketing automation, productized services is another buzzword that’s difficult to escape these days.

Productized Services – Are They The Right Choice For Your WordPress Business?

It seems like every time you turn around, someone in the web design or development space is preaching the benefits of productized services. If you’ve been in the business of providing WordPress services for any length of time, you’ve probably built a reasonable size list of things you wish change about your business. But in the back of your mind you keep thinking that it’s just how things are – it’s the nature of the business. And that the sooner you learn to accept the challenges, the easier life will be.

Then along comes all this talk about productized services. Don’t Have A Blog Yet? Check This Guide. By Mark Zeni Regardless of your age, profession and location, having a blog will certainly help you out.

Don’t Have A Blog Yet? Check This Guide

For one thing, writing regularly will improve your creativity and your writing skills. Second, once people start visiting your blog you’ll gain many opportunities to meet new people and expand your network. If you are not convinced yet, here are 34 more reasons to get blogging. Despite the many benefits of blogging, getting started is not always easy, especially if you don’t have technical skills. 19 Kickass Blogging Solutions to Make Your Blog the One Where Everyone Wants to Be. Every now and again, I’ll get asked what plugin or solution I’m using on this blog to achieve a certain effect or result. Because I use self-hosted WordPress to power this blog, it means there’s a crazy amount of add-ons, plugins and other optimization and performance solutions for bloggers to choose from. While that choice is great, it can also be overwhelming. 3 Secret Weapons I Used to Launch My Fulltime Blogging Career. 15 Places You Should Be Sharing Your Blog Posts.

Simply writing and publishing blog posts isn’t enough. There’s so much digital noise out there today that this isn’t an “if you build it, they will come” kind of thing. Your work has only begun once you hit the “Publish” button – now, it’s time to promote your work. For most bloggers, the natural first step is to share their content on Facebook and Twitter – but after this, many writers are at a loss. If all you’re doing is showcasing your blog posts on these sites, you’re missing out on the thousands of potential views that could come from sharing on other platforms. Make Money Blogging for Real: 3 Must-Know Factors. The 7-Step Guide to Create a Mind-Reading Landing Page. If you could create the perfect landing page, what would it look like?

Dream for a minute. What would conversion rates be like? What would the color scheme be? How would the value proposition read? How to Write More Blog Posts Without Giving Up Your Social Life. Four Ways to Crush Your Email Challenge and Build the List. Your SEO Insider: Ranking Factors, Hub Pages, and the Future of SEO. The 7 Keys to List Posts that Are Worth Writing (and Reading) How to keep blogging simple — 5 tips for authors. [This article was written by guest contributor Cari Bennette.]

It’s hard to know when to stop sometimes, isn’t it? Over the last few years, it’s been drilled into our heads that we must deliver outstanding content to be a successful blogger. If we don’t, Google will reject us. And no one wants to be rejected by Google. So we add a bit more, tinkering here and there in hopes of finding the right combination of eye candy to entice our readers. So, how do we streamline our blogging process to deliver the relevant, quality content our readers demand? #1. Tips and Tools for a Productive Blogging Workflow.

10 Simple Ways To Create Amazing Landing Page That Convert. How does a Landing Pages affect the profitability and performance of a PPC campaign? The answer is simple: A lot. However at times we come across web projects that are resistant to create and adapt specific landing pages depending on medium and channel. When managing Google AdWords campaigns where cost control and profitability is very rigorous, we find this kind of problem: landing pages that do not provide a good user experience with call-to-actions widely dispersed or navigation structure on-page very confusing. Why Your Blog Shouldn’t Have a Homepage. If you got a group of marketers, designers, bloggers, and other web professionals together to talk about homepages, you could count on at least one of them comparing homepages to storefronts. While there is some merit to this analogy, I believe thinking about homepages as digital storefronts, has caused many bloggers to miss out on a whole lot of money.

16 Steps To Give Your Blog A Fresh Start. We love novelty so in the first few days in the life of your blog it is easier to commit the time to it. Most bloggers start well. After starting the blog, they have a lot of enthusiasm, publish content regularly and do a great promotional push. They put in a lot of effort trying to make their sites successful. But after this honeymoon phase as the novelty wears off and the harsh reality kicks in, it becomes more difficult to keep finding the time for the blogging project. This results in blogs losing the momentum and the growth stagnates. The Top 7 Guides to SEO. This one is for the new beginners who are interested in SEO and looking to get an edge, and for the experienced ones who want a reference point for the best Guides to SEO out there.

When I got into SEO, I had a difficult time starting. It was not as much as the content, but where to find it and which one is worth reading. There are bunch of “definitive” “essential” “step-by-step” or “basic” guides to SEO on the internet, and quite honestly not all of them are just as good. Guest Post Guidelines. Write to Done welcomes guest posts. The-Beginners-Guide-To-SEO-2012.pdf. The Top 7 Guides to SEO. How to generate passive income building your own e-learning site in WordPress. Youtube. Free eBook: SWIPE FILES FOR THE LAZY COPYWRITER published by How to Get More Traffic and Traction by Promoting Your Content Like a Boss. Some bloggers seem to have all the luck. They get way more shares than you. They get tons more email subscribers than you. They get much higher search rankings than you.

And it sucks, right? Because their content is good, but it’s not great. Certainly it’s not that much better than yours.


4 Simple Steps to Writing a Blog Post That Floods Your Inbox with Inquiries. Mailing List.