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Inspirationfeed - be inspired!

Inspirationfeed - be inspired!
How to Promote Your Work on Behance As many of you already know, Behance is a world leader in helping creatives around the world promote their work. On Behance you can showcase your best works, connect with others, and build your reputation among fellow designers and artists. One could even argue that Behance has become a hotspot... continue reading Want to Learn a New Language?

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theoatmeal All artwork and content on this site is Copyright © 2015 Matthew Inman. Please don't steal. was lovingly built using CakePHP All artwork and content on this site is Copyright © 2015 Matthew Inman. Take The Initiative and Create Your Own Projects - Smashing Magazine Advertisement During my last job with a large corporation, people started to get laid off. Many fellow creatives came to me, as they had no idea what they would do if they were let go. I had come to that small city from New York and my experience was varied and impressive to those who started their careers with this company.

20 Creative Resume Designs Which Will Amaze Any Potential Employer A great showcase design post of some truly creative and inspiration CV designs which im sure would blow away any potential employer. The post focus on creative designs which make use of creative layout and designs which focus on colour. We would love for you to share within the comments your favourite designs from the post 1.My Resume 2.Creative Resume I Designed for Class 30 Tips for Writing CSS CSS has given an unmatched flexibility to us for doing styles without lengthy coding. Now we don’t have to approach programmers for minor changes in our website. You just need a go through basics for the introductory knowledge in CSS and Hurray! You can also become a stylist of your website. Learn some really cool tips here.

27 More Outstanding Resume Designs – Part II at DzineBlog Learn how to earn $125 or more per hour as a freelancer - Click Here Looking for hosting?. We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. Use Code MTLOVESDESIGN for 20% off In our first resume gallery we included a lot of professional layouts. Graphics designers, illustrators, web developers, and all digital professionals are constantly looking to the cutting edge.

Reimagining the Door Feb 12, 2014 Austrian artist Klemens Torggler is reimagining the door. His designs are based on rotating squares without the use of tracks. The door displayed in the video above (and images below) is entitled Evolution Door. The two halves of the door are attached by pivots at the bottom and top of the frame and a hinge in the middle. Torggler has been working on the design for years, experimenting with various materials such as glass, wood and steel. 60 Beautiful Logo Designs For Design Inspiration A Logo is a graphical element that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a trademark or commercial brand. Typically, a logo’s design is for immediate recognition. The logo is one aspect of a company’s commercial brand, or economic or academic entity, and its shapes, colors, fonts, and images usually are different from others in a similar market. Logos are also used to identify organizations and other non-commercial entities.

World map of power plug types [infographic] - Holy Kaw! Nothing like getting to that exotic locale and realizing you didn’t pack the right plug. Rather than feel powerless, check this world map from Easysmart before you go and pack accordingly! Via Easysmart. Power up with infographics!

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