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Add Google Services   Android Push Notification Tutorial using Firebase. Creating a Cloud Backend for Your Android App Using Firebase. This post was updated in September 2016 to reflect changes in the Firebase platform. 18 months ago I wrote an article on Creating a Cloud Backend for Your Android App Using Parse.

Creating a Cloud Backend for Your Android App Using Firebase

Facebook announced earlier this year that they were shutting down Parse on January 28th, 2017 and new signups to the service aren’t possible. With that surprise announcement, this forced developers relying on the service to start looking for alternatives that they could migrate their data to. Because of this news, I thought I should revisit the topic and cover how to use a different Backend as a Service platform to manage data for your Android application. For this tutorial, I’ll be looking at Firebase, a popular backend platform acquired by Google in October 2014. You should always weigh the pros and cons of relying on a BaaS as opposed to building your own.

With Firebase, you can store and sync data to a NoSQL cloud database. You can find the code for this project on GitHub. Setting Up the Project Authentication. Genymotion. Paypal/PayPal-Android-SDK. Gear. Tizen SDK for Wearable 1.0.0 b3 Sep 03, 2014 Samsung Accessory SDK 2.1.8 b For developing Samsung Gear Application, you need both of the Tizen SDK for Wearable and Samsung Accessory SDK.


You can find more details on how to develop Gear Application in the 'Hello Accessory Developer's Guide' document below. Samsung Gear Application consists of the Host-side Application which runs on Android-based Samsung mobile devices, and the Wearable-side Widget which runs on Tizen-based Samsung Gear devices. The Host-side Application can be developed in the common Android development environment, whereas, the Wearable-side Widget can be developed with Tizen SDK for Wearable.

In addition, Samsung Accessory SDK, is the necessary component for communicating between the Host-side Application and Wearable-side Widget. What Can I do with SDKs for Samsung Gear S? Enhanced Standalone Features Develop enhanced standalone Gear app with enhanced network, call and Location-based APIs. Technical Resources Tutorial Video. Live Connect SDK for Windows Phone 8–authenticating and basic info.

Android apps (Live Connect) Live Connect provides an API for the Google Android mobile technology platform.

Android apps (Live Connect)

The Android API enables your apps running on Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, and Ice Cream Sandwich versions of Android to work with info in, Microsoft OneDrive, and other services that are compatible with Live Connect. Although you can still write code to call the Live Connect Representational State Transfer (REST) API directly, the Android API now makes your coding tasks easier. Note If you're working on a mobile app that runs on Windows Phone, this isn't the topic you need. Go to Windows Phone apps. Before you can start calling the Live Connect APIs, you need a client ID. Important You must specify that your client ID is associated with mobile apps such as those for the Google Android mobile technology platform.

Prerequisites You can use the Live Connect Android API to target Android platform versions 2.2 and later. Top Referencing the Android API with Java. BulkSMS International. Connect your applications to our global SMS Gateway BulkSMS offers a sophisticated SMS gateway platform for sending text messages to over 180 countries worldwide.

BulkSMS International

Our stable, proven platform is backed by NetApp and IBM BladeCenter hardware, for the ultimate redundancy and high availability. Our most popular API is the HTTP to SMS API. Code samples are available for the following languages: For more information on how our HTTP API works, please review our API manual You can also send SMS messages using one of these APIs: SMPP API (for advanced, high-volume users). To use any of our APIs please Register now. Popular BulkSMS Products: Web to SMS Send SMS from our website. Desktop Text Messenger Send SMS messages from your PC with the BulkSMS Text Messenger, our desktop SMS software. Developer API For businesses who need to SMS-enable their systems and applications, BulkSMS offers various SMS APIs for sending text messages. >> Sign up now for a BulkSMS account and have access to all products.