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Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: Still Images of a World in Motion

Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: Still Images of a World in Motion
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A Baltimore, affluence record pour le « journalisme assisté par ordinateur » Contrairement à d'autres, nous ne saurions tirer une « grande tendance » de cette conférence. La 25ème édition de la conférence NICAR s'est tenue à Baltimore du 27 février au 2 mars. Si les algorithmes, les capteurs ou encore la visualisation interactive ont été au cœur des discussions, la seule vraie tendance est peut-être la conférence en elle-même : avec plus de 1000 participants, l'affluence est record. La conférence NICAR réunit des « computer assisted reporters », journalistes assistés par ordinateur, depuis maintenant 25 ans. Au menu de ces quatre jours, on pouvait notamment s'intéresser aux outils. D'autres ateliers se succèdent pour expliquer aux participants les rudiments des langages Python, Ruby, SQL ou D3 pour manipuler les données et créer des visualisations interactives en ligne. D'autres encore partagent leurs astuces pour améliorer la recherche en ligne. Depuis la parution des documents sortis par M. Alexandre Léchenet (Baltimore, envoyé spécial)

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7 ways to capture what you actually see 4. Custom white balance Our brains are very good at interpreting the colour information that they receive from our eyes. When we see an object that we know to be white, we see it as such (or very close to) almost whatever the light source. We can tune-out the colourcast that comes from a wide variety of light sources. A camera’s automatic white balance system is designed to replicate this ability, and although most systems do a pretty decent job in natural light, many struggle in artificial lighting conditions. This can result in images with a green cast when shooting under fluorescent light, for example and a deep orange in candle light. Digital cameras have a number of white balance settings in addition to Auto that are designed to correct the colourcast created by specific light sources. However, it is so easy to set a custom white balance that in many situation this is a better option. Pages:Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7Next People who read this also liked...

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Simply Beautiful Photographs, Tips on Using Palette and Color, Gallery – National Geographic Best of Semester One Hack Library School Hi, Since we are all still students, or very VERY early career LIS pros, this time of year is especially full of things to do. That said, you’ll see new content slow down here, for at least the next week or two. We’ll be planning the summer semester’s worth of writing, recruiting new Editors/contributors, and generally resting after an amazing kick-off semester this Spring. To keep you busy we’ve compiled some reading lists you can return to over the next few weeks and get caught up on. Our Top 10 Posts (by hits): Top Post per Editor: Best Comment Conversations: Catch Up on Our Series’: Experiencing LIS – Posts about getting experience and/or what the experience of Library School is like. LIS Blogs to Follow – Self explanatory. To-Read Tuesday – Our (and your) picks for things to read, that we’re reading, or would like to read someday! Declassified – Comparing curriculum and courses between two schools TMI – (Two Minute Insights). Most Tweeted Article: You’re Invited to #libchat Micah Zack Annie

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