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Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores – Shop online

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores – Shop online

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Leena' PatternMaker Tutorial Web Site Copyright ©1998-2000 Leena Lähteenmäki, Järvenpää Preshrinking the fabric When you buy your fabric, ask how much it will shrink when washed. In all cases, when the fabric is washable and when you are not sure that the fabric won't shrink, it is safe to wash and iron it before cutting. The 10 Best Sites for Culture-Savvy Women Yesterday Twitter was alight with discussion over the founding of a new site for women called Bustle. We told you about it here. As someone who has made a living writing about women and popular culture, I could not help but grin at the Bustle founder’s presumption that he understood the market for women when he wrote such a clueless, dunderheaded “announcement” of the effort.

Pottery Barn Inspired Coffee Table I am so {squeal} excited to share this super easy painted table with you!Oh.My.Goodness.I love the end result, and including drying time, it took less than two hours.Told ya it was easy! I have been experimenting with homemade chalk paint recipes, and I am nowofficially hooked on the stuff. It’s amazing. I think I may name my little concoction something like:“Paint Fantastico”“Trip The Light Paintastic”“The Last Paint You Will Ever, Ever Want To Use”“If You Paint Or Refinish Furniture This Stuff Is Legit”or“Gee, Your Paint Smells Terrific”(A Nod to those who washed their hair with “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific” in the 70′sI miss that stuff!)

CHICKPEA SEWING STUDIO: Diaper Burp Cloth Tutorial What you'll need: not much.... Some 3-ply cloth diapers, scraps of fabrics two inches longer than the diaper and two inches wider than the center fold. Leena' PatternMaker Tutorial Web Site Metric Conversion Table Welcome to my series of hints and instructions for pattern drafting. To keep the pictures clear and readable the measurements are given only in centimeters. You can change centimeters to inches using formula 1 cm = 0.4 inches. DIY Enamel Spring Flower Bib Necklace with Martha Stewart Jewelry What could speak to Spring more than a bouquet of pretty pastels, made into jewelry? With Martha Stewart Jewelry you can now easily make beautiful enamel jewelry, no powdered glass, no kiln, no firing, no fuss. Up until now, coloring jewelry with enamel has been pretty difficult to do on your own without a kiln to fire the enameled pieces. It’s an investment of time, money, and major equipment. But using Martha’a enamel paints and blanks makes it just as easy as painting!

Top Sewing Tutorials From Mother Huddle The Mother Huddle Top Sewing Tutorials Hey friends! I am working on a complete index for the sewing tutorials broken down by category. I thought I would start with the most popular and go from there! The Fat Quarter Pillowcase Dress Online Doll Hat Making Classes - Cloth Dolls - Free Intro Class! This class will teach classic millinery techniques of flat pattern design through the construction of buckram and wire forms for the desired hat shapes. Students will create a pillbox, gaucho, fez, pilgrim, outback cowboy, musketeer, elaborate ladies hats, top hats, summer satin wedding hat, and much more. Lessons are full of colored pictures and diagrams. Class Outline: Introduction Lesson 1 - Pillbox Hats - Plain to Fancy Lesson 2 - Working with Felt and Adding a Brim Lesson 3 - Advance Crown Shaping Lesson 4 - Trimming Your Chapeau Lesson 5 - Topping it Off in Style Lesson 6 - Buckram Fantasy - Playing with Shapes Lesson 7 - Bonus "Satin Summer Sweetheart Hat"

public relations - / scene & herd Left: Left: Fulya Erdemci , curator of the 13th Istanbul Biennial. Right: Andrea Phillips , co-organizer of the biennial's ten-month public program, “Public Alchemy.” (All photos: Kaelen Wilson-Goldie) WHEN THE ISTANBUL FOUNDATION FOR CULTURE AND ARTS (IKSV) struck a sponsorship deal with Koç Holding to support five editions of the Istanbul Biennial over ten years, from 2006 through 2016, one can reasonably assume that everyone involved wanted something fairly solid—financial stability, reputational fortification—from the arrangement.

Free Patterns - Your Style Rocks Design by rma / Pattern by Your Style Rocks! This is the pattern for the 1950s inspired dress that rma designed for our "Past Perfect" contest. It can be worn with a petticoat or you can just leave it away if you prefer a more floaty look for your skirt. Shea Butter Lotions, Products - Moisturize Dry Skin Shea butter has been around forever — and for good reason. This serious hydrator has been used for centuries to moisturize skin (and hair, too). It's essentially a triglyceride (a fatty acid) that’s crushed out of the nut of the African shea tree, then heated up in large vats, so that the softening oils make their way to the top.

Free Sewing Projects Description: Easy pajama tutorial. By using your old pajamas as a pattern, they can be sewn in any size. Craft Link: PJ Pants Tutorial 15 Beautiful Free Online Magazines I have always loved magazines, from the glossy pages of my first subscriptions as a toddler, to the refined pages of a Kinfolk magazine. But magazines tend to be pricey, and not very eco-friendly. While I miss the texture and smell of printed paper, and the ability to carry, collect and keep print publications, I have found in free online magazines a way to reconcile my love for magazines with my small budget. Below are my 15 favorites, all full of inspiration and pretty pictures.

Fabric Leash As promised I have finished up one doggie-inspired project and I am offering it here for you to try. It is really simple, pretty quick and I've got a few photos to walk you through it. Then after you're finished you can walk your dog with it. Materials:*one six foot length of cotton canvas strapping-whatever width you desire, but at least one inch*3 cut strips of fabrics, equal in length and width to your strapping*one of those metal thingermaginggins that latches to the collar, readily available at your hardware store*heavy duty sewing machine needles Step one: Stitch one strip of the fabric to the strapping-very close to the edges on each side.

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