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This drawing appears in the Sunday, November 10 NY Times Arts & Leisure section alongside this article by Anthony Tomassini. Tomassini explores the unanswerable question of all opera (and for that matter, all fiction): what happens to the characters after the story ends? I had a great time studying some classic operas and speculating about the future of the living (and non-living) characters. I also watched this video for inspiration. Thanks to AD Paul Jean for the gig!

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Countries that excel at problem-solving encourage critical thinking ©Getty OK computer: a unique table method helped pupils learn maths in the UK in 1960 Maths lessons have changed since Tom Ding was at school. Recalling his favourite subject, Ding remembers: “A big pile of textbooks, the teacher taking you through an example, giving you a bit of context and then telling you what page to open the book at.” Marking and Work Scrutiny How would you go about monitoring marking consistency and student progress across a large secondary school; as well as aiming to reduce teacher’s workload? Feedback: Last week I asked you this; Professorial Density Function Coming Soon - Stay tuned for a BIG announcement about an awesome project Jorge is working on! PHD Store - Our store was down for a while, but now it is back! Free excerpt from The PHD Movie 2! - Watch this free clip from the movie that Nature called "Astute, funny"! Watch the new movie!

Library Research Guide to Arab Comic Books and Graphic Novels In September 2014, the American University in Beirut (AUB) began a new academic program focused entirely on the study, archiving, and promotion of Arab comic art. Now they have an online library guide to take you through the collection: From Damluji’s In September of last year, the AUB joined the few other institutions offering degrees and supporting research on comic art. Education Update:Seeing Beyond the Glass Half-Full:Supercharge Parent Communication Throughout my doctoral studies and work as an instructional coach, my observations have exposed me to a variety of best practices. One key to student success is the partnership between schools and families. Technology, I've observed, is a quick and often easy way to strengthen this connection. From apps that allow teachers to provide parents with reminders to blogs where students share projects and schoolwork with parents, the potential for engagement is limitless.

Loïc Sécheresse Filter: comics view all illustration character design advertising corporate Things Could Be Worse I am back and rested from ECCC 2014. Nice to meet so many fine people. This comic-illustration might be of use for those of you who find yourselves in a similar situation wishing to avoid offense. Please visit me at Emerald City Comiccon, table 1214, this weekend! I will have had crumpets & am thus likely to be in good spirits. International Schools International Teaching Magazine Over 20 years ago I made a huge decision to leave the beautiful south coast city of Brighton, home for over 15 years, to go and live and work in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was a big adventure and one of the best things I have ever done. The first few weeks held many new experiences not least of which was learning to speak some basic Bahasa Indonesian.

comiques Summer Song I actually first sketched out this comic last summer but didn’t end up drawing it until now. (& maybe I’m posting it prematurely but idc!!) 3 weeks agoMarch 20, 2014 Well I’m not exactly sure what this is all about but once the idea occurred to me I couldn’t help but to draw it. 1 month agoMarch 7, 2014 I drew this comic last winter for a food magazine but it never ended up running. Why Exactly Does The Government Suck So Badly At Software? Earlier this month the Senate Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government held a hearing in which they called on Steven VanRoekel, the nation’s top chief information officer, to explain why the federal government is so bad at developing and managing IT projects. This wasn't just about the rollout of last year, but also the other 200 major government IT programs that are delayed, over budget, or at risk of catastrophic failures. 1Reaction

Nelson Goodman drowns his sorrows Nelson Goodman drowns his sorrows Nelson Goodman drinks a lot when he's feeling grue. That's when you are really into environmentalism, then you suddenly get really depressed for no reason. Didn't get the joke? Nelson Goodman's concept of 'Grue' was introduced in his book The New Riddle of Induction.

‘Big data’ was supposed to fix education. It didn’t. It’s time for ‘small data.’ (Original photo by Bigstock Washington Post photo illustration) For over a decade, “big data” and “analytics” have increasingly become a part of the education world. (Big data is a term used to describe data sets so large that they can only be analyzed by computers, and analytics is used to describe how the data is collected, analyzed and used.) Big data lovers believe the information can help policy-makers make systemic improvements in student outcomes — but, so far, that hasn’t happened.

gemma correll's tumblr of things and stuff i'm a big fan of your work, but one of your pieces is anti Semitic. "the many faces of a woman at rest" features "resting witch face" and the witch has been depicted with a large nose. the idea of witches having large noses is actually a link to the stereotype of jewish people having large noses, and therefore depicting witches like this is anti semitic due to it's connotations. i love what you do, but please could you alter the witch? I appreciate your respectful response, but as far as I can tell, the witch appearance in European folklore comes more from a fear of aging (particularly female aging) and misogynistic sentiment than anti-Semitism. The large nose was a sign of aging which signified “ugliness” (as well as the green colour of the face and general appearance of the witch in comparison to the young, virginal idealised woman) and therefore “evil” - because of course, old=ugly=bad (so not much has changed, really). - comics by joe list I know it’s been a while since I posted up a load of comics, and for that I’m truly sorry. But I have been drawing comics, a bit. Since my last update I’ve been involved in three glorious publications, pictured above:

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