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100 Intro Open Courses on Everything You've Ever Wanted to Learn

100 Intro Open Courses on Everything You've Ever Wanted to Learn
Posted on Wednesday May 12, 2010 by Staff Writers While the classes you take through an online college are a great resource, you can augment your learning by taking some time to see what entirely free courses are out there offered by universities. Taking these courses can be a great way to get a foundation of knowledge or expand on what you already know. Business and Finance These courses will help you learn a little bit more about the business and financial worlds. Introductory Economics: Take this course to learn the basics of economics. Math Improve your understanding of math with these courses. Introduction to Probability and Statistics: Learn how to better use statistics and probability in real life through this course. Science Through these courses you can gain some valuable scientific knowledge. Introduction to Ocean Science and Engineering: Take this course to learn about the relationship between engineering and the functions of the ocean. Literature Social Sciences History and Politics Related:  za predavanjaStudy help

Creative Homework Assignments Can Motivate Students Teachers can make homework more meaningful by giving students interesting and motivating assignments. It’s easy to get into a routine in which you give students the same type of homework each week. There’s usually a spelling packet and math worksheets involved. While these types of homework assignments serve a purpose, there are ways to incorporate additional activities to make learning at home a little more meaningful and interesting. Create Assignments That Relate to Real Life A first step toward creating meaningful homework is to take a look at your own daily life. Let’s say, for example, that one of the standards your students have to meet involves understanding measurement. Use Technology to Motivate Students Getting students to read isn’t always easy. Once you have helped steer students toward books they are interested in, you can develop a means for them to express themselves. In Good Company In this lesson students write about successful companies in the Silicon Valley.

CircuitLab - online schematic editor & circuit simulator Unix - Shell Basic Operators There are various operators supported by each shell. Our tutorial is based on default shell (Bourne) so we are going to cover all the important Bourne Shell operators in the tutorial. There are following operators which we are going to discuss: Arithmetic Operators.Relational Operators.Boolean Operators.String Operators.File Test Operators. The Bourne shell didn't originally have any mechanism to perform simple arithmetic but it uses external programs, either awk or the must simpler program expr. Here is simple example to add two numbers: #! This would produce following result: Total value : 4 There are following points to note down: There must be spaces between operators and expressions for example 2+2 is not correct, where as it should be written as 2 + 2.Complete expression should be enclosed between ``, called inverted commas. Arithmetic Operators: There are following arithmetic operators supported by Bourne Shell. Assume variable a holds 10 and variable b holds 20 then: Show Examples

15 Best Educational Resources Online The Internet revolution brought a lot of changes in the educational system. Instead of relying on textbooks, notebooks and other conventional classroom materials, students today rely on their tablets and smartphones, which carry a lot of potential for making the material more interactive and understandable. There are both free and paid online educational resources out there, though, with plenty to choose from. For educators and students who have never used online tools for the purpose of education, it may be difficult to choose the right resources. That’s why we decided to offer a list of top 15 online educational tools that are beneficial for both learners and lecturers. 1. This is one of the favorite websites for students. 2. The process of college admissions brings a great deal of stress for future college students. 3. The truth is social media websites hold a large potential for learning new things in a more accessible way. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

LA SEMIOTIQUE DISCURSIVE La Semiotique Discursive 1/ Quelques repères historiques Brève histoire de la sémiotique greimassienne Saussure : le signe, la sémiologie Hjelmslev : forme, substance, plan de l’expression et du contenu Greimas : la sémantique structurale Autres sémiotiques et sémiologies : repères historiques et bibliographiques La sémiotique percienne La théorie sémantique d’Umberto Eco La sémiologie Evolution des applications, la sémiotique greimassienne Annexe 1 une présentation historique et conceptuelle de la sémiotique l’énonciation en sémiotique L’opération énonciative fondamentale : le débrayage Enonciation énoncée et énoncé énoncé : le simulacre énonciatif Typologie énonciative Le pragmatique et le cognitif L’aspectualisation et l’instance énonciative Première typologie des observateurs Présentation des textes soumis à l’analyse Exemples d’analyses La discursivisation appliquée à Cap Caubert La Sémiotique Discursive 1.1 Brève histoire de la sémiotique greimassienne 1.1.1 Saussure : le signe, la sémiologie · Départ

10 Mind-Blowing Experiments That Will Change The Way You Understand Yourself Why do we do the things we do? Despite our best attempts to “know thyself,” the truth is that we often know astonishingly little about our own minds, and even less about the way others think. As Charles Dickens once put it, “A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.” Psychologists have long sought insights into how we perceive the world and what motivates our behavior, and they’ve made enormous strides in lifting that veil of mystery. We all have some capacity for evil. Arguably the most famous experiment in the history of psychology, the 1971 Stanford prison study put a microscope on how social situations can affect human behavior. The experiment, which was scheduled to last for two weeks, had to be cut short after just six days due to the guards’ abusive behavior — in some cases they even inflicted psychological torture — and the extreme emotional stress and anxiety exhibited by the prisoners. Getty

Anki - friendly, intelligent flashcards Section 8.9.  Race Conditions 8.9. Race Conditions For our purposes, a race condition occurs when multiple processes are trying to do something with shared data and the final outcome depends on the order in which the processes run. The fork function is a lively breeding ground for race conditions, if any of the logic after the fork either explicitly or implicitly depends on whether the parent or child runs first after the fork. We saw a potential race condition in the program in Figure 8.8 when the second child printed its parent process ID. A process that wants to wait for a child to terminate must call one of the wait functions. while (getppid() ! The problem with this type of loop, called polling, is that it wastes CPU time, as the caller is awakened every second to test the condition. To avoid race conditions and to avoid polling, some form of signaling is required between multiple processes. For a parent and child relationship, we often have the following scenario. Example $ . Exercise 8.3 continues this example.

21 Brilliant Productivity Tools Every College Student Must Use | Get Degrees If you ask a college student about productivity, he won't have much to say. And you really can't blame him. He leads a dynamic life where academics and fun go hand in hand, with the latter becoming a more important activity most of the times. However, with the advent of internet and web 2.0, a college student now has access to so many amazing tools that he could finish up his work as well as enjoy life to the fullest without the guilt. The following list mentions 21 such tools which could skyrocket the productivity of college students when it comes to doing research, communicating with fellow students and dealing with assignments. Research and Taking Notes 1.Questia Questia is an excellent online research tool which features a huge web based library of magazines, books, journals, papers, articles and much more. Although you need to pay about $19.95 per month for its membership, you could save on books and magazines you buy if you subscribe to it. 2.Free Book Notes 3.Wikipedia 4.Notely 7.