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Melanie Daveid - UX Design & Art Direction. C.ROWE. The Godney Gathering. Home » Daydream Designs. Contact — mel kadel. Me & oli. Putting the Pieces Together: Scrapbook Style Web Designs. Web design has roots in numerous other artistic fields, one of which that blogging not only honors, but often mimics in design and use alike is scrapbooking.

Putting the Pieces Together: Scrapbook Style Web Designs

Just as scrapbooks capture moments with more artistic accompaniment than photos, collaging various elements together to present a story; blogs capture moments in digital format, usually using images and other elements with the text to complete a story. Design is another way these two mediums tend to crossover with often fantastic results. That is where today’s spotlight is aimed, at some scrapbook style web designs that perfectly capture the feel of this crafty medium. Take a look at the gallery of designs and get ready for a refill of your creative fuel. Putting the Pieces Together Ali Edwards‘ site has a look that most would not recognize as scrapbook derivative, however, she is following a popular style of scrapbooking called Project Life (which is what her site is dedicated to).

Write. Closing the Book (rb) WEFAIL. Color Crush: Mint and Mocha + Free Washi Tape Download. These pretty finds from around the web are really inspiring me today.

Color Crush: Mint and Mocha + Free Washi Tape Download

I love the fresh look of mint paired with rich chocolate/mocha tones and decided to make a free Photoshop layer download for any of you who would like to use it for your digital layouts, blog post images, etc. I hope you will enjoy it (and feel free to spread the word amongst your friends too). xo Ez Nikole Herriott’s bedroom featured on Design*Sponge (discovered via Lolalina)Accessories by Fannie Schiavoni (via Bleach Black)The work of stylist Lo Bjurulf – managed by Agent Bauer (via NabeFabric) I’ve also spotted a similar tape download over on Pugly Pixel…so if you like this, then definitely be sure to hop on over and download hers as well. Please remember that free downloads are for non-commercial use only and that the physical file should not be hosted on your own site. Gluten-Free Dark Bread. The taste of rye bread with no wheat, dairy or gluten of any kind!

Gluten-Free Dark Bread

Makes a great Rueben or Russian sandwich or delicious gluten-free toast. Comes pre-sliced. Taming your web monsters. Kinetic V5. KINDRED STUDIO - Illustration. Design. Art Direction. We Make Awesome Sh. Get Back to Portlandia. Crafty Multilayerness - Scrapbook Style in Web Design. There are different ways to attract users making website design memorable and sophisticated.

Crafty Multilayerness - Scrapbook Style in Web Design

Bringing alive such a complex and crafting style as scrapbooking is one of the well-tried and reliable methods to make something extraordinary that will definitely grab viewers’ attention. Although, in order to succeed you have to overcome a lot of difficulties that occur during its realization. In real life this art direction implies notebook and a great deal of photographs or printed media that glued on it.

Whereas in website design such effect is achieved by massive use of paper-based textures, non-uniform background, overlapping layers with expressive differentiations and neat shadows, that is complemented by school-styled lettering and scribbles making website appearance to look advanced, bulky and dimensional with obvious multilayerness in mind. Kinderfotografie uses a blend of vintage paper-texture frames, sophisticated fabric-based tags and badges. Reflection. Agence de communication par le jeu - Ma Langue Au Chat.

Wonder-webkit. My winebox. Mooncamp - unearthly Basecamp client for iPhone. Front Row to Fashion Week - Interactive Feature. Lovely Website Designs with a Hand-Drawn Feel and Awesome Sketchy Illustrations. Inspiration Every project begins with a rough sketch on a piece of paper that is gradually filled with colors, gradients, textures, patterns and other stylistic choices.

Lovely Website Designs with a Hand-Drawn Feel and Awesome Sketchy Illustrations

Usually, designers use such outlines as a base which should be transformed into a neat artificial-like user interface or website design. However, in some cases creatives prefer to leave everything as it is by simply digitizing a hand-drawn draft thereby providing their concepts with a powerful "human touch". Incorporating sketch elements is a great way of conveying your personality as well as giving the project an individual note.

Lopsided graphics, fuzzy icons, curved typography, hand-made backgrounds, doodles and gnarled drawings are frequently used elements that are either collected together to build up a highly artistic appearance or used separately for emphasizing important aspects or diluting a general feeling in the project with some fancy stuff. Drupal 8 Hivemind. Koa Natural Olakino. Bic : 60 ans du stylo Bic Cristal on Behance. Jesús Rodríguez Velasco. VonDutch. The South Coast’s Premier Fresh Food Store. Delikatessen und Küchenbedarf online kaufen bei Rise and Shine - presented by Rive Immersive. Thomas Schostok – Graphic design, Art and Typography. Jeremy Holmes Studio. Rebecca Sehn - Vancouver Family & Childhood Portrait Photographer. The Society Inc.

Designagentur HOCHBURG - Stuttgart. Circles Conference 2015 by Circles Co. Toys for Toddies. Creatures & Features. Tori Amos France – Toutes les news sur Tori Amos en français. Marie Guillaumet — web designer, intégratrice web et graphiste.