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Amazon Mechanical Turk - Welcome

Amazon Mechanical Turk - Welcome
Ask workers to complete HITs - Human Intelligence Tasks - and get results using Mechanical Turk. Get Started. As a Mechanical Turk Requester you: Have access to a global, on-demand, 24 x 7 workforce Get thousands of HITs completed in minutes Pay only when you're satisfied with the results

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How Loon Works – Project Loon – Google Envelope The inflatable part of the balloon is called a balloon envelope. A well-made balloon envelope is critical for allowing a balloon to last around 100 days in the stratosphere. Loon’s balloon envelopes are made from sheets of polyethylene plastic, and they measure fifteen meters wide by twelve meters tall when fully inflated. When a balloon is ready to be taken out of service, gas is released from the envelope to bring the balloon down to Earth in a controlled descent. Bottery - Archigram Archival Project Get LAWUN [Locally Available World Unseen Networks] onto your lawn – Could the whole world be an all-green-grass-sphere? If you had a quiet chuckle over Electronic Tomato or Manzak then take a fast look under your bed or your better-than-real-leather Naugahyde chair and check that MOWBOT isn’t sleeping there, purring like some overloved kitten waiting to chew up your carpet when you go out the door.

QuickTate : Transcribers Thank you for your interest in typing and analyzing files for Quicktate and iDictate! Who we are Quicktate transcribes voicemail messages, memos, letters, legal files, medical files, recordings of phone calls, conference calls and other audio files. Quicktate also audits, summarizes, evaluates and analyzes audio recordings and phone conversations. Some audio files, like voicemail messages, may average just 2-3 minutes in length, while other recordings may be significantly longer, perhaps several hours. IDictate transcribes all types of files, except for voicemail messages. Turing Test Introduction This scheme of work has been designed as an introduction to text-based programming using Python on the Raspberry Pi. By the end of all the lessons, students will have created an interactive chat bot and been introduced to the computer science concept of artificial intelligence. This scheme of work is specifically targeted towards introductory KS2 Computing, although these lessons could be used as a wider scheme of work at KS3.

UserTesting What do I need to get started? A PC or Mac, an internet connection, and a microphone. You’ll need an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet If you’d like to take Mobile tests Ability to download our testing software You must be at least 18 years old Ability to speak your thoughts aloud in English How much money can I make? While UserTesting is a great way to earn a few extra dollars on the side, it won’t make you rich. MIT Technology Review’s 50 Smartest Companies 2015, from Tesla to Uber Massive solar panel factories. Fertility treatments. Friendly robots. Meet the companies reshaping the technology business. Sometimes we hear that technology companies have lost their ambition. Spiral Jetty 2007. New work by Stanza Spiral Jetty 2007 This work developed out of my research fellowship at goldsmiths in converstion with Janis Jefferies. This is a live visualisation of the city.

Freelance Transcription Introduction Brief Home-based job, work at your convenience $10/audio hour pay rate, USD Short files, 6 minutes or less 2 hours TAT for each file Promotion to Reviewer if performance is good Monthly Bonus of $10 for every 3 hours completed No obligations, no monthly commitments or withdrawal limits We don't assign; instead you pick and choose the files to work on Overview MirandaSoft!: Raspberry Pi Project: Dedicated S At first, you will probably say, "that project is too easy". In a way, you're only partly right. Let's take away that mouse and those fancy graphics.

NameStation NameStation makes finding available domains easier and faster. Choosing a name is ultimately a creative decision, but we have automated a number of tasks to take the frustration out of domain search. NameStation creates relevant name ideas, provides search guidance, keyword suggestions and name variations. Writing Opportunities As a writer, you know how hard it is to build your portfolio while writing about things you love. Where can you start? Skyword allows you to combine your passions, expertise, and writing skills to publish content on leading brand and media company websites. Our platform and staff make it easy for you, which puts the focus on where it belongs: your creative process. Build an audience through social promotion and enhance your career—and your bank account—one article at a time. Start writing today for some of the world’s leading brands including:

NOOBS New Out Of Box Software If you’re a beginner with a Raspberry Pi, things just got a whole lot easier. We started this project with the premise that throwing people in at the deep end and making them jump hurdles, to mix my sporting metaphors, is a good way to get them to learn stuff. It is: but it can also put some people off, sometimes terminally. And we don’t want people to put their Raspberry Pi down in horror after five minutes. So with this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to NOOBS. NOOBS is a way to make setting up a Raspberry Pi for the first time much, much easier. TC - Enrolment Process At Templestowe College we believe that the best way to decide if this school is right for you is to have an individual discussion with us where we talk about what you and your family want from your child's education. This will include a tour of the school with our Principal, Peter Hutton, where you can see our learning community in operation rather than a special program conducted on an Open Day. We do appreciate that some families who are making initial enquiries may like to just look around and hear what is happening from the Principal. We think it is always best to see schools in operation so we conduct our tours during the week commencing at 9.15am that run for approximately 1.5 hours.

Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space - ASCA - University of Amsterdam June 18-20, 2014 – University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (funded by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Science) Organizers: José van Dijck & Thomas Poell Confirmed keynote speakers: Lance Bennett, Tarleton Gillespie, Alfred Hermida, Hallvard Moe Discussants: C.W.

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