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Inspire - Focused on design, art, philosophy and architecture (

Inspire - Focused on design, art, philosophy and architecture (

Motivational Quote Monday (28 Photos) » The Drop Kings Start your week on a positive note with some motivational quotes… For some more inspiration check out some motivating posters illustrated by Ryan McArthur… 10 Most Creative Packaging Design One of the things that identifies a product is its packaging. Qualified and differentiated packaging design is a must for a product in today’s highly competitive world. There are hundreds of companies manufacturing the same kind of products, what distinguishes one product from another is its packing design. 10 – Coffin Smoke Box Coffin Smoke Box 09 – Creative Juice Box Creative Juice Box 08 – Dino Teeth Gum Dino Teeth Gum 07 – DKNY Candy Apples Parfume DKNY Candy Apples Parfume 06 – Evian 2005 Limited Edition Bottle Evian 2005 Limited Edition Bottle 05 – Quick Fruit Packaging Concept Quick Fruit Packaging Concept 04 – Pop-Up Popcorn Pop-Up Popcorn 03 – Panasonic Note Box Panasonic Note Box 02 – Creative Milk Carton Creative Milk Carton 01 – Hanger Tea Box Hanger Tea Box

weltunit 50 free Photoshop actions to create stunning effects | Photoshop Adobe's flagship image-editing software Photoshop has a powerful programming language built-in that allows you to record tasks as an 'action' and replay the steps to complete the task automatically. Not only can you record your own but you can also import actions, opening up a whole range of effects and time-saving options – whether you're using an older CS or have signed up to the very latest Creative Cloud version. So to add to our collections of Photoshop plugins and Photoshop resources, here are some great Photoshop actions that are free to download and install, for photographers, graphic designers, game artists and more. Photo filters 01. If your photos just aren't sinister enough for your liking, this free action should make things a little more unsettling. 02. This amusingly-titled action will transform a photo of a perfectly innocent scenario into a window into a dark world. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. Next page: Vintage photo filters

Vibrant Knife Painting - Scene 360 - The Online Film and Arts Magazine Follow @Scene360: What if money was no object? | Onepicten What if money was no object? Source » Place your ad hereLoading... 60+ Most Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Design Business Card is a card printed or engraved with a person’s name and business affiliation. Normally attach on it could be information such like title, address, telephone number and even logo of a company or private. Using Business card is useful in a way to promote yourself on other people. Are you planning to make your own business card but don’t have any idea or some inspirations to start? Here’s a showcase of 60+ Most Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Designs to enhance more your creativity and get inspired. You might also want to check this Revisable & Ready Print Business Card Template Design article and purchase your best pick. 50 Cool Premium Business Card Templates Business Cards Design by: Mathijs Vissers by Malota Projects by: Humanot by Sorin Bechira and Adrian Labos by Design Ranch by: SeedVibe Design by REACTOR by Blue Bird Design by Sliced Orange by by: Edustries by Kristina Miletieva by The Mandate Press by JS3 Design by: emrah serdaroglu by by Depux

Grain & Gram — The New Gentleman's Journal Easy Chalk Ornament Typography in Photoshop We are heading to the last weeks of 2012 and nothing better than getting ready for the new year with a Photoshop tutorial playing with the number 2013. The inspiration for this image was, of course, from one of the trends of 2012: chalkboard typography with ornaments. So in this tutorial we will try to create a stylish ornament typography and then apply a chalkboard effect using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and some vector ornaments. Step 1 Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Step 2 Time to add some ornaments. Start adding ornaments trying to match the letter design, in this case the numbers. Step 3 Keep adding more details. Step 4 You can duplicate the same ornament a few times and connect them. Step 5 Add more ornaments until you few you have a balanced composition. Step 6 The last thing to do is to add the final details like swirls in the end of most of the ornaments. Step 7 Now in Photoshop, create a new document. Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 Go to Filter>Filter Gallery>Angled Stroke.

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