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Twitter APIs

Twitter APIs
Skip to Main Content Area Developers Home Documentation Getting Started with the Twitter Platform is easy. Jump right into the API resource documentation, explore the developer console, or manage your apps. A field guide to Twitter Platform objects Tweets Users Entities Places Explore the Twitter platform's variety of flora and fauna with this field guide to the most frequently observed wild objects. Twitter cards Twitter cards make it possible for you to attach media experiences to Tweets that link to your content. Twitter Platform on Mobile Explore how the Twitter Platform can enhance your mobile application. Twitter Buttons Select the best button for you, whether you want to distribute content, communicate with your followers, or discuss a topic using a #hashtag. Guidelines and Terms Platform terms of service and guidelines for use. Basics Embedded Timelines Embeddable timelines make it possible to display public timelines on your website with a single line of code. Embedded Tweets the Streaming APIs

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Instapaper APIs Simple Developer API: Adding Pages to Instapaper The Simple Instapaper API allows third-party applications to add URLs to Instapaper. If you want to do more than adding URLs from your application to an Instapaper customer's account, use the Full API. How to Use Twitter (with Cheat Sheet) Edit Article Four Parts:Tweet and Gather FollowersFind and Organize People You FollowSet Up Your ProfileUsing the Other FeaturesCommunity Q&A Different social media sites have different uses, strengths, and advantages. Twitter[1] could be called a 'real time social networking' site, a place for sharing information as it happens, and for connecting with others in real time, often resulting in lasting friendships and contacts. Learning how to use this fun, free, and useful tool can be a bit intimidating for the beginner, but don't be put off – with a little effort and a lot of intuitive "feeling your way through", you'll soon be able to use Twitter well--and you might even become 'digitally' famous! Steps

DropBox APIs Read our docs Docs are organized by language, from .NET to Swift. Create your app Getting started is simple and quick from the App Console. Test your ideas 35 Herramientas para mejorar tu Marketing en Twitter 35 Herramientas para mejorar tu Marketing en Twitter He creado esta selección de 35 herramientas para mejorar tu Marketing en Twitter de manera efectiva, que espero te sean muy útiles para tus campañas de Marketing. He escogido las herramientas que uso para medir desde diferentes puntos de vista, mis campañas de marketing en Twitter y que creo serán muy útiles para ti. 35 Herramientas para hacer un Marketing estratégico en Twitter Esta selección de 35 Herramientas para mejorar tu estrategia Marketing en Twitter, no es casualidad. Surgen de mis investigaciones sobre cómo optimizar mis campañas y espero que al igual que a mi, te ayuden a mejorar el alcance y a cumplir tus objetivos de marketing en Twitter.

WikiLocation APIs How to call the API The API is REST-ful and operates over a standard HTTP GET protocol. The base URL is: Twitter: cuatro claves para saber cómo empezar a «tuitear» con éxito ¿Tienes cuenta en Twitter? Es probable que, en algún momento de tu vida, te hayas abierto cuenta en la plataforma de «microblogging» y a día de hoy ni te acuerdes de ella. «Qué difícil», «qué raro», «me agobio», «nadie me sigue»... han sido tus frases favoritas para dejar abandonado tu perfil. Son argumentos muy comunes, tal y como recuerda Javier Eugenio, Community Manager, El experto asegura: «Twitter es simple, tan simple que asusta a primera vista.

TVDB API General Information Any company or project must abide by the rules on our API registration form. Please avoid making more API calls than are necessary to retrieve the information you need. Twitter para principiantes: 10 consejos TOP ¿Eres un novato en Twitter en busca de consejos de expertos que te hagan tuitear como un profesional en poco tiempo? Te presentamos nuestros 10 consejos para principiantes que harán que comiences con el pie correcto y te crees buenos hábitos para ganar seguidores, relacionarte con tus colegas y te muevas por Twitter con la autoridad de un tuitero experimentado. 1.

DBPedia API The DBpedia data set can be accessed online via a SPARQL query endpoint and as Linked Data. 1. Querying DBpedia The DBpedia data set enables quite astonishing query answering possibilities against Wikipedia data. Tumblr API Welcome to the Tumblr API! There isn't anything we enjoy more than seeing talented designers and engineers using Tumblr to invent whole new forms of creative expression. We've put a tremendous amount of care into making this API functional and flexible enough for any projects you throw at it. Join us in our discussion group to talk about how to use it, what could be better, and all the amazing things you're going to build with it.

OpenSecrets APIs Our APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) provide access via web programming to the data we display on OpenSecrets. You may use our APIs to display OpenSecrets data on your web pages or to create mashups using live up-to-date data. Who Can Use OpenSecrets' APIs? Access to OpenSecrets' public, RESTful API functionality is available to anyone who: Factual APIs Use the read call to query from tables using any combination of full-text, parametric, or geo (lat/lng) searches. Syntax Reads are always implemented as a HTTP GET requests. names]&q=[search terms]&geo=[geo filter]&filters=[row filter]&offset=[offset]&limit=[limit]&include_count=[true/false]&sort=[column:asc/desc|blending JSON] To query for sets of data, specify any combination of full-text-search (q), geo, or row filters. Offset and limit are supported for paging.

Edmunds APIs offers four distinct APIs: Vehicle API, Editorial API, Dealer API and Inventory API. Although access to these APIs is free, their availability to developers varies based on the access tier to which the developer belongs. We currently offer three access tiers: PUBLIC: All registered developers using the data and content according to our Terms of Service.PARTNERS: Developers working with on strategic products and applications that include the data and content. If you’d like to become an Edmunds API Partner, please email usEDMUNDS: employees and contractors using the API to build out the apps and websites. Regardless of access tiers, all developers using the Edmunds API need to read and agree to our Terms of Service.

API Docs The TED API provides an easy to use RESTful interface with lightweight JSON or XML formatted responses to TEDTalks library and its associated data. In order to obtain the data during the private beta period you must qualify for the API key through the TED API-50 open call. This documentation serves as a starting point for developers interested in participating in the contest to better understand different types of data set we are making available. General format TED API has one entry point: and a version number appended to the entry point.

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