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Fire and Ice: Mt. Kenya’s Lost Glaciers 9 Kisses: The Full Cast 9 Kisses: Rosario Dawson and Jenny Slate 9 Kisses: Steve Carell and Laura Dern

Science Two possible explanations of mysterious earthquake lights — Centuries of humans have reported strange lights moving along the ground before an earthquake strikes. Now, two different teams of scientists have two competing theories that could explain where those lights come from and how they're made. — Maggie • 5 Maggie Koerth-Baker at 6:57 am Fri, Apr 11, 2014 • 16 Oarfish are freaky sea dragons. Alan Oken - The Wisdom of Astrology - The Bali Experience 2015 With Alan Oken, Laura Nalbandian, Michael Bartlett, Nuno Michaels, and Balinese guests. Jatiluwih Pura Ulun Danau Beratan Conference I: The Wisdom of Astrology -- The Complete Lunar Landscape*September 4 to 11, 2015* Conference II: The Mechanics of Consciousness & The Opened Eye* September 13 to 20, 2015* Bali is known as “The Island of the Gods.”

Middle East Relationships, Explained Through An Interactive Map Trying to understand the complexities of Middle East politics can seem like an impenetrable task and the tangled and changing relations between governments and groups in the region are a common subject of discussion. What's more, instead of clarifying the chaos, maps or charts that break down the various conflicts and alliances often merely prove how absurdly complex the situation really is. However, one attempt at capturing how the region's many different actors relate to each other has found an impressive way of merging simplification and accuracy. This Tiny House Seems Weird From The Outside, But When You Step Inside? WHOA! - I‘ve seen some truly remarkable pieces of architecture while writing for LittleThings — especially tiny houses. Followers of the Tiny House Movement will be quick to tell you that a small space doesn’t mean a lack of options and possibilities. In fact, some tiny houses can be more impressive than huge mansions. I’ve seen tiny houses in the shape of crosses, boulders, piles of logs, and even Hobbit holes. Recently, I saw photos of a gorgeous tiny house built in a triangle shape so it fits on a peculiarly shaped lot. This Japanese house designed by the brilliant architects at Mizuishi Architects Atelier fits a family of three in a 594-square-foot home on an abnormally shaped property.

5 Reasons To Do Planks Every Day Planks are one of those exercises that will never go out of style, and for good reason. When it comes to core workouts, no exercise beats the plank in terms of effectiveness and time (not even crunches). This move challenges the entire body and burns more calories than a traditional crunch. It's also much easier on the back and can help prevent injuries. How They Did the 'Single Take' in 'Birdman' (Exclu By Bill Desowitz | Thompson on Hollywood February 12, 2015 at 3:47PM Go behind-the-scenes of a handheld, single take shot in "Birdman," in which the level of stress intensifies for Michael Keaton's Riggan. 'Birdman' The extraordinary choreography of the single take conveys the madness of Michael Keaton's Riggan Thomson and the collapse of his life. This new "Birdman" featurette helps demonstrate why director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu, Keaton and cinematographer Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubezki are all Oscar frontrunners. "'Birdman' was unknown territory," admitted Lubezki.

Mark Ruffalo 'added to terrorism watchlist' over Gasland Actor Mark Ruffalo has reportedly been placed on a US terror advisory list after campaigning in support of a documentary highlighting the alleged dangers of natural gas drilling. Ruffalo attracted the attention of Pennsylvania's Office of Homeland Security when he organised screenings for Gasland, which won the special jury prize at this year's Sundance film festival, and said he was concerned about the impact of drilling on water supplies. The actor has addressed the subject in the latest edition of American GQ. Gasland, directed by Josh Fox, follows the film-maker as he visits communities in Pennsylvania where natural gas has been drilled. Fox decided to document his trip after a natural gas company wrote to him in 2008 offering to lease his family's land in Milanville, Pennsylvania for $100,000 (£64,000).

Is committing suicide such a horrible event? By Shakti Mhi From all the forms of death man possibly can die from, for most people, committing suicide will be the hardest to accept. When a human being consciously and successfully stops his own life, ripples of dismay and disbelief move through his or her tribe. A Solo Traveler’s Guide to Meeting People Photo When you are traveling solo, it’s not always a breeze to strike up a conversation with a stranger. In fact, how do you meet other single travelers or locals in the first place? And if you’re looking for friendship — or even something more — how do you ensure that amid all the fun you don’t neglect to take safety precautions? Before we get to tactics, it’s helpful to know that you are likely to be rewarded for overcoming apprehensions about approaching someone new when you’re on the road.

Big Week, Zadie Smith The name on the card was Clark: they were to meet in the ten-minute waiting zone just outside departures. But Clark was late and the morning frigid. McRae got back in his car, drove around, parked in the lot, and walked into baggage claim. He checked his beeper, held up his card. All the other guys wore suits, and their passengers came sooner: a series of middle-aged executives glued to their devices, handing over their bags and asking fearfully about the weather.