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POUSADA BEIJA FLOR | SALVADOR BAHIA BRASIL | HOTEL; Encantador! La "Pousada Beija Flor" se halla en el Centro Histórico de Salvador en el antiguo barrio de "Santo Antonio alem do Carmo", a 5 minutos a pie desde el "Pelourinho" corazón de la vida cultural y nocturna, de Salvador en su contexto colonial de extraordinaria belleza ya reconocido como "Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad". Esta Posada funcionada por me, Riccardo, un músico italiano del jazz con la pasión para la música brasileña, particularmente para aquella de Bahía, y mi esposa brasileña Marcia. La casa antigua, renovada con cuidado para ofrecer las comodidade de un Hotel moderno, está situada en una de las zonas más tranquilas del centro histórico y con un panorama encantador sobre la Baia de Todos os Santos.

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The Most Amazing Feat of Self-Control Ever In a life-or-death situation, human beings are capable of incredible feats of bravery and self-control . One of the most remarkable ever recorded was that of Leonid Rogozov, the medic at a Soviet Antarctic research station who was forced to remove his own appendix. I write about the incident at some length in ; to my delight, I've discovered that Rogozov's son has recently published a paper providing even more details on the case. The more I learn, the more incredible it seems. During the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, the Cold War took on new and more literal meaning as the United States and Russia expanded their rivalry into the heart of Antarctica. For the small crews eking out the winter in remote stations were more isolated than if they had been in outer space: once the winter darkness descended, they would be completely isolated for months, with no way for anyone to get in or out. The new paper by Rogozov's son quotes the elder's diary: "I did not sleep at all last night.

Advanced Adrenal Factor Derek P. was 63 but he always acted way younger than his years. He had a ton of energy, a quick mind and in general was “Mr. Enthusiasm.” Nothing ever got him down. But now, Derek was tired every day. He couldn’t get through the afternoon without taking a nap and hardly plays golf anymore. Derek’s regular doctor thought his symptoms were due to his age. By the time Derek came to see me, he had been this way for several months — with no relief in sight. Derek also had a positive “tilt test”. After evaluating the results, I placed Derek on a very simple, all-natural program. And it was all due to a new breakthrough I’m going to tell you about in just a moment. But first, let me introduce myself. While I’m a conventionally-trained doctor, I always advocate effective natural solutions whenever possible, because that’s what is best for my patients. The Real Reason Why You Have No Energy Even Though Your Doctor Says You’re Fine It’s a condition that’s largely ignored by mainstream medicine.

Releaselog | The Truth: Why Trading Time For Money is the Best Way to Make More Money Do you want to stop trading time for money? Yep — you, and everybody else. Thanks to the Tim Ferriss and his band of passive income pursuers, “not trading time for money” has become the rallying cry of people who are stuck in a job that they don’t like, and want to create the freedom to quit and do something different. They say it with pride, confident that they are making the smart, strategic choice that their corporate colleagues don’t have the guts or foresight to make. But most of the time, they go about it all wrong. Most of them never see a dime, and years after they’ve started their quest for freedom, they’re still trapped in their corporate cage. What are they doing wrong? How can you avoid making the same mistakes? Keep reading. What It Means to Stop Trading Time For Money Let’s start by getting on the same page. I mean, “stop trading time for money” is an inspiring goal, but it’s kind of like “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps”, in that it isn’t actually possible. Here’s the truth:

the free encyclopedia Jack Welch: "The Simplest Idea in the World" | School of Thinking In the 80s Jack was a great proponent of x10 thinking. Of strategic thinking. Of innovation. Jack nickmaned it ‘boundarylessness‘ and by the time he left as CEO, Jack had transformed GE’s value 4000% making it the most valuable company in the history of the world. GE was the #1 brand in the US making everything from locomotives to light bulbs. Jack’s vision was to change the culture of GE from a traditional industrial, top-down hierarchical company to a modern “boundaryless”, communications and market-aware company. GE x10 – The Simplest Idea in the World To accelerate his vision Jack Welch sought out Michael Hewitt-Gleeson as his personal advisor for several years from 1984. GE x10 engaged GE employees across the enterprise to create ten times the value for GE customers and therefore to raise ten times the total return to the GE shareholders. Cleverly and with his focus on the value-creation philosophy, Jack began a re-design of the 100-year-old GE organisation. Friend of the Company

Power Summaries How To Create KnockOut Information Products - Home Study No one wants to put together an info-product that’s ho-hum, so how come so many books, videos and presentations put us soundly to sleep? You know as well as I do, that an information product isn’t just about putting information together? Information itself is super-boring. It’s just a bunch of stuff stacked up together. Without a system in place, an information product can go round and round the mulberry bush, driving you—and your clients absolutely bonkers First let’s consider your situation. Then you spin around madly trying to fashion it somehow into a polished product. And we haven’t reached the second part yet—the part where the client needs to read all that mountain of information. Heh, heh, no wonder it feels so ugh to put an info-product together. Yet, you could sidestep this nutty spin-cycle completely, by using a tried and tested system… The system doesn’t have to be very complex either. 1) What makes an info-product boring. 2) What makes an info-product interesting. You will learn:

Learn Cartooning: Draw Cartoons To Liven Up Your Website, Blog or Presentations The 2014 Da Vinci Cartooning Course will be mentored and trained by Alison Beere. If you’re one of the lucky few to get on this course, you’ll find that Alison is just the teacher you dreamed of having back in school. She’s kind, respectful and yet she’s sharp with her comments and critical appraisal. Alison is well-loved both for her work as a cartoonist and as a teacher in the Da Vinci course. And she’ll be using the system that has turned out dozens of extremely talented cartoonists. P.S. Alison has absorbed Sean’s philosophy of teaching & learning, & understands the key elements, both of the actual drawing and also the learning process. Mara Dall, Australia Alison has been through the whole Da Vinci course as a student (including the advanced levels), so she understands how it is to go through this process of learning cartooning. Alison has an excellent artist’s eye, and her feedback has been very valuable all round. Jeff MooreNew York, USA Alison has a fantastic eye. Alison was great.