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Digital Nation | FRONTLINE A personalized PBS video experience is only a few clicks away. Use one of the services below to sign-in to PBS, and you'll be able to manage videos in your Watchlist, keep track of your favorite shows, watch PBS in high definition, and much more! You've just tried to add this video to your Watchlist so you can watch it later. But first, we need you to sign-in to PBS using one of the services below. You’ll be able to manage videos in your Watchlist, keep track of your favorite shows, watch PBS in high definition, and much more! You've just tried to select this program as one of your favorites. To get you watching PBS in high definition we need you to sign-in to PBS using one of the services below. You'll be able to manage videos in your Watchlist, keep track of your favorite shows, watch PBS in high definition, and much more! We have updated our registration process.

Breakout List 2017 — High potential opportunities □□ change management - docstoc Congratulations! You Have Discovered a Docstoc Certified Search Term We've carefully selected these results for "change management" from our premium content Filter by Document Type Language Results for change management 522 results for Documents SEE ALL » Packages SEE ALL » Videos SEE ALL » Videos Managing Change at Work ► WATCH » Views: 26 Documents The best documents & resources to start and grow a business. How are you planning on using Docstoc? By registering with you agree to our privacy policy and terms of service, and to receive content and offer notifications. Already a member? Sign Into your Account Not a member yet? Best Mentoring Software | 2016 Reviews of the Most Popular Systems 2,000+ businesses use Capterra each week to find the right software. You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Graduway has transformed the way alumni stay in touch with their alma mater and each other. Graduway makes it easy to have your own branded web and mobile networking and mentoring platform. By combining the power of your brand with the connectivity of social networks, Graduway will help you find your lost alumni, keep your data fresh, and critically maximize engagement and donations. Proven alumni networking platforms that maximize engagement while minimizing the effort of your organization. Almabase helps colleges all over the world quickly build sophisticated alumni websites packed with tools for mentorship, fundraising, events, careers and a lot more. A full-fledged and customised alumni website for your college/school to help you re-connect and engage with your alumni. The mobile coaching app that is leading the digital evolution of coaching.

Entrepreneurs: Beware of Vanity Metrics - The Conversation - Har by Eric Ries | 12:10 PM February 8, 2010 In previous posts, we discussed the common challenges that entrepreneurs face — from those in the garage to innovators inside large companies. In order to tell if we’re making progress, we turned our attention from the outputs of models — from things like gross revenues and profits — to the inputs, insisting that the path to successful innovation is to prove the viability of the concept in micro-scale. The idea is simple. But this leaves a very difficult problem still to be solved: How do we know that these changes are what actually effect change in the metrics that we’re observing? This is the curse of vanity metrics, numbers which look good on paper but aren’t action oriented: website hits, message volume, or “billions and billions served.” Consider a scenario where a team makes a product change, and the very next month page views go up. To avoid falling into this trap, I recommend you follow the three A’s of metrics.

Welcome to The Outline | The Outline Welcome to The Outline, a new kind of publication for a new kind of human. We made this thing because we believe that the right story told in the right way can change someone's life. But telling the right stories for right now — and telling them in a way that's meaningful and modern — isn't going to happen by itself. We have to make it happen. I'm not going to bore you with every tiny detail, but by now it should be rather clear that something is broken in the way the media functions and in what is expected of a media organization. Our foundational reason for building The Outline is that we're really excited about putting something into the world that wasn't there before. But we’re not telling any of these stories just because there’s space to fill in your day. If we have a central goal, it's to feed your curiosity and intelligence every day with as much respect and honesty as possible. What we're building Where this goes next The future is scary and wonderful and weird. Who made this?

#TED2010: What the World Needs Now sign in Report Bag #TED2010: What the World Needs Now A new decade. An ongoing global financial crisis. It's a time to regroup, re-evaluate -- and then to dream. Edit Bag Bag Privacy Options Private: Bag will only be visible and searchable by you. created February 08, 2010 BagTheGOOD joined 01/19/2010 82 bags Weblink Items (34) The 10 Best Talks from TED 2010 | Technology on GOOD Every year, the technology, entertainment, and design worlds' most inspired movers and shakers convene in Long Beach, California, for a week of forward thinking revelry. Chris Anderson: How web video powers global innovation | Video on TED's Chris Anderson says the rise of web video is driving a worldwide phenomenon he calls Crowd Accelerated Innovation -- a self-fueling cycle of learning that could be as significant as the invention of print. TED Curator Chris Anderson at TED2010 February 9-13, 2010, in Long Beach, California. Bizmore: Chris Anderson: The Art of the TED Talk [Interview] Young and Brilliant TEDx

Foundler – Online Startup Weekends Where Social Learning Thrives | Learn at All Levels | Fast Compa Social learning is not just the technology of social media, although it makes use of it. It is not merely the ability to express yourself in a group of opt-in friends. Social learning combines social media tools with a shift in the corporate culture, a shift that encourages ongoing knowledge transfer and connects people in ways that make learning a joy. Social learning thrives in a culture of service and wonder. If a culture is focused on service, the most pressing question is, "How can I help you?" Yet in most classrooms, young people are prevented from helping each other learn and succeed. Part of why we are not better at helping one another learn and grow is that our attention is spread thin. Social learning is accelerated when we give our attention to individuals, groups and projects that interest and energize us. Requests for help, feedback and insight can be made without burden, without coercion, without fear. Think of asking someone out. [Photos: Flickr userlassi_kurkijarvi]