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Romance Times Book Reviews

Romance Times Book Reviews

Romance Writers of America The SF Site: The Best in Science Fiction and Fantasy The Romance Reader | Staff Picks and other Library Articles! Affaire de Coeur The List List #112 Our weekly round-up of the best bookish lists floating around the internet. This installment of The List List is sponsored by Random House Audio. Visit to get recommendations and download a free audiobook. at Flavorwire, 5 of the Best Literary Frenemy Pairings at Design Taxi, The 15 Punctuation Marks (In Order of How Much They Do) at VIDA, Twenty “Gypsy” Women You Should Be Reading at Audubon, Great Books for Birders and Nature Lovers at The Boston Globe, 7 Books About Books at The Huffington Post, 7 Novels Starring Small American Towns at Word & Film, The 7 Big GAME OF THRONES Season 4 Deviations at SF Signal, 5 Short Masterpieces by the Women of Horror’s Golden Age at the LA Times, The Literary Films of Summer 2014 at Electric Literature, 10 Books That Prominently Feature Dogs at TIME, Great Books for Your Staycation at BuzzFeed Books, Library Cards From Around the US

The Romance Reader Top 100 List Compiled by Jean Mason Little did I realize a couple of months ago what I was getting into when I blithely suggested to Dede that -- given the furor about the Top 100 Novels of the 20th century -- we ought to compile a list of the Top 100 Romances. And who better to determine the top romances than the readers of The Romance Reader Of course, having suggested this undertaking, it fell to me to carry it out. Below are the books which received the most votes. I’ve read 93 of the books on the list. Top 100 Romances 1. 4. 10. 13. 19. 22. 24. 30. 35. 39. 46. 51. 64. 68. 81. 95. A Zen Librarian: Bluestem and Monarch Shelf Talkers Over the summer, I saw an image, I think it was Jon Schu's library blog, that had what I call "shelf talkers." Basically they are little cards that are taped to the bookcase where the books are housed. The cards have a picture of the book, a synopsis of the story and a note about the contest the book is a part of. I created Bluestem and Monarch shelf talkers. I hope others might find them as helpful. Here is an image of the shelf talker that got me started. Here is an example of one of my shelf talkers. Here is a link to the shelf talkers.

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books The PLA Blog | Official Blog of the Public Library Association As the day wound down, attendance at the Readers’ Advisory Tool Kit III was a bit down, though still very decent. Those who lasted the full day of PLA got to hear three well-known librarians suggest more ways to get books into the hands of readers. With her section “Promoting the Backlist,” Georgine Olson of Fairbanks North Star Borough Public Library and Regional Center in Fairbanks, Alaska (is the library stationary in landscape to fit the letterhead?), spoke to something that concerns me. Part of the answer is that we actually do have to move them – put them on the displays that are catching the readers’ eyes. Booklists are another way to draw attention to older books. Olson also told her rules for making Read-a-Like lists. Joyce Saricks (described on the PLA website as “author, retired” which is hard to fathom for the active librarian) followed with her section “The Sane Librarian’s Guide to Genre Studies.” She urges libraries to open up RA training to everyone in the library.

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