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AutoCAD Tutorials for free, 2012 2013 Lessons, Videos - a Complete Course If you do not have a copy of AutoCAD, you can download a 30 day evaluation copy from Autodesk. Follow this link, or go directly to their website. You will be downloading AutoCAD 2014 and it will work fine with these tutorials. You can also try other CAD programs like ZWCAD, which are less expensive alternatives. Here are complete lessons divided into 4 levels of learning. WIRELESS PIR MOTION SENSOR ALARM + 2 REMOTE CONTROLS SHED HOME GARAGE CARAVAN This Motion Sensor Alarm is ideal for protecting your property against unwelcome intruders. It can be situated to cover the front door, back door, garage, shed, outbuildings etc. It is also suitable for use on caravans and motor homes.

Top 10 DIY Arduino Projects and HOW-TO Tutorials! Arduino has been widely popular among hackers and DIY-addicts out there for modding/hacking things. For those of you just entering the Arduino world, here’s a bunch of great Arduino tutorials/projects that can help you jump-start your next project. 1) Did you know that you can program/flash your Arduino wirelessly? Spy Hawk gives you an eagle eye in the sky Remote control helicopters were all the rage not too long ago, but how about an even cooler spy plane? RED5 is offering a Spy Hawk plane that has a 5-megapixel camera attached to the nose, able to beam video back to a 3.5-inch screen embedded in the remote control. The plane is capable of being controlled up to 600m away, and you can record video onto a 4GB SD card for later viewing. The Spy Hawk also features a stabilization system that makes it much easier to fly. An “autopilot” switch will turn on a guilty in gyroscope that will keep the plane at the correct altitude, allowing you to terrorize pedestrians from above while recording all the action.

Dimensions on drawings - Cabinet Oblique and Cavalier Oblique. Drawing guides - Radius and radii dimensioning - Positioning of dimensions on Engineering and technical drawings for high school students at KS3, KS4 and KS5 - Design & Technology On The Web - ‘Cabinet Oblique’ In Cabinet oblique the scale (depth) is halved whilst in Cavalier oblique the depth scale is the same as in the X and Y directions. One remaining drawing conventions is Oblique drawing – In this convention the angles used are 45 degrees and 90 degrees. The only difference between the two named styles is in the scale of the dimension going away from the viewer. This first example is Cavalier Oblique and shows the full scale (1:1) in the axis This drawing (shown to the left) is symmetric about the horizontal centre-line.

Sleep Tracking using an Arduino -Arduino for Projects Background and motivation This project was motivated by two things: my almost complete inability to get out of bed in the morning, and my fondness for recording data from routine activities and making graphs with that data. My main problem with waking up in the morning is that feeling of grogginess along with an intense desire to sleep more. However, I’ve noticed that sleeping without an alarm clock, and just waking up whenever I wake up, helps. And I’ve also noticed that sometimes when I wake up I am dramatically more refreshed than usual.

YourDuino NEW! Easy Credit Card Payments. is proud to help sponsor STEMteachersNYC Arduino workshops! More information: STEMteachersNYC <> STEM Teaching Workshop: Controlling the Real World – Arduino Programming Sunday, May 18, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm. Reserve your seat: < WHERE: Columbia Teachers College, 525 West 120 St., New York, NY (#1 train to West 116th St/Columbia Univ., or M4, M5, M11, M60, or M104 buses to West 120th St.) Processing Processing is an open source language/ development tool for writing programs in other computers. Useful when you want those other computers to "talk" with an Arduino, for instance to display or save some data collected by the Arduino. Simple Examples Arduino comes with some basic examples for communicating with Processing (in Examples > Communication). These are useful for when you want to write both Arduino and Processing programs and have them talk to each other. This works best for communicating simple information.

A Simple Guide: 12 steps to Master AutoCAD Many people think that learning AutoCAD is hard. It’s not. Yes, there are many things to learn. Operating an Arduino for a Year from Batteries The Arduino platform is a great product for producing a custom data collection system or controller. Programming is easy via a high-level language and a simple USB connection to the Arduino board. Incredible popularity has brought plenty of publicly available code and many add-on boards for interfacing sensors, storage, and wireless communications.

Played with it a little when I found it, but am using icircuit from the apple app store on my ipad. icircuit seems to work well and helps debug analog ccts. I have also tried icircuit with 74 TTL counters 74161 cascaded and it worked very well. Impressive. I find that some web based apps slow down my computer crash, usually java goes awry. Perhaps it's time to get a newer computer. by oldsirhippy Feb 20

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