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Welcome to Issue 22 of The MagPi magazine. We kick off this month’s issue with an article on solar tracking. Nathan and Nicholas introduce their amazing project, the ‘Reflective Solar Tracker’, a solar cell with the brains of a Raspberry Pi, capable of chasing the sun to improve energy capture by up to 140%! Andy Baker returns following his successful quad-copter series and this time he is featuring his intelligent night light. Andy describes building this project to reassure his son at night and banish those ‘under-bed monsters’. It’s a great mix of both the PiBow case and PiGlow add on-board.

RPi Hub Notice: The Raspberry Pi Wiki pages on this site is collaborative work - the Raspberry Pi Foundation is not responsible for content on these pages. Now shipping to customers See the Buying Guide on how to order one, or visit the Raspberry Pi Foundation Home Page About The Raspberry Pi production board (model B Rev 2.0) Rasberry pi Way back when the Kinect was first released, there was a realization that this device would be the future of everything 3D. It was augmented reality, it was a new computer interface, it was a cool sensor for robotics applications, and it was a 3D scanner. When the first open source driver for the Kinect was released, we were assured that this is how we would get 3D data from real objects into a computer. Since then, not much happened. We’re not using the Kinect for a UI, potato gamers were horrified they would be forced to buy the Kinect 2 with the new Xbox, and you’d be hard pressed to find a Kinect in a robot. 3D scanning is the only field where the Kinect hasn’t been over hyped, and even there it’s still a relatively complex setup. This doesn’t mean a Kinect 3D scanner isn’t an object of desire for some people, or that it’s impossible to build a portabilzed version.

LCD Display Add-on for Raspberry Pi For stand alone usage of the Raspberry Pi a PC monitor and keyboard is sometimes too big. For applications like musicplayer, webradio, remotesensing, … a small display and a few buttons are more suitable. So here ist the Raspi-LCD: 1,8″ Black/White graphic display128×64 pixelWhite LED backlight5 buttonsSourcecode (C) with “driver” functions and font is available (see video)Demoapplication works without special kernel patches on standard distribution Schaltplan (Raspi-LCD-SCHEMATIC.pdf)

Android Robot - Download and make! Add to Cart to download this kit for free ! Download, print out and make your own Android robot. This poseable robot is available for everyone to download for free. Raspberry Pi » The Rantings and Ravings of a Madman So lately, I’ve been trying to use one of my Raspberry Pis as a WiFi bridge. That is connecting the Pi to a WiFi network, and sharing it out via the ethernet port. I was trying to do that with the RT5370 USB sticks that I was also using to broadcast hotspots. With the default drivers in Raspbian however, trying to add wlan0 to a bridge results in this message can't add wlan0 to bridge br0: Operation not supported According the the drivers, wlan0 can’t do it. RPi Guides Back to the Hub. Community Pages: Tutorials - a list of tutorials. Bluetooth BERO robot inspired by Android mascot If you've ever wanted your very own working Android robot, this Kickstarter project is something to watch. Reality Robotics is fishing for funding for Be the Robot (BERO), a pint-size bot you can control with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. The programmable droid was inspired by the Android mascot, but since Google hasn't officially given its blessing to the project, it looks a little different.

Quick start guide What you will need Required SD CardWe recommend an 8GB class 4 SD card – ideally preinstalled with NOOBS. You can buy a card with NOOBS pre-installed, or you can download it for free from our downloads page.Display and connectivity cablesAny HDMI/DVI monitor or TV should work as a display for the Pi . RPi VerifiedPeripherals Back to the Hub. Hardware & Peripherals: Hardware and Hardware History.

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