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The Architecture of Open Source Applications

The Architecture of Open Source Applications

Learn Code the Hard Way The Art of Scalability CSC108H Assignment 1 Due Date Tuesday October 11, 10:00 pm Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice writing your own Python code that uses variables, assignments, if-statements and functions in a fun problem domain: digital sound processing. To work locally, click here to download a complete zip archive of the assignment. Background Sounds are waves of air pressure. When a microphone records sound, it takes a measure of the air pressure and returns it as a value. For sounds recorded in mono, a sample is simply a positive or negative integer that represents the amount of compression in the air at the point the sample was taken. The sound module (part of Pygraphics) contains functions for working with sound files. Some of the sound files in this assignment are modified versions of sounds from Using the sound Module When you install Pygraphics, you're actually installing two modules: media (for pictures) and sound (for sound). What You Will Submit Part 1 - Removing Vocals Fade

99% Invisible The Art of Capacity Planning: Scaling Web Resources eBook: John Allspaw: Kindle Store The C Book — Expressions and arithmetic Expressions in C can get rather complicated because of the number of different types and operators that can be mixed together. This section explains what happens, but can get deep at times. You may need to re-read it once or twice to make sure that you have understood all of the points. First, a bit of terminology. operators and operands , so for example in this expression x = a+b*(-c) we have the operators =, + * and -. binary operators , which take two operands, or unary operators , which take only one. A peculiarity of C is that operators may appear consecutively in expressions without the need for parentheses to separate them. x = a+b*-c; and still have been a valid expression. precedence of the operators (and their associativity ) is of much greater importance to the C programmer than in most other languages. Before that, we must investigate the type conversions that may occur. 2.8.1. value preserving rules are genuinely different in Standard C. arithmetic types 'a' L'a'

Software Engineering for Internet Applications Software Engineering for Internet Applications Static Methods The Java construct for implementing functions is known as the static method. Using and defining static methods. The use of static methods is easy to understand. For example, when you write Math.abs(a-b) in a program, the effect is as if you were to replace that code by the value that is computed by Java's Math.abs() method when presented with the value a-b. If you think about what the computer has to do to create this effect, you will realize that it involves changing a program's flow of control. Properties of static methods. Parameter variables. Multiple methods. Implementing mathematical functions. We now consider two important functions that play an important role in science, engineering, and finance. and the cumulative Gaussian distribution function Φ(z) is defined to be the area under the curve defined by φ(x) above the x-axis and to the left of the vertical line x = z. implements both of these static methods. Using static methods to organize code. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q. A.