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Russificate. Learn Russian Online. Learn Russian via Skype.

Russificate. Learn Russian Online. Learn Russian via Skype.

Сертификационное Тестирование Института Пушкина Проблемами сертификации уровней владения русским языком как иностранным, организацией и проведением сертификационных тестовых экзаменов в Государственном институте русского языка им. А.С. Пушкина занимается Центр языкового тестирования и содействия миграционной политике. Мы находимся по адресу: UT2J - Section Slavistique - Russophonie-russophilie imprimer L'AFR- Association Française des Russisants C'est le site le plus complet destiné à tous ceux que la Russie intéresse: défense de l'enseignement, des échanges culturels, informations en lien avec la culture russe, le russe dans le monde professionnel, lien avec les associations, liste de diffusion... Accès au site Les jeunes russisants

“There is no greater fallacy going than that art is expression”: or, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” In a September 1929 letter to his friend Sidney Cox, Robert Frost writes: “There is no greater fallacy going than that art is expression—an undertaking to tell all to the last scrapings of the brain pan.” I’d like to poke around a little and inquire into certain conditions of “authorship” that justify Frost’s dismissal of this “fallacy.” The incompatibility of pure “expression” and “composition” stems first of all from the transformation—described by T.S. Eliot, Frost, and other poets—of the subjective into the objective. I have in mind here the operation of “extrinsic” or “impersonal” motives upon “intrinsic” and “personal” ones.

Learn Russian Language - Beginning to Advanced Russian Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling " Digital storytelling is a technology application that is well-positioned to take advantage of user-contributed content and help teachers overcome some of the obstacles to productively using technology in their classrooms." -Bernard Robin