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Grey Alien Filmed By KGB

Grey Alien Filmed By KGB

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Citizen Hearing On Disclosure: UFO Believers To Testify At Congressional-Style Hearings (LIVE UPDATES) Is the federal government honest about what it knows about UFOs? Are officials suppressing the truth about extraterrestrial visitations? The federal hearings UFO researchers have been demanding have not yet materialized. But some of the testimony that would be posed at those proceedings will be posed this week to former members of Congress. At the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., a Citizen Hearing On Disclosure (CHD) will unfold between April 29 to May 3. For 30 hours, 40 international researchers and military/agency witnesses will testify in front of these committee members: Part 1: Is This What the CIA, NRO, DIA and NSA Cover Up About Roswell? - The Conspiracy Index In 1983, while working on a documentary project for HBO entitled UFOs: The E.T. Factor, that I describe in my first 1989 book, An Alien Harvest [ See Earthfiles Shop ], I met an elderly rancher who lived in Corona, New Mexico. He said he had known Mac Brazel, the rancher who found strange debris on his land and went to the Roswell Sheriff to report his discovery on July 4, 1947. The Corona resident told me, "I heard there was a horrible secret about that crash." "The most disturbing aspect of this investigation was - there were other bodies found not far from LZ-1 that looked as if they had been dissected as you would a frog.

Bodies Found On Moon :Confirmed by Governments [Archive] - Nexus Community Forum OK. This is what I got for your perusal. Note that on most of these videos the audio will be either extremely low or nonexistent all together. The reason is because the video and the audio is transmitted on two separate channels and in most cases the camera's microphones are not connected to the comm system. In other words, if you're operating a camera while you're inside a suit and helmet communicating with mission control, the camera's mic isn't going to pick it up (especially when you're outside).

Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit July 1947 office of A.C. of S., G-2 By authority of: Lt. First man on moon dies along with secrets of what he saw Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon died today from heart failure. For many, Armstrong is the all-American hero who performed the seemingly impossible. He fulfilled President Kennedy’s vision of putting a man on the moon before the end of the decade.

Paranormal Patterns ( Historical) - Paranormal Intelligence Agency This is the first DEEP BLACK report to be published by P.I.A. We make it available for free to the public. Future DEEP BLACK reports will available soon in our coming web store. WHAT IS GOING ON IN SPACE? WILLIAM RUTLEDGE WARNED ME ABOUT AN INCREASE OF CELESTIAL PHENOMENA Who is William Rutledge, a.k.a. "retiredafb" on YouTube? Now - after several articles and reports I wrote in the last months - I feel it is important to speak out about some revelations made by William Rutledge during last summer 2007. Of course at the same time it is mandatory to provide an evidence of what I am talking, otherwise I guess it would be hard for the public to believe me.

Roswell Timeline - We Are Not Alone Detachment 3 of the 9393rd technical services unit Alamogordo AAF was responsible for the locating and transportation of the large sections of the craft. A special radiobiological and security detail team from Sandia Base under orders from Col S.V. Hasbrouck , secured immediate area. Select scientists from General Advisory Committee of the Atomic Energy Commission including Dr.

An Interview with Apollo 19 Commander. - by Luca Scantamburlo - "moonwalker1966delta" speaks out by Luca Scantamburlo Since May 2007 I have been investigating as freelancer an intrigant case on which so far there is an embarrassing silence in the mass media world: the Apollo 19/20 case, about classified USAF missions - officially never occured - by NASA assistance and the collaboration of the Soviets. It seems that up to now only Kevin Smith – see his interview with me in October 2007, during his radio talk The Kevin Smith Show (live from Phoenix, Arizona) has opened a honest discussion on the controversial topic. Among not many reports on the issue, I want to point out the one written by Steve Johnson for a British bi-monthly publication: The Apollo XX Controversy, pages 31-35, UFO Data Magazine, November-December 2007; it is fair and keeps an open mind. May 23, 2007, 06:12 PM, from my YouTube Account

How To Have An Out of Body Experience: First Steps Last updated on July 13, 2012 at 12:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News * Visit in5D Connection where you can find your soul mate or join one of our amazing groups. EVERYONE is welcome! Baltic Sea UFO: Crew Found ‘Something Unusual’ Home » ancient archeology , Headline , UFOs , Weird news Breaking news from the website. The divers have reported back to the surface an unusual object resting in the dark seabed. There are no indications as to what this mysterious object could be since the team was very vague in their update. Since last year, the OceanExplorer team has kept us all in suspense. Rumors of a sunken UFO craft or the possibility of finding and ancient sunken city – Could this be Atlantis? The Monroe Institute May 04, 2012 According to TMI veterans Skip Atwater and Joe McMoneagle, anyone can learn to remote view. It's an acquired skill. As early members of the US Army's Star Gate program Joe and Skip participated in thousands of remote viewing missions.