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Art Graphica - Art drawing lessons online How to draw a tree - tree drawing I would like to use one of my own drawing attempts to introduce two of the "tricks" I have learned from others. One of the very convincing tricks is to combine detailed depiction of important areas with unfinished or blank areas. The second one is to illustrate dimensions,proportion and space by the surrounding of the tree. 1.The tree trunk A trunk looks convincing when the viewer sees how the tree grows out of the earth. Also the play of shadows thrown by the foliage can add a lot to a drawing especially when it´s combined with marks that emphasize the three dimensional form of a stem. 2. 3.Proportion and space The other trees in the background right and behind the main trees are simply there to illustrate the general form and the proportions between stem and crown as well as the space that they fill.

home page of Joseph Zbukvic, Australian master watercolour painter Clopecafé - l'actualité graphique, mode, design et pub. Magazine Lifestyle & Seo The Last of Us Promotional Key Art by Marek Okon Concept artist and Illustrator Marek Okon was kind enough to share some of the promotional key art that he created for The Last of Us, an action-adventure survival horror video game developed by Naughty Dog. Okon has also created promotional images for video game titles such as Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception, Crysis 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Napoleon: Total War. To see more concept art, character and landscapes designs make sure to pre-order The Art of The Last of Us. Link: All images used with permission by the artist. © Naughty Dog, Inc.

Les crayons de couleur de Patrick Rogelet Chapitre 3 La taille de la mine La taille de la mine est une fonction essentielle pour le bon déroulement de la réalisation de l’œuvre. Pour un détail spécifique, on peut donner une forme à la mine qui facilitera sa réalisation. Pour effectuer un trait fin, pourquoi tailler la mine en biseau plutôt qu’en pointe ? Explication à l’aide de schémas : Une astuce permet de prolonger la finesse originelle du biseau en évitant une retaille systématique : Si l’on applique le crayon taillé en biseau à la quasi verticale du papier, on obtiendra une usure normale par élargissement de la surface de contact avec le papier, comme pour une pointe. Explication à l’aide de schémas : Ces explications schématiques sont volontairement exagérées pour une compréhension plus aisée. Le plus souvent j’utilise ce que j’appelle une taille intermédiaire entre la taille en pointe effilée (qui agresse le papier) et le biseau.

L'ABC DU DESSIN et de la PEINTURE МАЛЕНЬКИЙ ОДЕССКИЙ БАЛАГАНЧИК: N.Design Studio | Design Blog & Portfolio Fine Art in Colored Pencil-Peter Kripgans Colorlinkpage...Fine Art Color Pencil, Colored Pencil, Colored Pencil Artists See "Lyra Rembrandt" in Catalogue here My dear friend and Artist Ann Kullberg Nicole Jahan, Colored Pencil Artist has made me to "Artist of the month" on her site! Wunderful Artist Carol Moore's Art Gallery Nicole Caulfield, Colored Pencil Artist - Artist of the month at Scribble Wunderful Artist and friend -Colleen Brown Kay Dewar, member of the board of CPSA This is leading to the website of my dear fellow in art, Artist Karen Cardinal my dear friend and artist Tonia Osborn My dear friend and artist Takako Ines Scheppach, exiting artist from Stuttgart Mike Sibley, a master in graphite pencil - his excellent book is a must for anyone involved in drawing! Another fine Colored Pencil Artist, LeeAnne Hess Belmont! Fine Art by Predatory wildlife art, wolves, mountain lions, birds of prey, pets, people, seascapes. other fine colored pencil artists: Bob Ebdon,wunderful artist and founder of the UKCPS had been chosen as "Scribble" artist of the month. Ann James Massey is president of the UKCPS

Drawing is the Foundation of Botanical Illustration. Foreshortening video featured by John Muir. The single most important thing that a botanical artist must do to make a successful illustration is get the proportions and morphology of the plant correct. The foundation of this is in the drawing. Drawing is so important that if something is drawn poorly the plant will not come to life. In my teaching I stress this. For most botanical artists drawing is challenging and time consumming and most would rather skip the drawing and get to the painting. This is one of the best visual explanations/videos of how to draw a cone shape/tubular flower I have seen. In closing I want to remind you of the structure he provides, follow the rules but also do it with grace, movement and details that make your painting come alive. Tagged as: Botanical Art, Drawing Tips, Videos