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Thalmic Labs - Makers of Myo gesture control armband. Sign in. GitHub API. OAuth2 is a protocol that lets external applications request authorization to private details in a user's GitHub account without getting their password.

GitHub API

This is preferred over Basic Authentication because tokens can be limited to specific types of data, and can be revoked by users at any time. All developers need to register their application before getting started. A registered OAuth application is assigned a unique Client ID and Client Secret. The Client Secret should not be shared.

You may create a personal access token for your own use or implement the web flow below to allow other users to authorize your application. GitHub's OAuth implementation supports the standard authorization code grant type. Web Application Flow This is a description of the OAuth2 flow from 3rd party web sites. 1. GET Parameters 2. Exchange this for an access token: POST Response By default, the response will take the following form: Multiple tokens Requested scopes vs. granted scopes Normalized scopes. Error Codes & Responses. Updated on Tue, 2014-04-15 17:12 HTTP Status Codes The Twitter API attempts to return appropriate HTTP status codes for every request.

Error Codes & Responses

It is possible to suppress response codes for the REST API. Error Messages When the Twitter API returns error messages, it does so in your requested format. Error Codes In addition to descriptive error text, error messages contain machine-parseable codes. If you see an error response which is not listed in the above table, then fall back to the HTTP status code in order to determine the best way to address the error. Using the Graph API. All nodes and edges in the Graph API can be read simply with an HTTP GET request to the relevant endpoint.

Using the Graph API

For example, if you wanted to retrieve information about the current user, you would make an HTTP GET request as below: GET /me HTTP/1.1Host: /* make the API call */ $response = $facebook->api( "/me");/* handle the result */ /* make the API call */ FB.api( "/me", function (response) { if (response && ! Response.error) { /* handle the result */ } }); /* make the API call */[FBRequestConnection startWithGraphPath:@"/me" parameters:nil HTTPMethod:@"GET" completionHandler:^( FBRequestConnection *connection, id result, NSError *error ) { /* handle the result */ }]; /* make the API call */new Request( session, "/me", null, HttpMethod.GET, new Request.Callback() { public void onCompleted(Response response) { /* handle the result */ } }).executeAsync();

Koubachi Labs - Login. Create an Account for Cycling and Running Training Log and GPS Bike Routes. ApiDoc: API DomoGeek - 0.1.0. DomoGeek API Documentation Ask to know if :daterequest is a holiday, school holiday and week-end day /holidayall/:zone/:daterequest Example usage: curl curl Parameter Success-Response: Error-Response: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request 400 Bad Request Ask geolocation (latitude/longitude) :city /geolocation/:city curl Display current season /season/:responsetype curl curl Display your public IP /myip/:responsetype curl curl Ask for EJP EDF Status /ejpedf/:zone/:date/:responsetype.

apiDoc: API DomoGeek - 0.1.0

ApiDoc: Withings - 1.0.0. Get the activity measures log for a user.

apiDoc: Withings - 1.0.0

Note that the service is limited to 60 calls per minute. Example 1 (single day) : Example 2 (range): Parameter Success 200. MyFox. Zibase. API eedomus. Documentation eedomus Introduction L'API eedomus vous offre une panoplie de fonction pour manipuler les données de votre compte eedomus.

API eedomus

Vous pouvez consulter les données de vos capteurs mais aussi piloter vos actionneurs. Avec cet API temps réel, il est possible de développer des applications pour enrichir les possibilités d'eedomus. N'utilisez pas d'URL non listé dans cette page pour vos développements car vous prendriez le risque qu'ils ne soient pas maintenus. Les conditions générales s'appliquent, l'utilisation de l'API eedomus est libre pour un usage non commercial. L’ensemble des fonctions de l'API peut être appelé avec des requêtes HTTP GET ou HTTP POST. Format des requêtes [request_type] est le type de la requête, [service.action] est l'action a exécuter pour le service donné, [parameters] sont des paramètres, obligatoires ou optionnels, à fournir au service donné. Format des réponses Les réponses aux requêtes HTTP sont au format JSON Authentification Protocole.

Zipato API. Runkeeper HealthGraph. Netatmo Developers. Fitbit. Developer Fibaro. TIOTAPI.