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Free BIM Objects / Families

Free BIM Objects / Families
BIM content - Architectural Building Information Modeling (BIM) objects / families / system files, free to download in revit, dwg or dwf formats for use with all major BIM and CAD software including AutoCAD, Sketch-Up, ArchiCAD and others. Formats: RFA- Revit Object | RVT- Revit System | DWG and DXF- AutoCAD, Sketchup - all cad software | DGN- BentleyBy downloading and using any ARCAT BIM content you agree to the following license agreement

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The graphic library for engineers is the content library for every MEP engineer. On this site you will find up-to-date graphic and parametric product information that is ready to use in any BIM process. In close cooperation with all known manufacturers, offers files of the most commonly used products for Revit and CAD. Box of Goodies I’ve realized that the only way to create realistic outdoor scenes is by adding lots and lots of nature elements. Things like trees, flowers, bushes, rocks etc. are essential in making the scene look “believable”. But I also know that creating these things by hand takes a very long time. And not everyone has time to sit down for hours on end and create tree after tree after tree. Which is why I’ve done the hard work for you :)

Revit Tutorial - Site Designer Plugin I attended a class about the Site Designer Plugin by Dan Rosenberg during RTCNA this year for the simple reason of understanding how to get the damn tool to work! For those of you who have attempted or used the Site Designer Plugin you may have found it to be anything but intuitive. Well, Dan was able to break it down and make it at least work. For that, I was glad I attended the class. The concept behind the Site Designer plugin is fantastic. The ability to make accurate (looking) roads, sidewalks, and curbs that automatically follow your toposurface is a no-brainer.

Revit graphics Every second saved in the drawing process is a gain for architects. With that in mind we created the graphical scale family is pre-set with the most common metric scales. The scale is adjustable by selecting the desired type. ADAPTIVE SPIRAL STAIRS I was looking through Zach Kron's parametric patterns series, which is still available on his Buildz website, and well worth a look if you missed it. The INCREMENT SPIRAL caught my eye and I started wondering "how would I convert this into a fully parametric spiral stair" I took the family that Zach created: just a spiral line, with parameters for height, radius, rotation angle. (You can vary the top and bottom radius separately to make a cone, but I just wanted a cylinder.) The goal was to make a spiral surface, divide it, then populate it with curtain panel families that emulate stair treads. The divided surface gives you a neat way to vary the number of vertical divisions.

SketchUp Plugins: Extruding and Offsettin Curved Faces A miraculous plugin that does what you always wanted SketchUp to do.Català - Castellano - DeutschToday is one of those days you are grateful to the SketchUp Ruby community for writing so useful plugins. Thanks to Sanmi, a colleague of mine, I came across these two great plugins for SketchUp.The first one is the Offset on Surface.What this plugin does is to allow us to offset the edges of curved surfaces. See it with a quick example. On the following example, if we try to offset the edges of the curved surface we will get the forbidden sign when we point the tool on top of the curved face. After installing the plugin we will be able to go to Tools - Offset on Surface, like in the above picture. The result we would get would be something like this:

Revit Family Reference Planes IsReference Property Creating families for use in the various Autodesk Revit software packages is an important aspect of implementing and effectively utilizing Revit within an organization. While users that create Revit families are familiar with using Reference Planes to drive the geometry within the family, many users do not understand the purpose of the Is Reference property. This article will look at the various options for the Is Reference property and their purpose. The Is Reference property is pertinent to how the family will be dimensioned when it is loaded and placed in a project. This property will dictate whether the associated Reference Plane is recogized as a dimensionable item in the project, and if so, how strong of a dimensional reference it is. It is an often overlooked property of a family’s reference planes, but has a great impact on dimensioning to the family in a project.

Free CAD Tool / Software - Download here A cookie is a small text file, which is placed on your computer or other device. It makes it possible for us to recognize your computer and gather information about which pages and functions are visited with your computer. Cookies contain only anonymous information. Cookies are used by most websites and are in many cases essential for the website to work properly. Cookies on this website Resources Welcome to the SketchUpArtists resource section where you will find some great links for sites with tutorials and free resources which will help enhance your image editing skills and post-processing techniques. There are also some useful SketchUp ad-dons, unique free software, materials, 3D models and other useful official SketchUp related off-site links. Official SketchUp Sites

Characteristics of Revit Reference Lines Autodesk Revit contains both Reference Planes and Reference Lines, but it seems that most people do not understand or utilize Reference Lines. While Reference Lines are used as control lines for information within a family similar to Reference Planes, they are not a type of Reference Plane. It is its own type of object designed for a separate purpose. Basically, you should use Reference Lines instead of Reference Planes when you need defined endpoints for a work plane. Water pool and Caustics Tutorial First of all big thanks to Deo Saputra for sharing to us the materials on this tutorial.There are very few tutorials when it comes to caustics and we believe you will really get from this one.. Enjoy reading it. 1. important Set Up Global Illumination Environment: Use Text Sky Map with the following settings

Revit Link: Revit Selection Box vs Coins Auto-Section Box I have said it once, and I will say it again, I love my add-ons. Top of the list would have to be COINS Auto-Section Box. I recently had to go without this tool for a week and let me tell you, I really noticed it.