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Giraph - Welcome To Apache Giraph!

Giraph - Welcome To Apache Giraph! - Home Presto | Distributed SQL Query Engine for Big Data Quick 'n' Comfortable Web Development in PHP | Nette Framework Manhattan, our real-time, multi-tenant distributed database for Twitter scale As Twitter has grown into a global platform for public self-expression and conversation, our storage requirements have grown too. Over the last few years, we found ourselves in need of a storage system that could serve millions of queries per second, with extremely low latency in a real-time environment. Availability and speed of the system became the utmost important factor. Not only did it need to be fast; it needed to be scalable across several regions around the world. Over the years, we have used and made significant contributions to many open source databases. Our holistic view into storage systems at TwitterDifferent databases today have many capabilities, but through our experience we identified a few requirements that would enable us to grow the way we wanted while covering the majority of use cases and addressing our real-world concerns, such as correctness, operability, visibility, performance and customer support. We designed with the following goals in mind:

Spring Play Framework - Build Modern & Scalable Web Apps with Java and Scala About Structr in short Structr (pronounced 'structure') is a Java framework for mobile and web applications based on the graph database Neo4j, with a supplement UI providing CMS functionality to serve pages, files and images. It was designed to simplify the creation and operation of graph database applications by providing a comprehensive Java API with a built-in feature set common to most use cases, like e.g. authentication, users and groups, constraints and validation, etc.. Status Structr is under constant development, and already used in production in several projects. Your feedback - positive or negative - is always appreciated! Getting Started To get Structr up and running in ten minutes, follow the Quick Start Guide, or go to the Download Page to get instructions how to install Structr on your platform. Structr Backend The Structr backend is the foundation of any Structr system but can also be used stand-alone as high performance, domain-focused REST server for Neo4j. JSON/REST Interface Tools