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Russificate. Learn Russian Online. Learn Russian via Skype.

Russificate. Learn Russian Online. Learn Russian via Skype.

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Apply to Become a Translator The OLH is keen to support the open access dissemination of high quality scholarship from around the world, published in languages other than English. Our Internationalisation Committee has been discussing various different routes towards achieving this goal. It is crucial that we build a strong structure of academics, editors and translators who can support the peer review editorial process and translation of articles. We therefore welcome applications from any individuals or organisations interested in becoming OLH Translators – in any language.

Russian Vocabulary Words and Phrases Vocabulary words and phrases: Vocabulary is the key to learning a language. Oftentimes, the mastery of a foreign language is measured by the number of words that you know. While the grammar is finite and it's possible to learn all the rules of the Russian grammar, the vocabulary is endless and it's hardly possible to learn all the words existing in the Russian language. How to Learn Russian in 5 Simple Steps - LanguageBoost Let me share with you a story… A few years ago I was making a long journey through Eastern Europe. We ended up spending some time in Odessa, a city the south of Ukraine where most people speak Russian. I was together with my polyglot-friend Conor Clyne who speaks Russian. Conor had been to Odessa many times before, so getting around town was easy for me, Conor arranged everything.

Off the wall: Misha Most’s street art comes to London Moscow-based contemporary artist Misha Most brings his satirical street art to London gallery Lazarides Rathbone. Originally Posted at on 14 August 2014 TEXT Alexis Zimberg PHOTOS Alexis Zimberg, Misha Most, Lazarides Rathbone Gallery Part of The Warning exhibition. About » About emerges in part out of interest in a set of theoretical topics – the ontology of the work of art, the question of intentionality, the ongoing appeal of different and sometimes competing materialisms – and in part out of opposition to the dominant accounts of those topics. Today, the various theoretical forms of neoliberalism – from the postmodern to the posthuman, from the new historicism to the new pluralism – have become so pervasive that they are nearly invisible. seeks first to make them visible and then to make them less pervasive. Our goal is to criticize what is and replace it with what we think ought to be.

An On-line Russian Reference Grammar Preliminaries IntroductionThe Cyrillic Alphabet Rules of Pronunciation The Basic Spelling Rules of Russian The Parts of Speech The Russian Verb Verb Stems and Endings Rules of Combination Verbal Accent Patterns Mutant Consonants Verbal Aspect Verbal Aspectual Pairs (New!) Verbs of Motion Verbs of Position Reflexive Verbs Participles The Russian Noun Proper Russian: Why Russians Are Not Smiling A German friend once asked me,"Why are Russian people so gloomy? Nobody smiles here”. I looked around and noticed that indeed, almost nobody in the Moscow subway was smiling. I said, "Why should they?” My friend raised his eyebrow in astonishment and changed the subject.

Projects - Institute of Modern Russia Details Contributing to political discourse is an important part of our work. Speaking directly to policymakers, political analysts, the media, and the general public helps generate ideas and stimulate debate on a number of crucial issues regarding Russia.