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100 Books Every Teacher Should Read. I am by habit a bibliophile.

100 Books Every Teacher Should Read

I read at least 25 pages of a book per day which usually turns in to 40-60 books per year. I’ve written a few books myself, and plan to write more. But this list is not about me, it’s really about us as an education community.


Motivate and Inspire. Rita Pierson's "Every Child Needs A Champion" RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us. 404. 30 Great Books for Teachers and Educators. January 2 , 2015 Since its inception last year, our Pinterest board ‘Great Books for Teachers’ have grown so much in popularity with more than 16k followers and over 170 pins.

30 Great Books for Teachers and Educators

During 2015, we reviewed a number of interesting books covering different topics from project based learning to teachers professional development. Some of these titles have particularly generated so much buzz in our PLNs in social media websites. Below is a selection of some of the most popular books we have reviewed in 2015. Check them out if you haven’t already had the chance to see them. Enjoy Self-development Books for Teachers 1- The Art of Learning: A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence , by Josh Witzkin2- Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning Hardcover , by Peter C. Books on Delivering Successful Presentations Books on Problem-based Learning 1- Problem-Based Learning: An Inquiry Approach by John F. Books on 21st Century Literacies 1- New Literacies: Everyday Practices and Social Learning . 12 Must Watch TED Talks for Teachers. January 11, 2015 TED is another wonderful source of educational and inspirational videos to use in your class and for your professional development.

12 Must Watch TED Talks for Teachers

A few days ago TED released its annual list of the most popular talks of the year featuring a number of interesting presentations covering different topics (e.g ). However, the list we have curated for you below goes beyond’s TED official collection to embed some wonderful talks directly relevant for us in education. We invite you to check it out below and as always share with us your feedback. 8 Characteristics Of A Great Teacher. 8 Characteristics Of A Great Teacher by Ian Lancaster.

8 Characteristics Of A Great Teacher

30 Things To Tell Students You'll Never See Again. What To Tell Students You’ll Never See Again by Terry Heick At the end of every school year, you lose dozens of relationships that changed you.

30 Things To Tell Students You'll Never See Again

StumbleUpon. Don't Quit: 5 Strategies for Recovering After Your Worst Day Teaching. Ice crystallized on the windshield, then a tire burst on the way to school, making you late.

Don't Quit: 5 Strategies for Recovering After Your Worst Day Teaching

By the time you arrived, the computer (with the video clip and presentation cued up) froze. Minutes later, Jason pulled the fire alarm while you tried to catch up on parent emails. During lunch duty, a student was punched in the nose. Taylor Mali: What Do Teachers Make? Has This Teen Created The World's Safest Gun? - Luminaries. When His Project Was Canceled, an Unemployed Programmer Kept Sneaking Into Apple to Finish the Job. By Julia Dahl When an Apple programmer’s project got canceled, he didn’t despair.

When His Project Was Canceled, an Unemployed Programmer Kept Sneaking Into Apple to Finish the Job

He just kept sneaking into the office until the program was finished. Ron Avitzur knew his project was doomed. ‘I wish my teacher knew’ — poignant notes from students. A Colorado teacher who posted notes from her third grade class online and started a social media whirlwind said the assignment has been a revelation for her.

‘I wish my teacher knew’ — poignant notes from students

(Reuters) A third-grade teacher at a Denver elementary school decided to try to get to know her students better — most of whom come from low-income families — and gave them a writing assignment in which she hoped they would reveal something about themselves. Kyle Schwartz called the activity “I wish my teacher knew” — and she wound up learning more than she thought. According to this story by ABC News, Schwartz, who teachers at Doull Elementary School, said: What I Learned From Teachers Who Inspired Me. There is no denying that public and non-public schools are different.

What I Learned From Teachers Who Inspired Me

Yet my interactions with public school teachers have helped shape me into the private school teacher I am today. I encourage you to reach out not just to teachers beyond your own school, but also beyond your type of school. Following are my experiences, which have shown me that best practices have a place in every classroom. 1. Differentiate Instruction As a new teacher, I expected that each student learns the same way, mostly by reviewing the same assigned readings and class notes -- and I did a poor job of differentiating instruction to cater to an individual's unique learning style. 2. Along those lines, I also owe equal gratitude to Mark Barnes, a celebrated teacher and education author, for helping me rethink my classroom management skills -- or lack thereof. 3. Until speaking with Barnes and Wormeli, I rarely allowed students to retake assessments or submit late work for credit. 4. Five top reasons people become teachers – and why they quit.

The statistic that two-fifths of teachers quit within the first five years is often bandied about, even though no one seems quite sure where it comes from.

Five top reasons people become teachers – and why they quit

But new research suggests there’s some truth in it – many of those training to be teachers have considered leaving and don’t expect to see out their careers in the profession. The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) union surveyed its trainee and newly qualified teacher members and found that of those who have considered resigning, 76% cited heavy workloads as the reason. More than 54% said that they did not think they’d be teaching in 10 years’ time and almost a quarter imagined they’d move on in half that time. This may seem disheartening, but some positive statistics also came out of the report. One of the most popular reasons (75%) for joining teaching was a desire to make a difference, and 80% said they taught because they enjoyed working with children. ‘Just hold the bucket’ Principal falls prey to one of the best senior pranks ever. WICHITA, Kansas – Think back to your high school’s senior prank.

Maybe you and your pals slipped a pig into the building or greased all the door handles or turned all the chairs upside-down. So it’s no surprise that Wichita high school Principal Sherman Padgett was reluctant to play along last week when a student showed up and told him to stand in the hallway holding a bucket. “She didn’t say anything about why. She just said ‘hold the bucket,'” the North High School principal told CNN affiliate KWCH.