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Open Source Delivers... Innovation!

Open Source Delivers... Innovation!
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Le Libriste : Actualités Ubuntu 12.04 ls precise pangolin et Android Les élites débordées par le numérique Gouvernants, syndicats ou lobbys traditionnels se révèlent désemparés face aux nouvelles pratiques économiques et sociales nées avec Internet. Le | • Mis à jour le | Par Laure Belot Septembre 2013. Qu’il y ait eu ou non manipulation des chiffres, cette mobilisation hors norme est intéressante, quand on sait qu’un rassemblement en soutien au bijoutier, organisé à Nice le 16 septembre, n’a pas réuni plus de 1 000 personnes. « On a toujours relié manifestation physique et soutien affectif, observe le PDG d’Ipsos, Jean-Marc Lech. Surtout, ce mouvement sociétal d’un nouveau type révèle que, dans leur grande majorité, les élites tombent de l’armoire numérique et ne soupçonnent pas la lame de fond sociétale qui se forme. En quinze ans, les classes dirigeantes ont compris qu’Internet a révolutionné la communication : la multiplication des tuyaux permet une diffusion rapide et mondiale de contenus plus ou moins fiables, d’idées mesurées ou radicales. Peut-on changer les choses ?

Returning to Free Software: A Guide | Steve Klabnik A month or two ago, I made a conscious decision that I would return to using as much Free Software as possible. The PRISM debacle of the last week confirmed my fears and reasoning, and so I made the decision to accelerate the schedule. Here’s what I did, and how you can, too. My GNU/Linux Background The first computer I ever used was an Apple machine, and at various times in my life I’ve used GNU/Linux as my main OS. So I’m already pretty familiar with what’s involved. That said, it’s only gotten better over the years. Well, other than that whole ‘knowing exactly what’s on your machine’ thing. Hardware: X1 Carbon IBM’s ThinkPad series of laptops have always enjoyed fantastic Linux support. I happened to get an X1 Carbon. All of the hardware I use has Just Worked; I hear that the thumbprint reader may not, but I don’t plan on using it, so that doesn’t bother me. Operating System: Crunchbang GNU/Linux One thing that I did choose was the ‘encrypted lvm’ option. Software Conclusion Kudos

How to Create an Open Source Policy | Open Source Delivers Creating an open source software policy is a strategic imperative for organizations in the software industry. But what does a strategic policy include, and how can you implement one? What is an OSS Management Policy? Let’s start by defining an open source management policy. It is a set of rules and guidelines for using and managing OSS in your organization. Open Source Management Policy Development Process There are four key steps to developing an open source management policy: Identify key stakeholdersObtain an organizational commitmentDraft the policyReview and approve the policy Step 1: Identify Key Stakeholders Identifying and including important stakeholders should be first on your list. Step 2: Obtain an Organizational Commitment This is the most important success factor! An effective way to solidify this commitment is collecting and disseminating information about your organization’s use and plans for OSS. Step 3: Draft the Policy Step 4: Review and Approve the Policy

Producing Open Source Software Michel Bauwens : « le peer-to-peer est l'idéologie des travailleurs de la connaissance » Michel Bauwens, théoricien du P2P Entretien réalisé à l'occasion des Rencontres du Mont-Blanc . We Demain : Pouvez vous, pour commencer, précisez ce que vous entendez par P2P ? Michel Bauwens : Le P2P, littéralement pair-à-pair, désigne à l'origine la capacité des ordinateurs à être en contact les uns avec les autres sans autorité régulatrice centrale. On observe une mutualisation des lieux de travail, avec les espaces de co-working, les hackerspaces et les makerspaces, mais aussi du travail lui-même, avec les projets open-source. Ce travail en réseau est un antidote à l’individualisme dont souffrent les sociétés capitalistes. Wikispeed, une voiture aux meilleurs standards du marché, concue en pair-à-pair L'économie collaborative ne risque-elle pas d’être récupérée par les logiques marchandes du capitalisme actuel ? C’est une forme d’économie qui reconnaît le marchand mais le resoumet au bien commun.

OpenHatch - Community tools for free and open source software Browser Cartography: Some Safehouses for ESRI Refugees Now that you know why I care about telling compelling stories with widely-distributed maps, let's look at a few of the many tools that are out there to help the process. I confess to narrow experience here; I use MapBox and CartoDB for the majority of my projects, and there are plenty of alternatives to those. But as a starting point I think that these open-source web map design platforms are perfect - they minimize the amount of code required, they use the best graphic rendering engine in the field, and they are extremely cheap (or free) to use, even in an enterprise or high-traffic environment. I'm avoiding ESRI's "ArcWhatever Online for Server" options because of a.) the high price tag, and b.) the actual user-facing sites are only as robust as the javascript or flash developer who builds them. My preferred options give you a lot more to work with out of the box, for free. Step 1: Data Data in this context can mean a lot of different things. Step 3: Mapping Your Data

100+ awesome free and open source applications - Software - Posted on Tuesday 27th of September 2011 at 13:05 in SoftwareIt has always amazed me quite how many incredible, varied and useful applications are available for free on the Internet. Be it free, open source, web-based or merely passive trials - the number of top quality items on offer is huge. The purpose of this list is to help people realise that the free and open source software communities are expansive and generous. Index - what types of software I cover in this list Image, Image Editing and Graphics Office Web and web development Development Applications (IDE's) Operating Systems Video Playback and Editing Audio Anti-Virus and Security Downloading and Download Managers Remote Access Useful Applications that don't get their own category Communications Servers and Techie Stuff Games Image, Image Editing and Graphics GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation Program is a Photoshop replacement that doesn’t have "quite" as much functionality but it’s excellent for free. Audio

Nous sommes au bout du modèle fordiste, il faut passer à un modèle contributif Bernard Stiegler est philosophe, théoricien de l’évolution des systèmes techniques. Il a découvert les modèles du libre de façon presque accidentelle, en tant que Directeur de l’INA. Initiateur et président du groupe de réflexion philosophique Ars industrialis créé en 2005, il dirige également depuis avril 2006 l’Institut de recherche et d’innovation (IRI) qu’il a créé au sein du centre Georges-Pompidou. Les modèles ouverts, contributifs et collaboratifs sont de plus en plus nombreux, la contribution s’étend à de nouveaux territoires, comment interprétez-vous cette évolution ? Avant de répondre, il y a un préalable, reconnaître que tous les modèles ne sont pas équivalents. C’est pour cela que je parle de pharmakon. Aujourd’hui, nous avons besoin d’une typologie des modèles contributifs. Je travaille beaucoup avec des communautés de Hackers : jusqu’à “la crise Snowden” ils ne voyaient pas véritablement le caractère pharmacologique du net. J’ai une vision freudienne de l’économie. The X.Org project provides an open source implementation of the X Window System. The development work is being done in conjunction with the community. The X.Org Foundation is the educational non-profit corporation whose Board serves this effort, and whose Members lead this work. The latest release of the full X.Org stack is X11R7.7, though many individual X.Org modules have had new versions released since then - see the xorg-announce archives for details of those releases. The next full stack release will be X11R7.8. Information about all releases is available. You may be interested in: Reporting problems, asking questions and getting help Check to see if your question is answered in the FAQ. Development The DeveloperStart page includes information for developers along with links to per-module developer pages. Mailing Lists On XorgMailingLists you can find a list of X-related mailing lists hosted on Getting X Security Acknowledgements Copying

GnuCash accounting software Alternative to Money and Quicken | OSMONEY GnuCash is personal and small-business financial-accounting software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL and available on Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, and other Unix-like platforms. A Microsoft Windows (2000 or newer) port was made available starting with the 2.2.0 series. Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, GnuCash allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As quick and intuitive to use as a checkbook register, it is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports. GnuCash is a free and open source accounting software program that implements a double-entry bookkeeping system. It was initially aimed at developing capabilities similar to Intuit, Inc.’s Quicken application, but also has features for small business accounting. Feature Highlights Small business accounting features Share

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