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Lucene and Solr's CheckIndex to the Rescue! Segment Merging, Deleted Documents and Why Optimize May Be Bad For You. Solr merge policy and deleted docs During indexing, whenever a document is deleted or updated, it’s not really removed from the index immediately, it’s just “marked as deleted” in its original segment.

Segment Merging, Deleted Documents and Why Optimize May Be Bad For You

It doesn’t show in search results (or the new version is found in the case of update). This leads to some percentage of “waste”; your index may consist of, say, 15%-20% deleted documents. In some situations, the amount of wasted space is closer to 50%. And there are certain situations where the percentage deleted documents can be even higher, as determined by the ratio of numDocs to maxDocs in Solr’s admin UI. Having half or more of your index “wasted” isn’t ideal, this article explains how these conditions arise and what to do about it (spoiler: not a lot). NOTE: We talk about “deleted” documents. Good news, bad news The good news is it’s easy to avoid having more than 50% of your index consist of deleted documents; do not optimize. Lucene segments are “write once”: Merging to the rescue: Visualizing Lucene's segment merges. If you've ever wondered how Lucene picks segments to merge during indexing, it looks something like this: That video displays segment merges while indexing the entire Wikipedia (English) export (29 GB plain text), played back at ~8X real-time.

Visualizing Lucene's segment merges

Each segment is a bar, whose height is the size (in MB) of the segment (log-scale). Segments on the left are largest; as new segments are flushed, they appear on the right. Segments being merged are colored the same color and, once the merge finishes, are removed and replaced with the new (larger) segment. You can see the nice logarithmic staircase pattern that merging creates. By default, using ConcurrentMergeScheduler, Lucene executes each merge in a separate thread, allowing multiple merges to run at once without blocking ongoing indexing.

One simple metric you can use to measure overall merge cost is to divide the total number of bytes read/written for all merging by the final byte size of an index; smaller values are better. Pixabay API Documentation. Welcome to the Pixabay API documentation.

Pixabay API Documentation

Our API is a RESTful interface for searching and retrieving free images and videos released on Pixabay under Creative Commons CC0. Free Images If you make use of the API, show your users where the images and videos are from, whenever search results are displayed. A link to Pixabay is required and you may use our logo for this purpose. That's the one thing we kindly request in return for free API usage. The API returns JSON-encoded objects. GitHub - davegri/StockSearch: A search engine for completely free stock photos. API - Pexels. To get access to our API write us an email to

API - Pexels

Please explain briefly how and where you want to integrate our photos. We're excited to hear about your idea! Guidelines Whenever you are doing an API request make sure to show a prominent link to our website. Elasticsearch 5.0.0 GA released. Giphy/GiphyAPI. Flickr Services. Api Explorer - Flickr Services: Flickr API: Return a list of photos matching some criteria.

Flickr Services: Flickr API:

Only photos visible to the calling user will be returned. To return private or semi-private photos, the caller must be authenticated with 'read' permissions, and have permission to view the photos. Videos - YouTube. Search: list - YouTube. Youtube API Limitations. YouTube Data API (v3) - Determining Quota Costs - YouTube. Php - How do I get a YouTube video thumbnail from the YouTube API? What are the alternatives now that the Google web search API has been deprecated? Call google search api in java. This post shows how to call google search API in a standard Java program. 1.

call google search api in java

A Naive Approach The method below does not require any third-party library, but the result format is not readable, and we can not find what we need through the result text. Class Reference - Google Web Search API (Deprecated) The Google Search API is a JavaScript API implemented in the following classes.

Class Reference - Google Web Search API (Deprecated) An instance of represents a single search control on a page. Overview (CustomSearch API v1 (Rev. 46) 1.20.0) CustomSearch API Client Library for Java - Google API Client Library for Java. Hide.

CustomSearch API Client Library for Java - Google API Client Library for Java

Google/google-api-java-client. Libraries and Samples - Custom Search. Developer's Guide - Google Web Search API (Deprecated) This documentation is designed for people familiar with Javascript programming and object-oriented programming concepts.

Developer's Guide - Google Web Search API (Deprecated)

There are many Javascript tutorials available on the Web The easiest way to start learning about this API is to see a simple example. The following web page displays a collection of inline search results for a "VW GTI. " The search results include Local, Web, Video, Blog, News, Image, Patent, and Book Search results. To use the Web Search API within your web site, you will need to include the URL for the Google APIs loader ( This library allows you to load various APIs via google.load('api', 'version'). The main object used by the Google Web Search API is an instance of SearchControl, which coordinates a search across a collection of search services, denoted as children of that object.

The search control displays itself within the web page through a call to the SearchControl draw() method; this method also binds the search control onto your page (within the DOM). <! Bing Search API Schema Guide.docx - Microsoft Word Online. Bing Search API Quick Start and Code Samples.docx - Microsoft Word Online. Windows Azure Marketplace. Last Updated: April 2012 1.

Windows Azure Marketplace

WHAT DOES THIS CONTRACT COVER? This is a contract between you and Microsoft Corporation ("Microsoft"). Sometimes Microsoft is referred to as "we," "us" or "our. " Bing-search-java-sdk - A Java wrapper for Bing Search API 2.0. I am no longer available to maintain it and am looking for developers who can take on the responsibility. Please send me an email at with links to your Github or Google Code accounts. Thanks. The Bing Application Programming Interface (API), Version 2, enables developers to programmatically submit queries to and retrieve results from the Bing Engine. For more information about Bing API 2.0 see. Java - Get all the Links from Bing Search api and add them to array. Json - How to correctly handle a response from the Bing Search API in Java? Using Bing Search API (Azure Marketplace) from Java. BOSS API Guide. Search BOSS. Yandex Technologies — Yandex.XML — Restrictions and requirements.

Yandex Technologies — Yandex.XML.