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StockInDesign Free InDesign Templates. 542 Clever Pinterest Board Titles & Tips For Ostensibly Boring Brands. It’s a dilemma many brands face: you want to kick it on the hottest social media platform, but don’t quite know how to fit in.

542 Clever Pinterest Board Titles & Tips For Ostensibly Boring Brands

Case in point: Pinterest, and companies with product lines outside the realm of fashionable clothes, adorable cupcakes, crafty DIY goodies, kittens, etc. If your company is finding it a tricky task to think up creative Pin Board ideas, you are not alone, my friend. Last month, we explored some top-notch advice for how less than sexy brands can rock Pinterests with a variety of case studies from across the web. Now, we’re taking it a step further with even more key tips and tricks for awesome pin board topics and titles.

To kick things off, let’s review the basics. 1. Let’s first take a look at the Children’s Hospital of Phoenix, AZ who’s Pin Pulse, (how well…or not so well… a company is leveraging the channel for businesses) is steady strong. Creative & Catchy Board Titles Creative pin board titles are essential for getting attention! Pin Tips: Pin Tip: Pin Tip: Icebreakers, do’s and don’ts, and some that don’t suck. When I say “icebreaker,” what images or feelings come to mind?

Icebreakers, do’s and don’ts, and some that don’t suck

For some people, they think “Yay, a fun game to get to know people!” For others, it is a swirling vortex of darkness and hatred. A while ago I wrote a post describing what bad-ass mythical creatures you are. Each creature has different qualities and preferences. Whether you like icebreakers may depend on what creature you are. Whether we like them or not, icebreaking activities can play important roles, such as lightening the mood, building energy, improving team dynamics, and distracting people from the fact that the snacks are skimpy and probably left over from another meeting (why is the hummus so crusty?). I asked NWB’s Facebook friends for their thoughts, and after a few people recovered from the rage that seized them upon hearing the word “icebreaker,” they provided great tips. 5 Team Building Activities That Don't Suck. Ask a table of professionals what their favorite team-building activities have been and you will hear a resounding groan.

5 Team Building Activities That Don't Suck

Loathing such corporate BS will unite people, of course. But sometimes a group really does need to shake things up to improve morale, foster relationships among workers, or gather momentum behind an initiative. Here are five team-building activities that won’t elicit disdain and just might work: Related Article: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: Who's On Your Team?

Cooking Class A cooking class can bring out even the most intro- of the introverts in your company. “It got the team talking about where our skills were in the kitchen, which we were more open to discussing as it was separate from our ‘work skills,’” says Matt Bomberger, director of portfolio analytics for a VC firm, of an Iron Chef-style exercise. Bowling “Hi, this is George from Contracts in Boston. Engaging in sports with your coworkers can be a gamble. Charity Work Structured Networking Sneak Attack. 27 Fun Things to Write About on Your Small Business Blog. Image from Wikinut.

27 Fun Things to Write About on Your Small Business Blog

You’ve seen other awesome small businesses build an amazing community around their blogs and social media. The food truck that travels throughout the country and uses its blog to post summer playlists and delicious cocktail recipes. The clothing company who get fashion bloggers to write styling tips and has hundreds of ladies voting on which styles they should stock? The mortgage broker pulling in hundreds of new leads through his useful articles about buying a house and investing in property. Isn’t it time your business got a piece of the blogging action?

As a marketing tool, blogging is pretty awesome. And, of course, blogging is a lot of fun. 1. Whether you’ve been around for 300 years, or you’re a fledging startup, every small business has a story, and your customers/clients love to hear yours. 2. Have a common issue or question on your product? 3. A great way to use your blog to give back to the small business community. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.