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Vegetarian Recipes - Great food, good health, smart living from

Vegetarian Recipes - Great food, good health, smart living from
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Vegetarian Recipes | Skip to Main Content PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Animals are not oursto eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. Vegan Food White Castle’s Veggie Sliders Are Now Vegan The times they are a-changin’, as burger chains such as White Castle offer vegan options. Read More Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream | Elana's Pantry | CC by 2.0 21 Reasons That New England Is the Place to Be for Vegan Ice Cream All of these shops carry vegan sorbet or ice cream options. Read More Want to Live Longer? These “Vegiterranean” recipes can help you get that healthy Mediterranean glow. Read More Celebs and Supporters Love PETA’s 35th Anniversary Menu PETA celebrated 35 years of victories for animals with a unique plant-based menu. Read More © Sweet Earth Foods Sweet Earth’s Newest Sammie Just Made Breakfast More Fun Spice up your morning with Sweet Earth’s new breakfast sandwich. Read More 31 Vegan Recipes for Every Day in October Read More © The Cheesecake Factory Read More Read More f

Appon's Thai Food Recipes The Chic Chef: Basic Salmon, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, and Mashed Cauliflower Hey girls! It’s a new week, and I’m here with three more awesome recipes to add to your repertoire. After the last few weeks of heavy, sugary, and buttery holiday treats, I’m craving something lighter, and well, more New Year’s Resolution-friendly. Salmon is loaded with omega-3s and oodles of good fats – the kind that flushes out bad cholesterol and gives you shiny hair and clear skin. Sure, the sprouts are seasoned with a dash of sugar and the cauliflower calls for some creamy fats, but personally, I see nothing wrong with adding a small amount of decadent ingredients to otherwise healthy items. As always, leave a comment and tell us what you think of these recipes, and any tweaks or secrets that you’ve learned while making dishes similar to these. Let’s get cooking! Basic Salmon Adapted from the Pioneer Woman What You’ll Need A salmon filet (usually 1 lb lasts me 3-4 meals, depending on how hungry I am!) How to Make It That’s right, do it – just walk away! Moist, flakey, and perfect.

Lemony Chickpea Stir-fry Recipe A quick single-skillet stir-fry thrown together with ingredients picked up at the Slow Food Nation Marketplace. There are few things tastier than golden, crusty, pan-fried chickpeas - and this is where we start. It also features chopped kale, summer squash, and a bit of tofu. I should note that I used a great locally produced ghee as the cooking medium. It has a subtle, sweet nuttiness that pairs beautifully with chickpeas and withstands high cooking temperatures nicely. A kiss of lemon juice (and a bit of zest in the pan) at the end of the cooking process sets off a fragrant finale signaling to anyone in the vicinity that it is time to eat. I also can't resist throwing in a quick update about our new Kiva / 101 Cookbooks lending team. - More Chickpea Recipes - - More Zucchini Recipes - - More Main Course Recipes - I used Soy Deli Savory Organic Tofu here, but plain is fine too. Serves 2 - 4. Print Recipe

A Vegetarian Pantry : Recipes and Cooking Like everyone else, vegetarians are busy people. The best way to make sure you eat well is to keep your kitchen fully loaded. Stock up on these fresh, frozen and packaged foods and you'll be ready to make a delicious, healthy vegetarian meal any day of the week. Fruits and Veggies Fresh fruits and veggies should cycle through the vegetarian's kitchen daily. During warmer months, visit your local farm stand for peak produce; pick up extra berries, tomatoes, corn and more to can or freeze. Fill your refrigerator with dark leafy greens such as kale, chard and spinach (good for iron and calcium) and fresh citrus such as oranges, lemons and grapefruits (good for vitamin C). Grains Eat at least three servings a day, but more is better when it comes to whole grains. Whole wheat flourCornmeal (for polenta)Steel cut oats (for baking and cereal)BulgurBarleyFarroQuinoaMilletBrown, black and red rice Beans Dry or canned, beans are perfect pantry keepers. Gluten Foods

smitten kitchen | baby food Monday, October 18, 2010 summer squash soup A couple months before the baby turned one, I freaked out: Wait, I’m expected to keep a small child alive on human food? I am unprepared! How is this done? Why don’t they cover this in parenting classes? And so begins the next “phase” of this sporadically updated site: the one in which I try to feed a tiny human real food, with sustenance. Continued after the jump » Thursday, September 23, 2010 finger foods I’m pretty sure it happened overnight. [I'm sorry baby, but the last thing you we the neighbors need is something to keep you up at night.] And we haven’t eaten them same since. Continued after the jump » Tuesday, August 31, 2010 moroccan-ish carrots and yams Friends, I didn’t mean to abandon you. Continued after the jump » Wednesday, June 30, 2010 mango banana sauce Continued after the jump » Friday, June 18, 2010 first spinach with white yams Continued after the jump »

The Chic Chef: Better-Than-Fried Roasted Chicken, Baby Potatoes, and Beet and Goat Cheese Salad Photo Credit: ELLE Hey girls! It’s a new week and a new year, and I’ve got three more easy and delicious recipes to add to your repertoire. If you’re a Pinterest-a-holic like me, you’re bound to have come across at least 10 different chicken recipes that claim to be “better than fried.” Baby yellow potatoes have a naturally sweet and buttery taste to them, so roasting them up with just a little salt and pepper is all you really need to do to make them great. Balance out the savory chicken and hearty potatoes with a green salad, spiked with beets and goat cheese. Let’s get right to it! Crispy Roasted Chicken Thighs I wouldn’t exactly call this recipe a light or low fat dish, but it does taste amazing and is a heck of a lot easier to make than deep-friend chicken. What You’ll Need How to Make It You read that correctly, I want you to use chicken thighs for this recipe rather than chicken breasts, and I’m sure you’re wondering why. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Why the butter?

VegFamily magazine - Raising Vegan Children, Vegan Pregnancy, and Vegan Recipes Kim O'Donnel - Licking Your Chops It’s the eve of America’s love fest with fire, flags and frankfurters. Before we get this red-white-and-blue jamboree started, let’s inhale some pre-barbecue air and fasten our food safety seat belts. The pointers that follow may seem ridiculously obvious, but they bear repeating; in the heat of the charcoaled moment, some of the smartest people I know start doing stupid stuff like this guy: So, before you don those beer googles, do put on that thinking cap and wear it all weekend if you can, particularly if food and the great outdoors are involved. A handful of my tried-and-true tips for safe outdoor feasting: 1. 2. 3. 4. Keep in mind these temperature checkpoints: Medium rare is 125 or so; medium is 135ish and well-done is 160 degrees. 5. Champing at the bit for more Fourth Feasting tidbits? Here’s to a safe and scrumptious Fourth weekend!

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