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Iconic British Luxury Brand Est. 1856

Iconic British Luxury Brand Est. 1856

Burberry’s Social Enterprise Story - Salesforce Burberry builds deeper customer connections, from the runway to the retail store There are few industries where "brand" matters more than in fashion. Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts gets it: "You have to be totally connected with everyone who touches your brand." Burberry has been in business for 150+ years—today, Ahrendts and Burberry Creative Director Christopher Bailey are busy transforming the company to ensure it thrives for decades to come. In addition to traditional media that has been a mainstay of fashion advertising and promotion for a century, Burberry is breaking new ground in social media. Like so many great ideas in fashion, Burberry’s Social Enterprise started with a sketch In this case, a sketch drawn by CEO Marc Benioff on a napkin during a meeting in a New York hotel with Ahrendts and Burberry CTO John Douglas. "Our vision is that a customer has total access to Burberry, across any device, anywhere," says Ahrendts.

Buy fashion and golf designer clothing | Jackets, jumpers, polo shirts and more| Lyle and Scott Alexander McQueen Shop Spring Summer 2014 Shop Spring Summer 2014 Shop Spring Summer 2014 Shop Spring Summer 2014 Shop Spring Summer 2014 Shop Spring Summer 2014 5 Rules For Marketing In The Age Of Discovery Marketing has entered a new age: Information is no longer programmed into consumers' minds. Since its inception, advertising has been dedicated to the creation of programmed messaging. For nearly 300 years, those who could create the best message and deliver it in a memorable way across as wide an audience as possible won. In less than a decade, the types of content and ways we consume it have completely changed. Success is much harder to achieve than it was a decade ago. This is the Age of Discovery. The Programmed Age The first recorded advertisement dates back to 1704. The Age of Search At the turn of the century, web search, and most importantly Google, came into prominence. The Age of Discovery In 2006, Facebook opened its walls beyond college to the general public, and communications was changed forever. Key Principles for the Age of Discovery With fundamental changes comes new rules and usually, new leaders. With this new age comes many challenges and many opportunities.

CLEMENTS CHURCH Sephora Gives Its Shopping Experience a Makeover Sephora is getting a little more digital. Today the beauty chain rolled out a completely updated website with Pinterest and Instagram integration, an updated mobile site, and officially launched a program that will bring iPads to the store's sales counters and put iPod touch point-of-sale devices in the hands of many of its sales associates. “Beauty has passionate shoppers, and Sephora is the mecca of beauty” Julie Bornstein, Senior Vice President of Sephora Direct told Mashable. She describes today's updates as “Where beauty meets intelligence.” Pinterest integration is something that many brands have started to embrace, however, Sephora is taking that integration a step further. Starting today shoppers will be able to browse the Pinterest boards of Sephora employees, and see what products are their favorites. While you're at a Sephora store you can use your iPhone to scan products off the shelves and read reviews. Digital is a huge part of Sephora’s business.

Lewis Leathers - Motor Cycle Scooter and Motor Clothing - Product Overview JacketsGlovesBootsBadges and StickersT-ShirtsAbout Our Leathers © Lewis Leathers Ltd. 2009 All Rights Reserved Optimizing Google Product Listing Ads Want to gain better exposure for your product inventory on Google search results? Learn about why you should treat Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) as a priority and how you can get the most value from your PLA campaigns. What are Product Listing Ads? Starting on October 17th, Google’s previously free product search will now charge for pay-per-click Product Listings Ads. Product Listing Ads are product search ads that include product information, such as product image, price, title, offers, and merchant information. Product listing ads lets you promote specific products along with Google search results and text ads (so you can have 2 ads displayed). Why are Product Listing Ads so important? Product listing ads are often displayed at the same time as a regular text ad or product extension ad; this creates more opportunities to build product awareness and drive quality traffic to your site. Optimizing Your Product Feed to Improve PLAs AdWords _label: is used to group products together.

Purple Super 100′s Wool & 50% Bourette Silk Suit | Beggars Run Secure & direct payments with: Sizing Info All our items are made to order and sized according to your measurements. Sizing is relatively easy, all that’s needed is a measuring tape. Shipping Suits take 2-3 weeks, we access and change wait times as needed, but we stand by the above estimate.We do not charge customers outside the EU the 20% VAT that is included in the price of most of the items we sell. Returns As each order is personally tailored, we are unable to resell an order to another customer, and as such we cannot accept returns on the basis of a change of heart. If you’re not satisfied with either the quality or the fit of the ordered items we will, after inspection of the goods, follow a policy of Repair, Replace and finally Refund. Where there is a dispute over the sizing of an order, the record on the ordering form is taken. See our returns page for full details. Need help with your order?

Toys R Us drives holiday sales via multichannel mobile effort Toys R Us is redefining the way mobile consumers shop this holiday season with a multichannel campaign that incorporates redesigned mobile applications and optimized sites, as well as new QR code scanning capabilities. Additionally, the retailer has added mobile bar code scanning capabilities, as well as a new tablet-optimized site to further solidify its position in the space. As part of the enhancements to the company’s mobile capabilities, customers can now take advantage of some of the its popular omnichannel services, including “Buy Online, Pick Up In Store” and “Ship to Store,” through their smartphones and tablets. “Mobile is our fastest growing channel of consumer engagement at Toys R Us,” said Meghan Kennedy, a spokeswoman for Toys R Us, Wayne, NJ. “It is an integral part of our omnichannel strategy. Holiday shopping Toys R Us is taking a mobile-first approach this holiday season. Additionally, Toys R Us is also making its weekly ads and deals more accessible to consumers.

Designing for the social customer Last night I wrote, in the context of customers: They want to be treated like human beings, not account numbers.They want to know they can trust the people they do business with.They want to know that the people they give their business to actually value their business.They want products and services that are fit for purpose, made available at a reasonable price.If and when something goes wrong, they want to know the facts. Quickly. Without window-dressing.They’d like to know what is best for them, so they’d like to talk to their friends and relatives about it.They’d like to know what their friends recommend, and they’d like to recommend things to their friends.They’d like help when something turns out more complicated than they’d expected, or when they’re trying to do something different.And they’d like to know that they’re being treated fairly.In exchange for all this, they are willing to give their custom regularly and loyally. Trust. That’s Social Customer Rule 1. [An aside.

Why Brands Should Practice Deep Linking on Pinterest Optimize Your Pinterest Landing Pages Part 1 of 3: Deep Linking Isn’t As Scary As It Sounds We’ve talked about how to optimize your Pinterest profile, boards and pins for social search — now let’s talk pin landing pages. They can make or break the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and because Pinterest generates more referral traffic than Twitter, Yahoo, Google+ and LinkedIn and produces double the revenue per transaction than Twitter and Facebook, grabbing the attention of your visitors and keeping it is essential. What is deep linking? Deep linking means that your pins send people to a specific product page rather than your home page when they click through. The more high-quality internal links you have out there on the web, the higher you’ll show up in search results, or in tech-speak, your authority rank will rise. How to deep link on Pinterest? Why Brands Should Practice Deep Linking on Pinterest: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) Measuring how effective your efforts are is very important too.

New Showcase app ups Google+ Hangouts' Biz Value By B.L. Ochman Google has added an interactive, commerce-ready app called Showcase to Google+ Hangouts on Air to greatly amp up the business value of integrating Hangouts into digital strategy. The just-launched new feature (shown in the image below) is Showcase app, which Google says “allows creators to direct users to websites, merchandise, YouTube videos and Google Play content right from a Hangout on Air (HOA). Among the game-changing features of the Showcase app: viewers can make a purchase, sign up and pay for a service or event, buy a book or other merchandise during a live Hangout event. after the live broadcast, the content cards will continue to be live on the playback versions of the event.The video, including the Showcase cards, can be embedded in a blog, website or landing page, and purchases can be made from within it at any time. The cost of the Hangout? See also: Google to reward users of Google+ Hangouts and YouTube Live Events with more prominent search placement