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Russificate. Learn Russian Online. Learn Russian via Skype.

Russificate. Learn Russian Online. Learn Russian via Skype.
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Сертификационное Тестирование Института Пушкина Проблемами сертификации уровней владения русским языком как иностранным, организацией и проведением сертификационных тестовых экзаменов в Государственном институте русского языка им. А.С. Пушкина занимается Центр языкового тестирования и содействия миграционной политике. Мы находимся по адресу: 117485 Россия, Москва, ул. Мы работаем в области сертификации уровней владения русским языком как иностранным с 1992 г. За это время были разработаны 6 уровней владения русским языком повседневного общения для взрослых(по европейской шкале – уровни А1-С2), 6 уровней владения русским языком повседневного общения для детей школьного возраста (по европейской шкале – уровни А1-С2), 3 уровня владения русским языком делового общения (В1-С1) и 4 уровня владения русским языком в международном туристском бизнесе (РЭТ-0 –РЭТ-3). Для подготовки к тестированию изданы учебные материалы, методические пособия и тренировочные тесты.

Learn Russian Language - Beginning to Advanced Russian you found me. | game designer, author, future forecaster, PhD “There is no greater fallacy going than that art is expression”: or, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” | The Era of Casual Fridays In a September 1929 letter to his friend Sidney Cox, Robert Frost writes: “There is no greater fallacy going than that art is expression—an undertaking to tell all to the last scrapings of the brain pan.” I’d like to poke around a little and inquire into certain conditions of “authorship” that justify Frost’s dismissal of this “fallacy.” The incompatibility of pure “expression” and “composition” stems first of all from the transformation—described by T.S. Eliot, Frost, and other poets—of the subjective into the objective. I have in mind here the operation of “extrinsic” or “impersonal” motives upon “intrinsic” and “personal” ones. Richard Poirier (1925-2009) The cover of what remains to this date the best book ever written about Frost Much commentary on “Stopping By Woods” has suggested that the poem expresses, in some way, a desire for self-annihilation. William Pritchard, among the one or two best readers of Frost. From the 1923 edition of "New Hampshire." A few remarks further. N.B.

UT2J - Section Slavistique - Russophonie-russophilie imprimer L'AFR- Association Française des Russisants C'est le site le plus complet destiné à tous ceux que la Russie intéresse: défense de l'enseignement, des échanges culturels, informations en lien avec la culture russe, le russe dans le monde professionnel, lien avec les associations, liste de diffusion... Accès au site Les jeunes russisants C’est le site des étudiants de russe de l’INALCO, une mine d’or pour les apprenants qui souhaitent compléter l’apprentissage en autonomie en suivant les conseils de leurs pairs ! Accès au site Slaventures-partir à l'Est L'agence Russie-Asie, spécialiste du voyage en Russie (et dans d'autres pays de l'Est), propose des stages linguistiques dans plusieurs universités de Russie et des postes d'assistants chaque année sur tout le territoire de la Fédération, en collaboration avec les universités transfère ses activités. la fondation Русский Мир Ce site est destiné à maintenir le lien culturel des communautés russes à l'étranger avec la Russie. Accès au site

Apply to Become a Translator | Open Library of Humanities The OLH is keen to support the open access dissemination of high quality scholarship from around the world, published in languages other than English. Our Internationalisation Committee has been discussing various different routes towards achieving this goal. It is crucial that we build a strong structure of academics, editors and translators who can support the peer review editorial process and translation of articles. We therefore welcome applications from any individuals or organisations interested in becoming OLH Translators – in any language. Please email a 1-2 page CV outlining your current position, translation experience and translated publications, as well as contact details to: ​ We look forward to hearing from you! Image by Ivan McClellan under a CC BY license.

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling " Digital storytelling is a technology application that is well-positioned to take advantage of user-contributed content and help teachers overcome some of the obstacles to productively using technology in their classrooms." -Bernard Robin Post-Soviet Graffiti | Off the wall: Misha Most’s street art comes to London Moscow-based contemporary artist Misha Most brings his satirical street art to London gallery Lazarides Rathbone. Originally Posted at on 14 August 2014 TEXT Alexis Zimberg PHOTOS Alexis Zimberg, Misha Most, Lazarides Rathbone Gallery Part of The Warning exhibition. This summer Moscow street artist Misha Most swapped his usual urban canvas for the inside of a London gallery. The artist at work. This type of disenchantment in Most’s work is not unusual. An illegal work on the October 1993 Russian parliament coup attempt But Most’s work is not just a projection of his own cynicism about revolution and ideology. Most is no newcomer to the art world. On Novy Arbat from the series Collapse (2012) Warsaw Street Art 2007 Orange Revolution In his early 30s now, Most understands that mass chaos rarely ends well; he is sceptical of revolution everywhere, not just the Russian sort. The author and the artist at his home inside Narkomfin. 2013. Like this article?