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Networking tips

Networking tips
The idea of networking makes many people uncomfortable … or confused. It’s easy to see why. When most people think about networking it seems insincere at best — and selfish at worst. This, of course, is the complete opposite of what networking is supposed to be — friendly, useful, and genuine. It’s easy for most of us to be friendly and useful with people we know. Unfortunately, most networking strategies come across as pushy, needy, or self-serving — even though the people using them rarely act that way in day-to-day life. Don’t worry, there are definitely genuine ways to self–promote. The real goal of networking 1. 2. Setting expectations 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. How to reach out to someone new 8. Address those concerns from the start by saying something like, “Hi. 9. 10. 11. I was recently talking to the director of an organization about offering a new course to his clients. He was interested and we ended up having a great conversation. How to build the relationship 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

How to negotiate Negotiation is often conjures up images of a sleazy car salesmen, high-profile sports contracts, and Hollywood-style money deals. That’s a shame because negotiation doesn’t have to be sleazy or awkward. Furthermore, most negotiating situations are much more routine than buying a car. Where to go for dinner? The approach that has been most successful for me has been to use “natural negotation.” Instead, you treat the exchange as a conversation instead of an argument. These 27 tips will help you become a friendly natural negotiator… and that will make everyone happy. Developing the right mindset 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. How to start 6. 7. 9. What to say 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. The “what-would-you-do-in-my-shoes” question – My favorite way to initiate this question is to say, “Here’s the main issue… [restate problem plainly]… what would you do in my shoes?” How to finish 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. Just try it You don’t need to become a master to notice a difference and earn some cash.

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31 Internet leaders show you how to earn more Most people making a living online don’t do it the way you think they do. They don’t rake in passive income all day long. They don’t sell some new money-making scheme. They don’t email hundreds of thousands with an internet marketing product. They work with people. Very few web–based businessmen and women create their first sustainable business by selling products. In this 5–part series, you will hear from over 30 online authorities from across the web. To prove that point, I have collected tips, tactics, and thoughts from 31 successful online business leaders. The 5–part series Freelancing isn’t just for the experts. There is nothing unreasonable, unrealistic, or even unusual about doing business online. If you’re serious about earning more, then sign up for Passive Panda’s Freelancing 101 Course. The course and newsletter are totally free, but I am still willing to say that you will earn $500 in 5 weeks if you put the tactics to use right away. Are you looking for more?

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How 17 Internet experts are really making money online This article is Part I in a 5-part series on earning more through freelancing. I want you to earn more money. Seriously, I do. But there is one problem. Most people ignore the quickest way to earn more Everyone thinks the Internet drives overnight success, but what they don’t see is the work that went in for years that made it look overnight. — Greg Rollett You have been blasted with emails, peppered with advertisements, and overwhelmed with articles, videos, and images showcasing how Guru X or Expert Y made six figures online last year with Product Z. Unfortunately, you hear about this minority all the time. What you never hear is that the large majority of Internet experts don’t make a living online with passive income products. The professionals go by many different names: consultants, coaches, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, virtual assistants, writers. To keep things clean, I am going to refer to everyone as a freelancer even though their actual titles often differ. The simple answer?

Choose a 30 day challenge and change your life in a month It only takes 30 days to create a new habit, introduce something new into your life that you will stick to and/ or break bad habits for good. Here’s how: Pick your 30 day challenge — do it every day for 30 days — change your life in a month In reality, there’s loads of challenges you can do in thirty days. What have you always wanted to do or be good at? Take a photo a day Whether you’re into photography or not, taking a photo a day could give you new inspiration for future projects, help to create memories you may have forgotten otherwise. Cycle to work Forget the ‘but I’ll need a shower once I get to work’ excuse. Write a book On the site, ‘National Novel Writing Month’ you can write a novel in 30 days. Meditate Start small and put aside just 10 minutes every day to meditate. Learn a new language You won’t necessarily be able to learn the whole of a new language in 30 days, but practising for 40 minutes a day could really help. Write a gratitude list Eat something new Do 30 sit-ups every day

Side Hustle Stories: Everything you need to succeed There are places all over the Internet where you can find general tips for earning money on the side. Articles with broad advice are great if you already have a freelancing job. You can just apply the tips to what you’re already doing. But what if you’re just starting out? Don’t you wish someone would just show you the exact steps you need to take? Enter the Side Hustle Stories. During this on–going series, you will hear from real people that are freelancing in all sorts of professions. You’ll get to know their stories and their tactics … and you’ll hear exactly how real people are earning money with different side hustles. From videogame reviewers and advertising consultants to freelance writers and tour guides, we’ve got you covered. The primary goal of the Side Hustle Stories is to show you exactly how to make money from a particular freelance job in just one month or less. You don’t need to be a top expert to get paying clients. And that’s what these articles give you: tactics that work.

Screw Work Let's Play Thoughts from 8 experts on using freelancing to build a business empire This article is Part V in a 5-part series on earning more through freelancing. Fine. I’ll admit it. But just because you’re on a constant hunt for the next sale doesn’t mean you should scrap it. However, you can also use freelancing to earn much more over a longer period of time by using your skills to build more passive streams of income. Yep, freelancing can be erratic Freelancing doesn’t scale well. Sure, you can outsource some things. My number one frustration about working as a freelancer is the inconsistency of my income — some months, I make 5 figures and other months I barely make 4 figures. — Heather Allard Use the strengths to overcome the weaknesses You can use these drawbacks as excuses for never getting started — or you can take this brilliant advice: Most freelancers have experienced the “boom or bust” phase where one minute you have tons to work on, but the next you have nothing. My income fluctuates depending on how much work my clients want in a given month.

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9 common problems freelancers face and what to do about them This article is Part IV in a 5-part series on earning more through freelancing. Freelancing comes with many perks, but it’s far from problem free. From dealing with unrealistic clients to managing your own time to coping with a lack of work, there are many common problems that freelancers face. Don’t worry. 1. The problem: My biggest issue with consulting is that it can easily consume all of my available working hours, but that’s not my long-term business strategy. My biggest frustration right now is that, as my business is growing, I have less time to work on my own projects (such as the ebooks I’ve released). — Thursday Bram My number one frustration at the moment is insufficient time to spend on the work itself. The solution: I’m in the process of restructuring my business to actually take on fewer clients and work on my own projects more. — Thursday Bram It can be tough, but sometimes you need to rebuild the business to create a better life. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Frustration? 7. A solution: 8.

Meet the Artists Helping Companies Think in Pictures People think better in pictures. That’s a fact that graphic recorders know well. These artists come to company meetings and panels to summarize information being shared through real-time drawing. For New York-based ImageThink, the burgeoning sector has allowed two artists to join the corporate world, one meeting at a time. The company’s first seeds were planted six years ago when Heather Willems, a fine artist, was working on a gallery show, painting interpretations of overheard conversations. It seemed all too similar to graphic recording, a customer told her when she described it at her day job waiting tables at a restaurant. After finding out what exactly graphic recording was, she used that chance meeting to work as a graphic recorder at his company, Capgemini. At their start, lack of real competition helped the two gain traction. Most importantly, they listened to their clients and they adapted. "We were the only semi-organized firm in New York," Herting says.