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Location Magic - Track & Locate your Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Mac, Ubuntu without GPS. Raspberry Pi & Dropbox. Bonjour à tous, comment allez-vous?

Raspberry Pi & Dropbox

Un peu mieux que moi j’espère… Je me retrouve coincé chez moi pour une semaine ou plus à cause d’un limbago. Certes je ressemble à un petit vieux de 90 ans, il ne manque plus que la canne, par contre mon cerveau tourne encore bien… Alors autant en profiter pour rédiger un article… Comme le suggère le titre, aujourd’hui on va parler de stockage en ligne sur le Rasberry Pi. En effet c’est toujours un problème de transférer des fichiers depuis son Raspberry Pi vers un ordinateur ou inversement… Je vous avais déjà donné quelques façons de ce faciliter la vie : – Raspberry Pi : Routeur Edimax EW-7811UN Nano – Lire les partitions /ext /etx4 sur Mac et Windows Dans cet article je vais donc vous expliquer comment installer Dropbox sur votre Raspberry Pi et bien entendu comment vous en servir. Sauf que cette version de Dropbox pour Linux ne fonctionne pas sur architecture ARM et donc pas moyen de la faire tourner sur notre Raspberry Pi… Pré-requis : cd /home ls.

Hi-Fi Audio via AirPlay on Raspberry Pi. Originally published January 29, 2013.

Hi-Fi Audio via AirPlay on Raspberry Pi

Now updated with latest Shairport libs, depedencies, and installation instructions. After getting my Raspberry Pi last week, I set out to make it do something useful in the interim before a more compelling creative lightning bolt hits me. Luckily, nerds & neckbeards with smarts beyond the scope of my own ability have done the heavily lifting necessary to turn a Raspberry Pi into a cheap AirPlay receiver. In the footnotes of Jordan Burgess' fantastic piece on the topic, he writes that sound quality out of the Pi's 3.5mm stereo jack suffers because the Pi's hardware uses pulse wave modulation to output a signal to the jack. He was right. Since the culprit is suspected to be a "dirty" PWM, I thought that the option of using an external USB sound card would amend the white noise problem and offer me CD-quality audio to boot.

Assumptions What I'll Be Covering Shairport Daemon Setup This section is a blend of Trouch & Burgess' write-ups. Adblock Everywhere: The Raspberry Pi-Hole Way. Turn a cheap Raspberry Pi into a network-wide ad blocker.

Adblock Everywhere: The Raspberry Pi-Hole Way

If you’re tired of AdBlock Plus slowing your browser down, this DNS-based option is a great alternative that works on any device. Unlike other solutions, this filters the web before it gets to your device, meaning you can block ads on your iPad or Android without the need for jailbreaking or rooting. A company called AdTrap sells a little white box that blocks ads for $129, but you shouldn’t buy it – a $35 Raspberry Pi and an SD card are all you need to make your own hardware ad blocker for every device on your network.

Here’s why Pi-Hole is a better idea than browser extensions, and how to set it up. Max Ogden Blogotronz. An updated, wireless version of the kindleberry using the kindle paperwhite Recently I got to go down to Australia to attend an awesome conference called CampJS.

Max Ogden Blogotronz

It isn't really a conference, actually, but instead a bunch of programmers in the woods for a few days hacking on side projects and learning new things. Pi n chips. Raspberry Pi & Arduino are the brains of this automated DIY vertical hydroponic garden. Combining common hardware store parts with readily available micro-controllers yields an automated vertical hydroponic garden system for indoors or outdoor growing.

Raspberry Pi & Arduino are the brains of this automated DIY vertical hydroponic garden

Got garden fever but the cold and snowy weather is keeping you inside? Here's one antidote, at least for the DIY crowd: build a robotic vertical garden for automated indoor gardening! The Robotic Urban Farm System (RUFS), from Paul Langdon of BLT Robotics, calls for parts readily available from most hardware stores for building the growing system itself, and then integrates several Arduino micro-controllers and a Raspberry Pi for automation and monitoring of the system. The vertical hydroponic garden, which has space for "up to 160 plants" in an area of about 25 square feet, uses PVC pipe and gutter parts for the frame, which are easily sourced and can be worked with mostly basic tools (though an electric heat gun is required for one step).

Find out more about the RUFS vertical garden system at BLT Robotics. How to set up a secure Raspberry Pi web server, mail server and Owncloud installation. How to stream media to your Raspberry Pi — Raspberry Pi. Have you ever wanted to stream music, video or even your screen to your TV?

How to stream media to your Raspberry Pi — Raspberry Pi

You can do this with an Apple TV, but you may not have one, or want to spend out on one. You may already own a device capable of doing this though- a Raspberry Pi. VMLite have recently developed some software called rPlay, which allows you to use a Raspberry Pi as an AirPlay device. Previously, you could use an XBMC based OS, like OpenELEC or Raspbmc to stream music, and video although unreliably. But rPlay is different, it actually works well and even lets you use the AirPlay Mirroring functionality, so you can mirror your iDevice or Mac screen to your Pi wirelessly! If you would like to try it out yourself, here’s what you need to do: Flash an SD Card with the latest version of Raspbian (You can find instructions on on how to do this) and connect to the Internet, a power supply and a screen.Make sure everything is up to date:

Raspberry Pi Shairport build instructions - Useful Snippets. 2013-08-31 This post has been updated with new build instructions.

Raspberry Pi Shairport build instructions - Useful Snippets

Below you will find instructions on how to build the Preconfigured Airplay speaker (Shairport) image. You may also find a thread about this build in the Raspberry Pi Forums. The image assumes you’re starting out with the the standard Raspbian install. If you are starting out with Raspbmc as a base, read this additional information when you get stuck. Raspberry Pi Shairport build instructions - Useful Snippets.

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