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KineticJS HTML5 Canvas Framework

KineticJS HTML5 Canvas Framework
Jason Follas Jason Follas is an Architect for Perficient, helping clients located in the greater Detroit region (including Toledo, where he lives and leads the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group). For nearly two decades, he has created interesting solutions based on Microsoft technologies, including an aircraft load planning system used by an air freight company, geospatial web applications, and material blend optimization software. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and user groups across the United States, and helps to organize CodeMash, a conference held every January in Ohio. On the side, Jason enjoys writing apps and games for the Windows Store.

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Creative CSS3 Animation Menus Being in the mood for experimenting with CSS3, I'd like to show you some creative menu hover effects in today's tutorial. The idea is to have a simple composition of elements, an icon, a main title and a secondary title, that will be animated on hover using only CSS transitions and animations. We'll be exploring some different effects for the elements. View demo Download source Being in the mood for experimenting with CSS3, I’d like to show you some creative menu hover effects in today’s tutorial. The idea is to have a simple composition of elements, an icon, a main title and a secondary title, that will be animated on hover using only CSS transitions and animations.

flotr2 Introduction Flotr2 is a library for drawing HTML5 charts and graphs. It is a branch of flotr which removes the Prototype dependency and includes many improvements. Features: mobile support framework independent extensible plugin framework custom chart types FF, Chrome, IE6+, Android, iOS lines bars candles pies bubbles Quora’s Technology Examined Quora has taken the tech and entrepreneurial world by storm, providing a system that works so fluidly that it is sometimes hard to see what the big fuss is all about. This slick tool is powered, not only by an intelligent crowd of askers and answerers, but by a well-crafted backend created by co-founders who honed their skills at Facebook. It is not surprising that, with all the smart people using this smart tool, there are many pondering on how it works so well. The NoSQL boffins scratch their heads and ponder such questions as, “Why does Quora use MySQL as the data store rather than NoSQLs such as Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB, etc?

Full-Screen Pushing Navigation in CSS and jQuery A full page menu, that replaces the current content by pushing it off the screen. Browser support ie Chrome Firefox Safari Opera 9+ We recently came across the beautiful Hello Monday redesign. One thing that captured our interest was the full size navigation: it replaces the current content entirely, by pushing it out. 13 Chart and Graph plotting javascript plugins There are more and more Javascript chart and graph plotting solutions are being released and available for free online. I work on a complicated graph for a website before, we used highchart as the solution, during that time, there isn't a lot of plugins to choose from, but now, we can easily find many very capable charting libraries. Personally, the rise of this kind of plugins are due to: Flash used to be the best solution, but everyone is moving on from there.Modern browsers and powerful computing make it possible to render live data easily.Maturity of different technologies in drawing vector: VML, SVG and Canvas.

A vertical scrollable Here we show you a vertical setup for a scrollable. There is a minor change compared to the minimal setup and it's recommended that you study that first before continuing. This scrollable has 4 elements in total and each element has 3 rows that are shown at a time. You can scroll these elements by: Clicking on the "more pictures" link. Using the up and down arrow keys.

Prototype JavaScript Framework API Reference The documentation for the latest stable version of Prototype will always be located at Tutorials This area contains narrative documentation you can use to discover Prototype. Defining classes and inheritance Learn how to define classes and subclasses in Prototype and how to make supercalls. How Prototype extends the DOM Learn how Prototype adds custom methods to DOM element nodes — and how you can define your own custom methods.

25 Visually Stunning App Dashboard Design Concepts User dashboards are a difficult interface to design, there’s loads of information that needs to be neatly presented to bring the user up to speed, but you don’t want to slap them in the face with tons of data. Today’s showcase features 25 nicely designed apps that do a great job of presenting information neatly and clearly in a concise dashboard. See how they use colour, charts, graphs and icons to create visually stunning interfaces. Subtle Click Feedback Effects A set of subtle effects for click or touch interactions inspired by the visualization of screen taps in mobile app showcases. The effects are done with CSS animations mostly on pseudo-elements. View demo Download source

progressive <canvas> pie charts Peity (sounds like deity) is a jQuery plugin that converts an element's content into a <svg> mini pie 2/5 donut 5,2,3 line 5,3,9,6,5,9,7,3,5,2 or bar chart 5,3,9,6,5,9,7,3,5,2 and is compatible with any browser that supports <svg>: Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, Opera, Safari. Download version 3.2.1 Uncompressed 8.7Kb jquery.peity.js Minified 3.6Kb (+gzipped 1.7Kb) jquery.peity.min.js Professor Cloud This tool converts SVG into an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript function. It will work with any host, and I hope it helps people to experiment with Canvas. Most vector art packages (Illustrator, Inkscape etc) can export as SVG. It uses a modified version of the excellent Canvg library. Canvg usually renders the SVG immediately and does not output JavaScript source code. Having the source code available allows you to tweak, study and manipulate the Canvas statements as required.

10 Free JavaScript Tools To Create Interactive Maps Here we are presenting a complete list of 10 JavaScript libraries to create interactive and customized maps. Though, there are Google Map maker and other tools to build maps but in this compilation, we are specifically presenting only JavaScript libraries that you can use to show special map markers. We hope that this collection proves to be the best and will help you get going in the initial phases of your map designing project.

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