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About - Department for Business, Innovation & Skills The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) is the department for economic growth. The department invests in skills and education to promote trade, boost innovation and help people to start and grow a business. BIS also protects consumers and reduces the impact of regulation. Responsibilities We are responsible for: working with further and higher education providers to give students the skills they need to compete in a global employment market supporting innovation and developing the UK’s science and research industry, which is important to help economic growth making sure consumer law is fair for both consumers and businesses, and that consumers know their rights and are able to use them effectively supporting British businesses to increase productivity and compete anywhere in the world better regulation - by cutting the amount of regulation and making it easy to understand we can help businesses cut time, save money and be more efficient

Become a Mind Mapping Insider - amplify your results, accelerate your career Introducing the Mind Mapping Insider membership program – designed to help you think and create at a higher level. Mind mapping software is undeniably the most powerful executive thinking and tool available today. Learning how to use it well can pay big dividends, in terms of career success, promotions and recognition by your employers and clients – not to mention helping you stay several steps ahead of your peers! I created the Mind Mapping Insider program to help you expand your thinking, planning and problem-solving skills, so you can bring your best efforts to your work and life. Insider members now have access to over 100 reports, videos, interviews, templates and other resources, with more being added every month.

The DecisionTools Suite: Risk & Decision Analysis Software for Excel - Palisade Wouldn’t you like to know the chances of making money on your next venture? Or which of many decision options is most likely to yield the best payoff? How about the best sequential drilling strategy? Or how much to invest in various projects in order to maximize the return on your project portfolio? Operational researcher: Job description Operational researchers use analytical and creative skills to assist organisations in developing better systems and operational procedures. By examining an organisation's operations and using mathematical modelling, computer software or other analytical approaches, they find more effective ways of working. The organisation is then able to use the information to develop a strategic policy and make better decisions. Operational research (OR), sometimes known as management science, was developed in Britain during World War Two, when it was used to apply mathematical and scientific techniques to the planning of military operations.

Graduate Jobs, Internships & Careers Advice - Inside Careers In the consultancy recruitment process, assessments are common. They can take the form of online tests which, while they can seem daunting, are used to evaluate both your knowledge and your skills under pressure. Companies use assessments as a way of seeing what you can do and how capable you are. What are online tests? Online testing usually happens near the beginning of the consultancy application process, after the application form has been submitted. How to make a mind map What is your main reason for making a mind map (or concept map)? Whatever that reason is, it will usually affect how you start. There are perhaps nine broad reasons, listed alphabetically below.

Operational researcher: job description Operational researchers use mathematical, analytical and computational techniques to provide quantitative and qualitative information that will improve managerial decision-making. What do operational researchers do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills Types of interview Case study interviews How to tackle case study interviews The aim of the case study interview is to assess your ability to construct a convincing response to a problem.

Electromagnetic spectrum The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.[4] The "electromagnetic spectrum" of an object has a different meaning, and is instead the characteristic distribution of electromagnetic radiation emitted or absorbed by that particular object. Most parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are used in science for spectroscopic and other probing interactions, as ways to study and characterize matter.[6] In addition, radiation from various parts of the spectrum has found many other uses for communications and manufacturing (see electromagnetic radiation for more applications). History of electromagnetic spectrum discovery[edit]

Operational researcher Job Information Page Content Operational researcher Hours30-40 per weekStarting salary£20,000 + per year As an operational researcher you would use your IT, maths and creative skills to analyse how organisations could improve their systems and find more effective ways of working. If you love working with IT systems and can analyse complex information, this could be a job you would enjoy. University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog Are you interested in a career in consulting? If so, work experience is essential! This guest post by Emma Mannington, Online Content Editor for Inside Careers, offers advice on how to get your foot in the door and gain work experience in the competitive consulting sector.

SAMR Through the Lens of the Common Core One of my goals is to weave digital tools into the Common Core to design flexible, student driven learning experiences that are Above the Line as defined by the SAMR model. While this might sound like a mouthful of EdTech, I assure you that combining all that is on our crowded plates is far better than tackling each individual initiative in isolation. This idea is supported by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. "As education leaders incorporate the CCSS into school systems, P21 urges them to do so in a way that honors the fusion of the 3R's (core academic content mastery) and 4C's (critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, communication and creativity and innovation). It is imperative that the CCSS be considered the "floor" --not the "ceiling"-- when it comes to expectations for student performance in the 21st Century." Weaving it All Together - In Simple Terms

Learn About O.R. - Career Opportunities Career opportunities for O.R. professionals are extensive. The demand for O.R. specialists and the variety of work on offer continues to grow. One of the attractions of O.R. work is its variety. There are many different sectors in which O.R. is contributing to the success of many organisations. As an O.R. professional you could have the opportunity to move around and experience many different business environments. Management Services Journal In order to download the current issue of Management Services Journal, you will need the password. Please contact IMS Administrator Lynette Gill on 01543 266909 to obtain the password. The latest issue is available to members only. Management Services Journal is a quarterly publication distributed exclusively to members of the Institute of Management Services.