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8 APIs your news organization should start using today. If your news site isn’t using APIs, you’re missing out.

8 APIs your news organization should start using today

APIs represent one of the fastest and most effective ways to enhance the quality of your site. They let you build on the work of others and provide your readers and viewers with a premium browsing experience. Once the bailiwick of hard-boiled Web developers, APIs have gone mainstream. The conventions for building and using APIs have become simplified and standardized, and it’s now possible to create basic API integrations with only a modicum of programming experience (although customized applications still require extensive development expertise). APIs 101 APIs — short for application programming interfaces — help computers talk to each other to accomplish things for people. APIs abide by the quintessential request/response model on which much of the Web is built. For more on how APIs work, check out Chrys Wu’s beginner’s guide.

Why APIs matter Maybe you’re sold on the usefulness of APIs, but you’re not sure where to start. API. Fully featured, in 6 languages Semantria is built upon leading enterprise Text and Analytics technologies.


Our clients benefit from years of R&D, field testing and algorithmic tweaking. All features are available in six different languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Mandarin. We also have Italian, Japanese and Korean in the works. Fast. The Semantria API is designed with performance in mind. Regularly submerged with millions of calls, the Semantria Cloud is well monitored and scales automatically to take the huge number of requests our clients throw at it!

Try to overload it. Distributed & Scalable Our API is designed to support every possible integration scenario. We also have batch processing as well as synchronous and asynchronous modes. Highly Customizable What really sets Semantria apart from other enterprise and cloud NLP engines is configurability. Semantria has more features than any other cloud API. Comprehensive SDK.

MonkeyLearn - Text Mining Made Easy. LinguaSys GlobalNLP. Apache Stanbol - Stanbol Enhancer Natural Language Processing Support. Skyttle: keyword extraction and sentiment analysis REST API. API Documentation for — API 1.0 documentation. Aylien's Text Analysis API Makes Sense of the Internet.

The Internet is a ransacked library with piles of books and manuscripts reaching up to the ceiling and beyond.

Aylien's Text Analysis API Makes Sense of the Internet

If you want to know what people are saying about you, your product or your business, how do you find the relevant information? Aylien, a startup based in Dublin, has the answer. The company has just released a text analysis API that lets you mine huge volumes of raw text for useful information. The Aylien Text Analysis API has eight endpoints to help semantic developers extract meaning and insight from web documents in real time.

The endpoints are as follows: Article extraction: If the text you want is embedded in a lot of ads, images, videos and whatnot, this endpoint is for you. TextRazor - PHP API Documentation. Represents a single “Named Entity” extracted from text.

TextRazor - PHP API Documentation

Each entity is disambiguated to Wikipedia and Freebase concepts wherever possible. Where the entity could not be linked the relevant properties will return None. Request the "entities" extractor for this object. Scores Entities are returned with both Confidence and Relevance scores when possible. Scores can vary if the same entity is mentioned more than once. Demo. How 5 Natural Language Processing APIs Stack Up. The world is awash in digital data.

How 5 Natural Language Processing APIs Stack Up

The challenge: making sense of that data. To tackle that challenge, a growing number of companies are turning to natural language processing technology to understand and monetize their data. Natural language processing, or NLP, refers to a field of technology focused on the application of algorithms and mathematical models to analyze human language. Its use has grown sharply as companies grapple with data volumes that make it virtually impossible to perform data analysis using techniques that require significant human involvement. Popular uses of NLP include content classification, sentiment analysis and automated summarization.

Fortunately, what is a technically complicated field of computing is now accessible to even the smallest of businesses thanks to the existence of companies that provide NLP as a service. These service providers were selected based on the following criteria: AlchemyAPI Features Pricing Notable Differentiator Aylien Fluxifi Textalytics. List of 25+ Natural Language Processing APIs - Mashape Blog.