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Twitter API Wiki / FrontPage

Twitter API Wiki / FrontPage

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Super simple way to work with Twitter API (PHP + CSS) In this post I want to illustrate a super simple way to work with Twitter API and PHP. In particular, this tutorial explains how to get public updates from Twitter public timeline and display them in a web page with a custom style using CSS. In order to get Twitter updates I used Twitterlibphp (a PHP implementation of the Twitter API) that allows you to take advantage of it from within your PHP applications. Using this simple method you can obtain awesome results like this: You can download the source code at the following link and reuse it for free in your web projects (you need PHP and APACHE): 1.

24 Hours of Geotagged Photos Daniel Catt from Flickr maps 24 hours worth of geotagged photos (about 64,000 of them) on this animated 3-D globe (below). The project was implemented in Processing, which shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone, and we've seen this type of 3-D globe thing before. What's cool here is that all the data came from the Flickr API: All the data was pulled down (using Processing, of all things) via the API, and probably took around 12 minutes (when it's behaving itself) as I was being a) gentle with the servers b) was getting it as JSON which takes a while for Processing to parse each page. And then written to a flat file.

Big Data Is Less About Size, And More About Freedom Editor’s note: Big Data has been around for a long time between credit card transactions, phone call records and financial markets. Companies like AT&T, Visa, Bank of America, Ebay, Google, Amazon and more have massive databases they mine for competitive advantage. But lately, Big Data is finding its way to the smallest startups. The Web and cloud computing brings Big Data everywhere. But what exactly is pushing Big Data forward? To answer that we brought in an expert, Bradford Cross.

Twitter (R news & tutorials) - Part 3 Friday Links: R, OpenHelix Bioinformatics Tips, 23andMe, Perl, Python, Next-Gen Sequencing I haven't posted much here recently, but here is a roundup of a few of the links I've shared on Twitter (@genetics_blog) over the last two weeks.Here is a nice tutorial on accessing high-throughput public data (from NCBI) using R and Bioconductor.Cloud... Read more » ISMB coverage on Twitter? It’s possible there was… Peter writes: I wonder if part of the drop off is live bloggers moving to platforms like Twitter? Mozilla Developer Network Modify and extend Mozilla applications Add-ons add new functionality to Gecko-based applications such as Firefox, SeaMonkey, and Thunderbird. There are two main types of add-on: Extensions add new features to the application, while Themes modify the application's user interface. Add-ons can greatly affect the behavior of the application that hosts them. We've developed a set of guidelines to help ensure that they provide a good experience to users.

Submarine carrying capacity 23:00 28 April 2009 The internet has grown at a remarkable speed since its inception. We trace how much it has grown, and how it was possible Image 2 of 9 Submarine carrying capacity (enlarge) In 1956, North America was connected to Europe by an undersea cable called TAT-1. John Doerr: The Next Big Thing This guest post was written by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partners John Doerr, Bing Gordon, Chi-Hua Chien and Ellen Pao. We covered KP’s increase in the size of the iFund last week, and additional insights from KP’s Matt Murphy on the iPad. This post goes into a lot more detail on KP’s investments in the first iFund, and what opportunities they see for the iPad. It’s hard to imagine that once there was no Internet.

Is there any free tool for analyzing performance of particular tweets within Twitter? Reading the opening post of a software question encouraged me to publish the following about Quantism. FOUR EXAMPLES OF ENTANGLEMENT 1.- SPATIUM ENTANGLEMENT Consider the standard elementary geometrization of "absolute" three dimensional physical space. In this context instead of "point in physical space" we will say "spatium state". 10 Common Mistakes Made by API Providers Twitter was one of the first to see what happened when traffic to the site came more from the API than the Web. It now has more than 65 million tweets per day, most coming from services that use the Twitter API. Twitter has made numerous changes to fix its API.

Merci pour l'info ! En fait, je remplace des étudiants manquant dans un projet de collaboration pour construire un portail de veille. Le projet est expliqué sur mon blog 'pédagogique' : n'hésitez pas à aller voir les autres contributions et facettes du projet by jdubois Jan 29

Bonjour Nicolas, nous sommes déjà connectés ensemble sur Twitter. Sinon pour le blog spécialisé dans les APIs, je dirai le mien, puisque c'est le coeur de ma solution dans le projet networkvb, et que j'attends toujours celle de Pearltrees ;-) tout simplement pour dire que je suis aussi intéressé par le sujet. Jack pour ton projet, l'identité numérique m'intéresse beaucoup, tu trouveras d'ailleurs des perles ici sur Pearltrees et des articles dans mon blog à ce sujet. by networkvb Jan 29

Très bonne idée ! ( D'ailleurs vous connaissez des blogs spécialisés dans les APIs ? by nicolas Jan 29

Avec plaisir, même si je suis un débuttant ... ( le blog de veille sur twitter est A bientôt. by jdubois Jan 29

Je vous propose que l'on se suive tous sur Twitter ( pour échanger sur le sujet et d'autres, vous pouvez aussi me laisser un commentaire sur mon blog ( Merci d'avance. A bientot sur Twitter. by networkvb Jan 29

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