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Nicole Mallalieu Design - Tips and Tutorials for Making Bags and Purses Tips & Tutorials Back to top VIDEO TUTORIAL - How to set in eyelets with a setting tool VIDEO TUTORIAL - Simple method for inserting purse feet. VIDEO TUTORIAL - How to Use a Clover Quick Yo Yo Maker This is an absolute must-read for anyone embarking on bag-making! ALWAYS use interfacing on any bag piece where the pattern reads "cut [specified number] i/f". Interfacing creates structure if it is used on the body of the bag - but is entirely optional here, and using it depends on the weight of the fabric and the finished look that you require. By fusing interfacing to every piece of the outside of the bag you'll add a lot more structure and "OOMPH" to the fabric. You can interface the lining if you want a stiff lining, but it shouldn't be the main support in the bag. It's important to remember that by adding an extra layer of interfacing to a bag piece, you are also increasing the bulk of the fabric. Click here to see the range of interfacings at Nicole Mallalieu Design 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 3.

33 Meticulous Cleaning Tricks For The OCD Person Inside You - BuzzFeed Mobile Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Perfect Paint Color Source: South Shore Decorating Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray Wall color Benjamin Moore Wicker Hi friends and welcome to another Friday Favorites! I have been wanting to write this post for such a long time but for some reason, I haven’t done it until now. There are some really easy tricks to zoning in on the perfect paint color quickly {and painlessly}, making it easier to identify and narrow down perfect paint colors for a space. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt So I thought I would share these tips & tricks and the “elimination” process that I use for choosing a paint color. Source: Decor Pad Benjamin Moore Abalone Sherwin Williams Gibralter So let’s get to the tips and steps to nailing the perfect paint color! Step #1) Changing the Focus/Process of Elimination One of the main elements that has really helped me more than anything is that instead of focusing on the various shades of a color that I like, I change my focus to eliminating what I don’t like about a color. Source: Decor Pad/ Kristy Froelich

New Year, New Organization It’s not a resolution per say, but with all the organization buzz this month I decided to try and really improve my HMS. That’s Household Management System. Using an acronym makes me feel important, try to go with it. After extensive research, my kitchen command center was born. Since the kitchen is where papers pile up and where people tend to congregate, the counter was the perfect place. The command center consists of a pretty pink notebook for me (more on that in a bit), a file folder box, hanging folders, a calendar, and a pen/pencil cup. Each one of us has our own folder, plus there is one for new unsorted mail. In my notebook, I have a daily task and a weekly task sheet. I downloaded these from Simple Mom, she has tons of useful forms here. Part of my organization goals includes meal planning 2 weeks at a time. The weekly task checklist helps me keep track of household chores. What about you guys? *******Linked Up********

operation organization: 7 Habits of Highly Organized People I would not say I was born naturally organized. I've more often identified myself as a more right-brained creative type. However, I've always enjoyed the pursuits and observed the positive effects of organization since childhood. I have found that maintaining a truly consistent organized lifestyle takes a lot of intentional effort, discipline, and practice to achieve. Beginning my own family has probably afforded me the greatest opportunity to observe a few of the biggest benefits of managing a simplified and organized home and life: To find things when I need them {quickly}.To feel as though I'm being a good steward with my time. As I've grown in my knowledge and understanding of organization through real life experience, and intentional education over the years, I've observed there are a few habits that have helped me maintain an organized lifestyle: 1. FREE your mind. 2. Clutter is magnetic. 3. Eliminate the idea of a "junk drawer" where random items are tossed. 4. 5. 6. 7.

How to Build Kitchen Sink Storage Trays - Step by Step Getting the right stuff 1 of 1 Figure A: Sink cabinet tray detail Sink cabinet tray detail See the Materials & Cutting Lists in the Additional Information section below for measurements Have you finally had it with that dark and dingy, I'm-not-sure-what's-there storage space under the kitchen sink? This project isn't difficult. In this article, we'll show you how to measure your sink base and custom-size and assemble the wood trays. Before you get the materials, scan this article and see if you can build all the trays or only a few of them. In the hardware department, look for ball-bearing side-mount drawer glides. Then follow the photos for the step-by-step measuring and assembly instructions. If the opening between the open doors is narrower than the opening between the sides of the frame, use the shorter dimension to make the base. Measure the cabinet opening to construct the base for the lower pull-out trays Photo 1: Measure your cabinet opening Photo 2: Use a framing square for accuracy

If It’s Not Useful Or Beautiful – It’s Clutter 1.4K Flares1.4K Flares × This quote from artist and textile designer William Morris is a pithy prescription for avoiding clutter in your home. Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. To earn its place in your house, office, closet or life, according to Morris, each thing must: Serve a useful purpose and/orMake you happy. Which means you can count as clutter anything that: You don’t use regularlyDoesn’t workYou find uglyHas unpleasant memories or associationsIs tatty or dirty or broken or uncomfortableDoesn’t suit youYou only keep because it was expensiveWas a gift but has so meaning for youYou will use one day… maybe. Take Morris’s words to heart. For everything in your world, if you don’t use it or love it… then let it go.

How to Clean Your Dishwasher This post is brought to you by Amazon where you can get deals on appliances Someone recently asked about cleaning the inside of the dishwasher. Anonymous said… This sounds great, I’m going to try it next time I get groceries…..Do you have a recipe to use for cleaning the dishwasher itself? Mine is VERY old and well, yucky. February 10, 2012 8:09 pm After reading this my initial reaction was….Washing the Washer? I gave it some thought and even did some research on it…but sort of shuffled it to the bottom of the “To Do” List because it wasn’t something I had had to deal with…yet….since our dishwasher is less than a year old. Well, SOMEONE must have thought I had put it off long enough….because yesterday when I opened my dishwasher, this is what I found! A whole lot of dirty dish water standing in the bottom of it. ugh. Well I knew it was only a matter of time before my dishwasher started to smell bad if I didn’t find a way to get rid of the standing water in the bottom. So…..did it work???

DIY Patio Table with Built-in Beer/Wine Coolers - Domesticated Engineer Really, what is better than a patio table with a built in cooler! Who really wants to get up to get another beer? Almost everyone has seen this picture of the wine cooler patio table ether on Pinterest or Reddit. This picture was taken at Medlock Ames’ tasting room. Right after my husband saw this he asked me to make it happen. Patio Table with built in Beer/Wine Cooler with Lids Like in my farmhouse table post I am going to be breaking the instructions into two parts. Part 1: Table Construction A little more about the design: The first thing I did after having the initial concept sketched out in SoildWorks was go out and find the perfect cooler insert. View of the table top. Going back to the drawing board, I played around with the design to incorporate the two planter boxes. View of the bottom of the table. Instructions: After the designs were done was head to our local lumber yard to get our cut list made. The first step after getting home with all the boards is to sand all of them.

How to Organize: Garage Storage Projects 3 simple garage storage projects 1 of 3 Project 1: Rotating corner shelves What you get: Organization for all of your small stuffEasy access to everythingEfficient use of corner space 2 of 3 Project 2: Folding Peg-Board cabinet 26 sq. ft. of tool storageKeeps tools within easy reachCan close up and secure, so tools don't walk away 3 of 3 Project 3: Pet-food dispenser Quick bowl fillingGets bags of pet food up off of the floorReminds you when food runs low These projects organize odds and ends, clear clutter and clean up the workbench and garage floor. Project 1: Rotating corner shelves 1 of 1 Rotating corner shelves These shelves put a garage corner to maximum storage use. Set aside a Saturday to build this handy bin and you’ll clean up all those loose boxes of screws, bolts and other small stuff that clutter your garage or workshop. A stationary upper shelf secured to the wall steadies the bin so it’ll spin easily and won't tip over. Bin Details Project Materials and Details 1 of 4 2 of 4 3 of 4 4 of 4