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Felt Rose tutorial and pattern

Felt Rose tutorial and pattern
Hello everyone! Today I am going to share the last felt flower pattern, a lovely rose =] I am also very excited because for the first time I made a video tutorial, sadly Ken had the video camera so I had to make the video with my laptop, so I am sorry if I am a little far – I tried!! Next time I will practice and with the tripod and camera I am sure it will be easier =] Your color choice of felt (I used 3 9″x12″sheets in different colors, and used a little bit more than half for each flower)Thread, needle and scissors.Hot glue gun.Download the pattern in case you need it (You will find 4 different sizes for you to play with! ) **The download on the left is a PDF format file, so you will need to have Abobe Reader installed on your PC or MAC. You can see the pieces you will need to make one rose in the image above. I hope you all enjoy and let me know if you make some of these! * This tutorial is provided for personal use only. Tags: felt, felt flower, felt roses, pattern, Roses, tutorial

Fishtail Braided Bracelet By KRetroK | Fishtail braided bracelet [button size="small" color="green" style="none" new_window="true" link=" Daily DIY Tumblr[/button] Try this easy,lovely and awesome DIY from The Daily DIY! You need: -22-26 inches of waxed linen string (or 1-2mm leather cord) 48 inches of twine or string (more or less depending on the thickness of your string) step one: take your waxed linen, fold it in half, and tie a knot in the end leaving a small loop. step two: lay your second string out in a straight line and place your knotted waxed linen near in the middle. start braiding as shown. step three: as you’re braiding, pull up on the string to tighten your stitches. step seven: if desired, stagger loose stitches between sections of tighter stitches to create a decorative design as seen in the tutorial banner (bottom bracelet). step nine: tie knots at the ends of your excess waxed linen strings. Comments

Owl Crochet Here’s a little black owl to haunt your trees for Halloween. Too bad he’s much cuter than scary! This project is a pretty easy one if you can knit in the round on double pointed needles and know how to do basic increases and decreases. Owl Pattern Makes an owl that is 5″ tall (including the ears) and 4 1/2″ wide (not including the wingspan if you leave the wings free). Supplies 1 ball Chunky weight yarn. Gauge: 3 ½ stitches per inch knit in the round Gauge is not super important here, just keep in mind that is you have more stitches per inch you will have a smaller owl and if you have less stitches per inch you will have a bigger owl. Abbreviations k – knit kfb – knit front and back ssk – slip slip knit k2tog – knit 2 together Body You are knitting the body from the top down. Cast on 6 stitches. Cut off about a 12 inch tail. While still pulling tight so as not to lose your indent, tie the yarn in a small knot to the top of the owl. Ear (make 2) Pick up 3 stitches on one side of the head.

Simple Centerpiece: Recycled Paper Bouquet Vase :: Green Your Decor You all probably already know from my sunburst mirror that I have an affinity for home decor made of recycled magazine pages. There’s something to be said about turning a material destined for the recycling bin into something beautiful that you’ll keep around for a long time to come. These paper bouquet vases are beautiful on their own, and even more so when single flowers are placed in the test tube bud vases dispersed throughout the vase. I think I’m going to get one of these for my desk. It will be a place to put a few freshly picked flowers to brighten up my work day and an homage to my days as a newspaper and magazine designer. Why It’s Green: Made of recycled magazine pages Price: $25

Sew Out Loud Quilt Along- Sew La Tea Welcome to week 11 of the Sew Out Loud Quilt Along! My block is called "Sew La Tea"-- can't you just hear the Von Trapp family singing a bit of "Do Re Mi" right now? The design features three whimsical spool teacups, on the verge of tumbling out of their stack. It's a lot of fun choosing fabrics for each cup. A tip-- make sure to choose contrasting fabrics for your spools and tea cups so the design will really stand out! Start by downloading and printing the templates here and full piecing diagram here. Sew the pieces together in this order: {(I+Q+H) +X+N+T+A} purple cup (part 1) {(F+P+G)+B+S+M+V}green cup (part 2) {(C+O+D)+E+R+U}orange cup (part 3) Part 1+2+3+J+K Don't forget to add your blocks to our Sew Out Loud Flickr group.

Felt Easter Bunnies par julieblanchette A Tutorial: Fabulous Ric Rac Flowers » Matilda Jane Clothing Rocks Let me start out with a warning or sorry of some sort. The warning is because I have never done a Tutorial before, so I hope this is helpful and easy to follow. The sorry is for how horrible my nails look. I promise I did them after looking through these pics. WOW! I thought I would start off with a Flower, I too, just learned how to make. Material: Time-Roughly 20 minutes about 28 inches of Ric Rac ( This will make a flower about 2 inches in diameter) Suggestion: The thicker the Ric Rac the better Felt (Any Color) One sheet will be fine depending on how many flowers you want to make. Optional: Hair Clips, leaves or buttons Step One: Take the two pieces and hot glue them together. Note: You want to glue them together as if they are a mirror of one another. Step two: Lock in each curve of the first piece with the second. Say to yourself “over,under,over, under”. *If your piece does not look like this, then you most likely glued the two pieces going the wrong direction. Pretty right? Cute right?

Rocks Decoration Wanna hear a little known fact about me? Once I tell you you'll all graduate to BFF status because only my closest of friends know this about me. Ok, here it goes... I LOVE rocks! Phew! Try it Like This: Where to Buy I generally try not to feature the same seller twice, but this seller just has some of the coolest things!

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A Little Bit Biased: Paper-Piecing Tutorial O.K. First, let me just say that I just realized that I only posted twice last month! I'm really embarrassed. I really have been thinking about posting, but have just been trying to get some things done around my house. Like, oh I don't know, maybe PATTERNS...Halloween costumes. So. You will need: * a pattern * some fabric * a glue stick * scissors * ironing board & iron * sewing machine *rotary cutter, mat & ruler For this tutorial, we will be paper-piecing a star. (Click here to see one example of what you could do with this star) Here's what the finished product will look like: Here's the pattern: (Reduce or enlarge to achieve the desired size.) This star has three sections. Paper-piece patterns are always numbered in the order you should go. Now, for piece #2 (keep in mind that you will be sewing on the line that connects pieces 1 & 2). Iron the fabric open. Trim off any threads. Trim 1/4" outside of the dashed lines. There.