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Photos Public Domain - Free photographs, pictures, clipart & images for any use - Royalty Free Stock Photos Free Design Resource Roundup #1 Resources December 11, 2009 This holiday season, we’ve decided to give more to our readers by starting a series of free design resource roundups. In these roundups, we’ll compile the fresh free picks of the week, from fonts, brushes, patterns, and textures, to contests, giveaways, and tutorials. Hope you like the roundup for this week, and let us know if you’d like us to include other stuff! Brushes Broken Heart Brushes – QBrushes 50+ Free Vintage Photoshop Brush Sets – Naldz Graphics Fonts 30 Useful and Free Dingbats – Web Resources Depot 50 High-Quality Free Fonts – 30 Excellent Fresh Free Fonts – instantShift Friday Fresh Free Fonts #27 – Abduzeedo Giveaways Win a Typography T-Shirt – Comment to Win – Bittbox Wix Unlimited Package Giveaway – WebDesignLedger Icons The Best Free Web Icons for Different Purposes – WebAppers 35 Beautiful Set of Christmas Icons – Onextrapixel 30 Hand-Drawn Web Design Icons – Free Smashing Christmas Icon Set – Smashing Magazine Patterns Textures

How About Orange Here's a look at our upstairs guest bathroom. Last night I covered an accent wall with removable wallpaper. I love it! This bathroom has a peculiar layout. The kind folks at Walls Need Love sent the product to review. Like the Sunburst wallpaper I designed last year, this paper is essentially a giant self-adhesive wall decal, and it's easily to peel off and reposition. I measured the wall and cut a length of paper that would leave a little extra overhang at the bottom. After a couple tries I had it, and then it was just a matter of peeling off the backing paper gradually while smoothing down the paper with the tool provided. I cut another piece to place next to the first panel, overlapping the seam by a quarter inch to match the pattern. Then with a craft knife and straight edge, I trimmed off any overhang that wrapped onto the adjacent walls and baseboard. This stuff is really forgiving if you accidentally get it stuck to itself.

The 30 best sets of free icons Icons are a critical element of UI design and as important a part of your web project as web fonts, but creating custom icons for each project is rarely practical as it's so time-consuming. On the other hand, finding those hidden treasures in a pool of tens of thousands of free icons also takes time. That's why we've stepped in to help out – we've picked out a great selection of free icons, and hopefully you'll find at least a few sets that you can put to good use in your own projects, whether personal or commercial. 85 brilliant Photoshop tutorials 01. iconmonstr The iconmonstr website is a great place to find black and white vector icons. 02. Find Icons helps you track down everything from flat black and white icons to colourful 3D icons. 03. At Icon Archive you'll have to sort the wheat from the chaff to a certain extent, but you are able to sort icons by colour, background colour, size, style and category, and download PNGs in four different sizes. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 11. 12. 13.

Inspiration: Interesting & Unique Typographic Book Covers Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now Books offer graphic designers, illustrators and typographers a great way to expand their portfolios. There are endless possibilities that can be explored when designing for book covers, and often are explored, as can be seen in this post. I’ve had an increased interest in book covers recently after putting together another showcase at The Inspiration Blog on minimalistic book covers, since then I have been browsing for book cover inspiration daily so thought I would share some of my findings here at This showcase presents a collection of 64 typographic book covers, all of which are interesting and are genuinely unique. The books themselves are crossed between a number of Coney Island of the Mind Buy on Amazon Eight Weeks of Bruce Buy on Amazon Estrella Distante Buy on Amazon Exit Ghost Buy on Amazon Hiding Man: A Biography of Donald Barthelme Buy on Amazon We Must Not Slump In Dejection Or Shut Ourselves Away Buy on Amazon Stone

Free Icons Set designed by Brankic1979 - Free psd Brankic1979 About icons A set of 350 pixel perfect glyphs icons, perfect for apps, websites or just about anything you can think of. You may use this icon set for both personal and commercial use, which means this resource can be used in any project without worrying about licensing. But you may NOT distribute our icon set elsewhere without our consent. Some basics We do the best to provide high-quality source of PSDs that are free for both personal and commercial use. Spread the word Download!

Paris Museums Put 100,000 Images Online for Unrestricted Public Use Paris Musées, a collection of 14 museums in Paris have recently made high-res digital copies of 100,000 artworks freely available to the public on their collections website. Artists with works in the archive include Rembrandt, Monet, Picasso, Cézanne, and thousands of others. From Hyperallergic: Paris Musées is a public entity that oversees the 14 municipal museums of Paris, including the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Petit Palais, and the Catacombs. “Making this data available guarantees that our digital files can be freely accessed and reused by anyone or everyone, without any technical, legal or financial restraints, whether for commercial use or not,” reads a press release shared by Paris Musées. What a treasure trove this is. (via @john_overholt) More about...

Tag "Inspiration" on Smashing Magazine Posts Tagged ‘Inspiration’. We are pleased to present below all posts tagged with ‘Inspiration’. Part Seven Design Principles: Compositional Balance, Symmetry And Asymmetry A balanced composition feels right. Balancing a composition involves arranging both positive elements and negative space in such a way that no one area of the design overpowers other areas. Read more... Rekindling Your Passion For Web Design I love being a web designer and I'm incredibly thankful that I decided to join this industry many years ago. Burnout is a very real challenge that we face as web professionals. Read more... Part Six Design Principles: Compositional Flow And Rhythm When someone lands on a page of your site what do you want that person to do? You want potential customers to see the copy that will convince them to buy before they see the "Buy Now" button. Read more... Part Five Design Principles: Dominance, Focal Points And Hierarchy Has a client ever asked you to make the logo bigger? Read more...

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