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Favorite Snacks of the Great Writers - Interactive Feature When I sit down to work, I keep a small bowl of garlic croutons on my desk. These are little rewards for good ideas and strong lines, Pavlovian pellets to keep my spirits up. Recently, I began to wonder what fuel writers have relied on, and the answers turned out to be all over the culinary map. Walt Whitman began the day with oysters and meat, while Gustave Flaubert started off with what passed for a light breakfast in his day: eggs, vegetables, cheese or fruit, and a cup of cold chocolate. The novelist Vendela Vida told me she swears by pistachios, and Mark Kurlansky, the author of “Salt” and “Cod,” likes to write under the influence of espresso, “as black as possible.”

Picasso on Intuition, How Creativity Works, and Where Ideas Come From by Maria Popova “To know what you’re going to draw, you have to begin drawing.” “Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work,” painter Chuck Close memorably scoffed. “Show up, show up, show up,” novelist Isabelle Allende echoed in her advice to aspiring writers, “and after a while the muse shows up, too.” Legendary composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky put it similarly in an 1878 letter to his benefactress: “A self-respecting artist must not fold his hands on the pretext that he is not in the mood.” Indeed, this notion that creativity and fruitful ideas come not from the passive resignation to a muse but from the active application of work ethic — or discipline, something the late and great Massimo Vignelli advocated for as the engine of creative work — is something legions of creative luminaries have articulated over the ages, alongside the parallel inquiry of where ideas come from. I don’t have a clue. Matisse does a drawing, then he recopies it.

Talking Pirate Free Triff dich mit der sprechenden Angela in Paris, der Stadt der Liebe und Mode! Mach ihr den Hof und behandle sie wie eine Prinzessin, denn seien wir ehrlich: Sie IST eine Prinzessin. Sprich mit ihr, kauf ihr Geschenke und wähle ihre Kleider aus. Sprechende Angela wird dein Wissen mit den neu hinzugefügten Ratespielen testen. Sie ist jedoch nicht allein in der Stadt. Sprechende Angela ist eine sichere und familienfreundliche App! ★★★ WIE DU MIT ANGELA SPIELST ★★★ ✔ Streichel Sprechende Angela, und sie wird glücklich sein. ✔ Tippe auf das „Geschenk“-Symbol, um ihr Drinks, Accessoires, Kleider, Make-up usw. zu kaufen. ✔ Tippe auf das „Herz“-Symbol und Angela wird dir einen Glückskeks vorlesen. ✔ Tippe auf das „Kleiderbügel“-Symbol, um Angelas Kleiderschrank zu öffnen und sie umzustylen. ✔ Tippe auf das "Gesicht"-Symbol, um die Frontkamera zu aktivieren und mit Angela durch Gesichtsgesten zu kommunizieren (nicke oder schüttle den Kopf, lächle, gähne oder streck deine Zunge heraus).

Play Pokemon - Blue Version online at playR! Play classic games online with playR! Pokemon - Blue Version Your Stuff [up]Up: [down]Down: [left]Left: [right]Right: [s]B: [d]A: [enter]Start: [space]Select: Overview Pokemon Red and Blue are the two initial releases of Nintendo's long-running Pokemon franchise. Bulbasaur, the grass-type starter pokemon. Storyline The basic premise of Pokemon Red and Blue involves a nameable protagonist who sets off on a journey to thoroughly train, catch, trade, and ultimately master as many Pokemon as he can. Gameplay Mechanics Most Pokemon are acquired by "catching" them while they are still out and about in the wild. Typical JRPG gameplay Pokemon Red and Blue's battle system consists of gameplay mechanics which are common with many turn-based Japanese RPGs. Typical battle scene As the Pokemon enter into battles and continue to win them, they gain experience points. With Pokemon, though, it is not always possible to evolve them via leveling up. Venusaur, evolved form of Bulbasaur and Ivysaur. Pokemon List MissingNo.

Cutest Paw Gives You the Cutest Animal Pictures Around the World The Quest For Every Beard Type | Jon Dyer's Blog I’ve been growing a beard every winter for some years now, and every spring, I try to see how many facial hair variations as I can check off from the chart of facial hair types. So far, over 2.4 million people have been following along. Listed below are descriptions of 44 facial hair types including examples of the 39 42 variations that I’ve been able to attain so far. Enjoy! A La Souvarov A sideburn / mustache combo where the sideburn curves downward toward the corner of the mouth and then curves upward into the mustache. Status: Complete (2008) The Anchor A beard without sideburns that extends along jawline and is styled into a point. Status: Complete (2007) Balbo A wide version of the goatee accompanied by an unconnected mustache. Cantinflas The complete opposite of the toothbrush, this mustache is comprised of the two ends of a typical mustache. Status: Complete (2013) Chin Curtain Status: Complete (2004, 2011) Chin Strap Status: Complete (2011) Chin Puff Copstash Standard Dali Ducktail El Insecto

101 Simple Handmade Gift Tutorials These simple handmade gift tutorials will make any crafty person’s heart sing with joy! You don’t need special skills or a bunch of time because these can all be done super fast! Simple and cute…that works for me! Oh, and think of all the money you will save making these gifts. {At least that’s the story I tell my husband…shhhh!} You are going to love these fabulous tutorials!!! You can make all your gifts for years from this list! If you love creative links, please subscribe to Everything Etsy! Thanks so much for all your tweets, stumbles, Facebook likes and pins on my Sewing Tutorials and Free Printables posts…you are the coolest crafty friends! If you want to be doubly awesome, try doing handmade gifts that are also eco-friendly! Handmade gifts make people feel special, don’t you think? ~Kim

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